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New licensing date for API SN Plus

The American Petroleum Institute (API) aims for 1 May 2018 for API SN Plus.

Development of ILSAC GF-6 may be on the move as API have announced a licencing date for the new SN Plus specification. Delays as previously reported by OATS led to 10 auto manufacturers requesting a supplemental standard due to a low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) problem in turbocharged direct injection gasoline engines.

API SN Plus supplement donuts

Supplemental category for API SN Image: American Petroleum Institute

The only direct change to the supplemental category is the addition of the Sequence IX LSPI test to API SN and modified labelling "Donuts".

The announcement for the SN Plus date came in a recent announcement by the regulating body with the following proposed "user language":

API Service Category SN engine oils that also carry the classification SN PLUS are formulated to provide API SN performance and additional protection against low-speed pre-ignition for turbocharged direct injection gasoline-powered vehicles.

Starting May 1, 2018, oils that meet the requirements for API SN with SN PLUS or API SN with SN PLUS and Resource Conserving at the limit shown in Annex G, Table G-5, and are properly licensed may display “SN PLUS” or “Resource Conserving SN PLUS” in the lower portion of the API Service Symbol in conjunction with API SN in the upper portion.

Oils that satisfy SN PLUS can also effectively lubricate engines calling for API SN. API SN with Resource Conserving, or ILSAC GF-5. API SN with SN PLUS and API SN with SN PLUS and Resource Conserving are also backward compatible to API Service Categories before API SN.

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Published 11th January, 2018

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