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New Advanced Engine Fluids consortium

Southwest Research Institute® is launching a new research body.

The Advanced Engine Fluids (AEF) consortium has been established the San Atonio-based Institute in the US and will have two main functions:

  • research the impact of fuels and lubricants on engine combustion and the dramatically changing requirements needed for optimizing future engine technologies.
  • provide free licencing for any patents that are produced from the consortium’s work.

Modern automotive piston damaged bby low-speed pre-ignition

Modern automotive pistons damaged by low-speed pre-ignition Image: Courtesy of Southwest Research Institute

The consortium will allow companies to share the costs of accessing research and will offer free licensing for any patents produced as a result of the consortium's work.  Annual membership of the new body will be $100,000, with members receiving monthly updates in addition to a quarterly meeting.

The Institute is no stranger to this type of consortium, have already managed a number of high-profile groups for the automotive industry including programmes based on gasoline and diesel engine efficiency.

Tags: automotive industry, Lubes tech, Lubricants, N America

Published 12th May, 2014

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