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New Porsche Classic Lubricant

Porsche Classic has developed a bespoke lubricant.

Luxury carmaker, Porche's Classic lubes range includes two variants of a new product range designed for older air-cooled units, rather than the modern Porsche water-cooled powerplants.

Porsche 911 Classic

Porsche 911 Classic Image: Charles01

There will be a 20W-50 covering all 356, 914 and 911 models up to the 2.7-litre G-Model and 10W-60 for flat-six units with a displacement of 3 litres up to the 911 (993 generation).

Modern high-tech oils are not suitable for Porsche classic cars which spend a lot of time in storage or garaged. “The low viscosity of a 0W-30 oil means optimum cold-start behaviour, low engine resistance and other benefits in modern engines. In a 356, however, an oil of this kind can result in leaks and increased oil consumption due to the engine's higher production tolerances and lower oil pressure during operation,” says Porsche.

The company explains that while modern oils clean the engine efficiently, the long-term deposits in classic cars shouldn't be dissolved suddenly and seals should be protected from corrosion.

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Published 8th July, 2014

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