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Ducati stays the same, says Audi boss

Audi has sought to reassure workers at it's newly acquired motorcycle brand that the Ducati name will remain unchanged.

Audi meets Ducati

Rupert Stadler with the Ducati workforce Image: Audi

Following its purchase of Italy's iconic motorcycle manufacturer in May this year, German carmaker Audi has met with the company's workforce to deliver some clear messages about the future. Ducati now becomes part of the expanding Volkswagen Group, but concerns that the brand might be diluted have apparently been allayed.

In a meeting at Ducati's Borgo Panigale factory in Bologna, Audi CEO and new Ducati President, Rupert Stadler, explained that the acquisition was more than just cosmetic. "Ducati stands for extraordinary engineering artistry, passion, precision, performance and the sheer joy of living. We're impressed by these achievements."

He continued: "...we can be an inspiration to each other. There are many joint opportunities with high-performance engines, light-weight manufacturing and the skilled interplay between two strong brands on the global stage. Both companies, each with an eventful history of 'ups' and 'downs', can now benefit from being part of one big family."

In revealing that the deal had now been approved by the anti-trust authorities, Stadler added an important piece of clarification for the Ducati workforce and the motorcycle industry in general with: "A message that is certainly uppermost in your minds. Ladies and gentlemen, this message consists of three words and you have my guarantee: Ducati remains Ducati.”

As part of the announcement, Stadler's Presidential appointement was accompanied by news that Ducati's Gabriele Del Torchio and Claudio Domenicali and Audi AG's Horst Glaser and Axel Strotbek would also become Ducati Board members.

Tags: automotive industry, Corporate News, Europe, Volkswagen

Published 14th August, 2012


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