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Scheme plans plastic recycling as lube waste increases

Lubes industry brands fight packaging waste as part of a scheme in New Zealand despite global growth in lube product demand

Tags: Australasia, Castrol, Environment, Lubes marketing

29th June, 2018        

US vehicle market hits dip in the road

New auto sales in the US are continuing to decline, which could have a longer-term impact onthe lubes sector.

Tags: ACC, Australasia, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, US

7th September, 2017        

Petronas sets up a Sydney office as Second Half looks uncertain

Petronas aims to take a 4% share of the market in Australia and New Zealand, but overall Second Half figures look uncertain for the Malaysian major.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, Australia, Lubes marketing, Petronas

31st March, 2016        

Brewtroleum: fuel from beer

DB Export in New Zealand has created a biofuel from leftover yeast from brewing beer.

Tags: Australasia, bio fuels, Lubes tech

6th August, 2015        

Lubricants manufacturers' expansion plans

Two German chemical makers have announced plans for Australasian expansion, as Shell starts Indonesia build.

Tags: Australasia, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Shell

22nd August, 2013        

Flipping amazing!

A daring motorcycle stunt has gone viral as a New Zealand motocrosser takes to the air.

Tags: And finally, Australasia, motorsport

25th April, 2013        

Sheep could solve anti-rust problems

Lanolin is proving an excellent anti-rust additive for outdoor lubricants.

Tags: Australasia, bio lubes, innovation

19th October, 2011        

Ship spill could cause major damage to Bay of Plenty

New Zealand is facing a major ecological disaster as heavy oil leaks from a ship which ran aground.

Tags: Australasia, Environment and Regulatory watch, marine

11th October, 2011        

Sinopec to build first plant outside China

China's Sinopec is set to build it's first blending plant outside the country to take on the pan-Asian market

Tags: Asia, Australasia, China lubes news, Lubes news, Sinopec

4th August, 2011        

Ausfuel buys Gull Petroleum

Western Australia's Gull Petroleum has been sold to Ausfuel, keeping the company in independent hands

Tags: Australasia, Corporate News

22nd December, 2010        

SK Energy offers window into challenges

A recent meeting with overseas energy companies gives an insight into the South Korean lubes producers' challenges.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, Corporate News, Lubes news, Lubricants

17th November, 2010        

Trouble in Adland

Valvoline and Shell are both facing sanctions for advertising authorities over product claims.

Tags: Australasia, Lubes news, North America, Shell, Valvoline

17th August, 2010        

Mobil Australia sells retail business

Mobil Australia is selling its retail fuel business to supermarket chain 7-Eleven.

Tags: Australasia, Corporate News, ExxonMobil

8th June, 2010        

And finally... Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Formula One back on the grid; Shell stays with Ferrari; a UN-backed decade of road safety, it's official; automotive April Fools; and the world's largest meatball.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, automotive industry, F1, Infiniti, N America, Shell

1st April, 2010        


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