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Everclear faces standards issues

An Ohio-based lubes producer is facing stop-sale orders on several of its products.

Independent producer, Everclear has been issued with stop-sale orders on three of its motor oils due to apparent breaches of standards. The news comes at a time when US and European agencies are clamping down on lubes quality and issuing new standards.

The orders were passed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer services and realted to Everclear's 5W30, 10W30 and 10W40 products and relate to failure of viscosity tests and incorrect labelling.

There was a further problem for the company with its Automatic Transmission Fluid being removed from retail shelves after failing to meet any recognised specifications according to the NCDA&CS.  Retailers were advised to return any outstanding stock to their suppliers, with 175 cases altready being held by the regulators.

According to the official statement, Everclear has not yet responded to the Department regarding the orders.

Tags: automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, N America

Published 9th December, 2013

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