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Michelin aims for sustainable tyres using wood

Michelin bids for sustainability using wood waste.

Elastomers from wood chips are set to replace the oil content of Michelin's tyres in less than two years.

Michelin tyre

Whose business? Image: GM

The company is hoping that oil content in its tyre production will drop from 80% to 20% by 2048.

The French-based tyre maker claims it will also use rubber as another sustainable element - returning to one of the primary ingredients of the first pneumatic tyre.

Ironically, the first pneumatic tyre technology was developed in the late 1800s by individuals bearing the names of Michelin's now biggest rivals - Dunlop and Goodyear.

Now, the level of technology in tyre manufacture has led to Michelin also revealing the possibility of a single set of tyres for a car's lifetime, with 3D printing revolutionising the tyre-making process. The company believes 3D printers could 'recharge' the tread on worn tyres or even print new tread.

Tags: additives, Europe, Lubes tech

Published 29th August, 2018

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