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EU sets new CO2 targets for vans

The European Parliament has announced 'challenging' short an long-term CO2 target for light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

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Image: herlitz_pbs

Short term CO2 targets of 175g/km are aimed at introduction in 2014 at 70% of manufacturers' fleets, with 100% compliance by 2017. In the longer-term, the target of 147g/km is planned, although this will be subject to review in 2013.

A number of exceptions were announced alongside the general targets.  These include:

  • The setting of individual targets for independent manufacturers registering less than 22,000 vehicles in the EU per year.
  • Super credits for manufacturers selling low carbon (<50gm/km) LCVs which can be counted several times as part of averge fleet calculations, capped at 25,000 vehicles/manufacturer over the period 2014-18.
  • Credits for the inclusion of innovative carbon-reducing technologies not always accounted for in type approval tests.

The announcement was generally welcomed by manufacturer representatives, including the UK's Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), and reflects the EC's moves towards more sustainable fuel and transport policies for Europe.


Tags: CO2 emissions, E and R Watch, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe

Published 21st February, 2011


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