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First ever solar bike path

A 230-foot solar bike path is opening in Krommenie near Amsterdam.

New SolaRoad in the Netherlands

The new SolaRoad Image: SolaRoad

The pilot bike lane has been constructed using square concrete modules fitted with solar cells. These are then covered with one centrimetre-thick tempered glass.

Able to withstand the weight and pressure of a truck without cracking, the panels were installed in a fixed, angled position to allow the rain to wash off dirt.

Set for a November opening, the $3.74m SolaRoad will be monitored for a three-year period to see how much power the path generates, how it copes with the some 2,000 daily riders, while riders themselves will be asked their opinion of the riding experience.

If the road is a success, it is likely that up to 20% of the Netherland's cycleways will be 'solarized'.

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Published 11th November, 2014


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