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Ford sets tough green targets for manufacturing

Auto giant, Ford, has announced a New Green Manufacturing Plan for its European production sites.

Ford Dagenham

The Ford Diesel Centre, Dagenham Image:Ford

Ford of Europe has set tough targets for its manufacturing including a 70% reduction in landfill waste and a 30% reduction in water use.  In real terms, the targets mean a 1bn litre saving in water use and a 1.5kg/vehicle reduction in landfill waste.  The New Green Plan will be implemented over the next five years.

Currently, Ford of Europe generates some 5kg per vehicle in materials that cannot be recycled and are sent for landfill.  Ford's Dagenham plant in the UK is leading the way in reaching the targets with 85% of the 5,937 tonnes of waste produced last year being recycled, leaving only 15% destined for landfill.  Almost all of the latter is generated by waste oil and the Dagenham Engine plant is currently developing an 'oil reclamation' process which will virtually eliminate the remaining waste entirely.

Water reduction will also play a key part in the new Plan.  The 30% reduction target is set to save some 1.3bn litres of water annually, or 1100 litres per car or van produced.  The financial benefit to Ford will be a saving of around €2.3m ($3m) over the five year period.

As well as Dagenham, the Plan will cover Ford's operations in Belgium, Spain Germany and other plants in the UK.

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Published 8th February, 2012


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