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Chinese lubes catch up with international standards

Great Wall lubes aligns products with international standards as demand for consistent quality booms

With the number of foreign cars, domestically produced or imported, rising quickly in China, the nation's lubes producers are improving the consistency and quality of their offerings. Great Wall Lubricants is investing heavily into researching and producing products that meet international standards.

In a bid to dispel "made in China" quality concerns, Great Wall has published information on its products' performance under scrutiny. In 2013, a batch of 64 lubricants randomly tested were found to entirely meet the stated standards on the packaging. The news comes amidst a wave of findings by local testing bodies across the country that have revealed the unusually high number of substandard products whose specifications did not meet those stated on the packaging.

The producer has focussed on strict quality control over the past few years to help gradually improve the consistency of its offerings, and has also actively submitting products to be tested internationally. Since 2009, Great Wall have been submitting products to be examined under the SRV standard, which tests the friction and wear properties of a lubricating oil.

Greater consistency in testing across Chinese lubricants companies would no doubt help standardise the formal assesment of lubricants products, and may in turn lead to greater consumer confidence in domestically manufactured lubes as a whole.

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Published 27th May, 2014

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