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ATIEL launches new Compliance Policy

Industry bodies collaborate to drive consistent lubricants standards across Europe.

Europe's lubricant industry technical association, ATIEL, has announced a Compliance Policy to support lubes marketers who are seeking to make valid performance claims based on the European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) Oil Sequences.


Stamp of approval Image: ATIEL

In order to make the claims, lubes manufacturers have to comply with the European Engine Lubricant Quality Management System (EELQMS) - an overall system which incorporates a range of standards, test methods, procedures, Codes of Practice and the ACEA Oil Sequences themselves.

EEQLMS is a collaborative effort by ACEA, ACT and ATIEL to ensure a consistency in production quality and marketing of engine lubes sold across Europe.

In August 2016, OATS reported that some 132 lubricant marketers from around the world had signed-up to the ATIEL's Letter of Conformance, which is mandatory if lubes producers wish to include relevant ACEA category claims on their product packaging and marketing materials.

Now, the ATIEL Policy comes into force with immediate effect and is the latest piece in the standards jigsaw.  It will include continuous independent monitoring of engine lube quailty to ensure compliance. It will also encourage the exchange of information and technical data to help enhance lubricant marketing.

Although intially applying to engine oils only the principles apply equally to other clearly defined technical standards beyond the ACEA Oil Sequences.

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Published 5th May, 2017

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