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EU criticises emission reg delays as VW gets all-clear for fix

As VW sets about putting its house in order, EU regulators turn their sights on slow-moving nations.

Exhaust fumes

Slow burn? Image: Commons

In a report from the EU Parliament - part of an investigation into the VW emissions 'cheat' crisis - legislators levelled criticism at a number of members for failing to adopt stricter engine emissions tests.

Italy, France and Spain were amongst those in the firing line along with the bosses of Europe's car manufacturers, who were accused of deliberately delaying the new regulations to protect the industry following the 2008 financial crash.

The draft report, set to go for a Parliamentary vote in early 2017 highlighted the need for tougher measures to be introduced later in the year to test for ultrafine and 'health-harming' particulates found in the latest direct injection engines.

The auto makers are calling for a further two years before introduction, stating that more time is needed to introduce changes to meet the new standards.  However, EU Commissioners stated that manufacturers had been given plenty of warning and that public health was at stake.

Meanwhile, VW Group has been given final clearance to repair all diesel cars fitted with the emissions 'cheat' software.  German vehicle regulator, KBA, gave the approval which covers VW, Audi, Skoda and SEAT models across the 28-nation EU bloc.

Tags: CO2 emissions, Europe, Lubes tech, Volkswagen

Published 30th December, 2016

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