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Lubes 'n' Greases launch non-conventional base stocks guide

Lubes 'n' Greases launches a Guide to Non-conventional Base Stocks.

As well as specific global supply data, Lubes 'n' Grease's annual guide provides a fascinating insight into the changing landscape of base stock supply, as the demand for specialist lubricants and other related products increases.

Non-conventional base stock supply essentially comes from 210 chemical plants around the world including BASF and Dow Chemical, Ineos and Lanxess, Daelim, Huntsman and Emery Oleochemicals. There is also a range of smaller specialist companies.

This is set against the global supply of mineral-based oils, dominated by seven key oil majors who deliver more than 40% of conventional base oil refining capacity.

The Guide covers seven leading types of speciality base stocks (Group III, PAO, PIB, PAG, Esters, Phosphate Esters and Silicones).

A recent Kline & Co. report states that the market for non-conventional base stocks is 3.7 million metric tons a year, or roughly 10% of global base oil supply.  However, demand is expected to grow at more than 3.5% a year to 2021, a much faster rate that conventional lubes.

The single largest volume of nonconventional stocks is Group III, with capacity already reaching 149,000 b/d (7.2m metric tons annually) from 31 facilities.

Highlights of the 2017 Guide include:

  • South Korea’s Daelim Industrial Co's meteoric rise into first place in PIB
  • Germany-based Lanxess becoming the top supplier of phosphate esters

Published 7th September, 2017

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