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Japanese grow impatient as GF-6 delayed again

ILSAC GF-6 delayed to end of September 2020.

With a further delay to the long-awaited specification, Automakers are aiming to beat the latest deadline, targeting the release date of April 2019.

In particular, the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers' Association (JAMA)'s Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) Working Group has announced the earlier target release date.  This follows the development of a new Japanese Autombile Standard Association (JASO) standard to complement the ILSAC GF-6B specification.

JASO OW-8 will allow for extra low viscosity engine oils such as SAE OW-8. But ILSAC GF-6B's new Sequence VIF engine test will only evaluate fuel economy of SAE OW-16 oils and isn't applicable for SAE OW-12 oils or below.

What needs to be completed in the ILSAC GF-6 development?

  1. The technology demonstration period - expected to last 12 months; additive companies need to develop and test packages to meet the new category requirements
  2. Limit setting; allows additive companies to know the target parameters
  3. Mandatory waiting period of 12 months; oils may not be sold as ILSAC GF-6 until this period has passed. However, this period has been shortened by about three months for passenger car and heavy-duty engine oil categories, according to Lube Report
JAMA plans to borrow durability type tests from ILSAC GF-6 for the new fuel economy (FE) test and evaluation. The new JSAO FE test will be proposed for ILSAC GF-7B.

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Published 31st October, 2018

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