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Technology will define premium auto brands

Auto brands must innovate to stay premium.

What will the consumer expect from a premium auto brand in the future?  According to the latest analysis, a premium brand will need to include:

  • up-to-date software and content
  • the ability to be constantly connected, safer, better-informed and entertained
  • access to easy online purchasing
  • immersive technologies including virtual and artificial reality to allow consumers to explore and configure vehicles
  • online after-sales service convenience and maintenance systems
  • predictive maintenance based on driving behaviour, road conditions and other variables
  • consumer-pleasing digital innovation

21_car-with-immersive-technology - New User - sheila

Driving differently? Image: Creative Commons

A good example of a brand which has achieved premium status in just a decade is Tesla, although its recent production crisis may require some significant reputation management.

With the rise of autonomous driving, the experience of being in a car could be likened to being in a mobile lounge, where the occupants can undertake almost the same tasks - from a technology point of view - that they can in the office or at home.  According to the report, OEMs will need to keep up with this innovation.

In addition, the methods used by automakers manufacturers to market their products will be more pull than push in the future.


Tags: automotive industry, Internet marketing, Tesla

Published 30th June, 2018

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