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China pushes new lubes guidelines

The PRC aims to standardise quality control for locally manufactured lubricants products.

In a drive to promote quality lubes production nationally the government has introduced new Lubes Guidelines to define what can reasonably be called, and therefore tested as, lubricating technology. The new guidelines go by the code GB/T 13608-92.

The standard largely refers to a system comprised of moving parts with friction points that require lubricant oils or other compounds to ensure effectiveness. Guidelines also deliniate and unify technology codes for manufacturers of industrial equipment, as well as specifications to automotive producers. They also provide a series of detailed technical provisions.

According to the new specifications, current owners of technology and machinery are encouraged to use the best quality lubricant available to improve lubrication, reduce energy consumption, ensure the longevity of the device and clear dirt and debris. Retailers and distributors are also encouraged to stock a variety of lubricants to cater for new energy-efficient models.

Lubes producers will also be required to adhere to the following packaging conditions and indicate: factory, name, trademarks, brands, quality standard number, grade, physical weight, manufacturer, date of manufacture and lot number on the container, along with product description and certificate.

While seemingly matter of fact, the new guidelines are a welcome sign of standardisation and quality control across the industry. China's lubes market has long been filled with poor quality lubricants products due to, amongst other things, a lack of clear standards.  This new approach will also allow data providers, such as OATS, to assist OEMs, lubricants producers, and ultimately consumers, find the optimum match between lubes products and components.

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Published 27th August, 2015

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