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Online ads may be blocked by European mobile operators

European mobile operators aim to block online ads.

Mobile ad

A hot topic Image: Forbes

Operators are rumoured to be planning a campaign to prevent web-page advertising being loaded on smartphones and tablets.  The plans - apparently being dubbed "the bomb" - may specifically target Google-based ads.

The global marketing spend on mobile content has almost trebled in the last two years to $69m, according to eMarketer.  But mobile operators are unhappy about the digital giants gaining that revenue on the back of their infrastructure. It appears a major war is about to commence.

Google's share of ad revenue is $60bn and it's reponse has been vigorous: “People pay for mobile internet packages so they can access apps, video streaming, webmail and other services. Many of these services are funded by ads and Google and other companies invest heavily in developing them.”

Other commentators are less diplomatic in their attack on ad-blocking, which is creating an industry in itself, with many suggesting that preventing the appearance of ads is the equivalent of theft.

Tags: Europe, Internet marketing, Mobile technology

Published 9th June, 2015

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