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FitCar could boost JiffyLube footfall and Shell lube sales

Oil giant aims for one million FitCarâ„¢ users by end of the year.

Shell FitCar app

Shell's FitCar app and on-board unit Image: JiffyLube

The device, similar to the 'black box' technology now being used by insurance companies to monitor driving behaviour, is being rolled-out by Shell in the US via its JiffyLube service centres.

The in-car box, connected to a vehicle's diagnostics port, also links to a smartphone app which provides a range of data to the car owner/driver including MPG, maintenance schedules, mileage, journey length and tracking as well as diagnostic warnings.

Although not unique, Shell is hoping that its size will drive faster adoption and is targeting installation of the system in more than one million US vehicles by the end of 2018.

Although technology-based, Shell sees FitCar as a major marketing tool as part of its wider strategy to boost global lubricant sales. According to statistics from early trials, the system alerted more than 300 drivers of the need to service their cars.

Tags: Lubes marketing, N America, Shell

Published 10th January, 2018

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