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ACEA reveals latest sequences as ATIEL updates Code of Practice

New guidelines focus on fuel efficiency and increased drain intervals.

ATIEL Code of Practice Issue 20

New Code of Practice Image: ATIEL

The latest ACEA European Oil Sequences cover all aspects of Service-fill Oils for Gasoline engines, Light Duty Diesel engines,  Gasoline & Diesel engines with aftertreatment devices and Heavy Duty Diesel engines.

The new standards will are applicable from December 2016 onwards.

As lubricants technology continues to move apace towards increased drain intervals and lower viscosity, category A1/B1 gasoline and diesel oils have been removed from the "High SAPS" (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, Sulphur) sequences altogether.

In conjunction with the latest ACEA specs, Europe's lubes industry trade body - ATIEL - published the 20th Issue of its Code of Practice. Aimed at lubes producers and marketing divisions, the guidelines are designed to help them meet the latest European lubes specificiations.

The new Code of Practice - last updated in 2013 - highlights a number of major changes in test procedures, as well as the introduction of the new C5 category, which focuses on enhancing vehicle fuel economy.

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Published 6th March, 2017

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