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Lubes major questions wheel bearing grease tests

ExxonMobil researchers believe crucial grease tests need updating for modern relevance

Tags: automotive industry, ExxonMobil, grease, N America

7th January, 2019        

Graphene nanoplatelets enhance performance of greases and lubricants

Research has shown that applying graphene materials to base oils has produced positive results.

Tags: base oil, Europe, grease, Lubes tech, Lubricants, nanocatalysts

8th June, 2015        

New greaseless lubricant which protects against corrosion

Researchers have developed a coating which lubricates without grease and protects against corrosion.

Tags: Europe, grease, Lubes tech

8th April, 2014        

Substandard greases common in Shandong province

A local supervisory bureau finds seven batches failed to meet national requirements

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, grease, Lubes tech

20th March, 2014        

Sinopec steps up international marketing efforts

Chinese major focussing heavily on Asia-Pacific for growth across all sectors

Tags: Australia, China, China Lubes Marketing, grease, Lubes marketing, Sinopec

16th March, 2014        

New Shell oil blending plant in southwest Singapore

Shell has begun building a blending plant and grease manufacturing plant in Singapore.

Tags: Asia, grease, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

8th January, 2014        

Chinese lube products gain international accreditation

As competition toughens at home, large and small domestic lubes producers are venturing overseas

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, grease, hydraulics, Lubes tech, Sinopec

24th November, 2013        

ExxonMobil Marine launches environmental lubes range

A new series of lubes and greases are now available that meet the latest US EPA marine regulations.

Tags: Calumet, ExxonMobil, grease, Lubricants, marine, North America, OEM Equipment

14th October, 2013        

Shale to GTL to Group III - a possible price revolution?

Developments in GTL refining could impact the price of Group III base oil according to Kline.

Tags: base oil, ExxonMobil, grease, Lubes tech, North America, shale

26th June, 2013        

Grease output hits record levels

Global grease production was at record levels with China leading the way according to the NLGI.

Tags: China, Europe, grease, North America

9th July, 2012        

Fluids market to reach $20bn; oils and greases to 11bn gallons

Two new reports show growth in the global functional fluids and lubricating oils and greases markets to 2017

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, grease, Lubricants

6th April, 2012        

ENOC opens new lubes plant

Massive new blending and grease production plant in UAE uses the latest technology.

Tags: grease, Lubes news, Lubricants, Middle East

15th March, 2012        

Lubrizol to buy Chemtool

US chemical specialists to buy grease manufacturer by end of the year.

Tags: Corporate News, grease, Lubrizol, N America

14th November, 2011        

New grease stops car squeaks

A new grease has been launched, specially designed for vehicle interiors.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, grease, innovation

22nd August, 2011        

Grease output up 13%

Grease output for 2010 rose 13% according to the NLGI.

Tags: grease, Lubes news

8th July, 2011        

USDA reveals bio label

The ESDA has launched a Biobased Product label.

Tags: bio fuels, Environment and Regulatory watch, grease, Lubricants, North America

24th January, 2011        

Quaker buys Summit and Sea-Land heads for Europe

Quaker Chemical Corp has acquired specialist grease maker Summit Lubricants, while Sea-Land Chemicals opens in Europe

Tags: Corporate News, grease, N America

5th January, 2011        

Shell starts work on Chinese grease plant

Shell has laid the foundations for its largest global grease production plant in Zhuhai, China.

Tags: China, grease, Lubes news, Shell

22nd December, 2010        

Cairn finds first evidence of oil in Greenland

Scotland-based Cairn Energy has discovered oil off the coast of Greenland, although the scale is yet to be determined

Tags: Europe, grease, Greenland, Lubes news

22nd September, 2010        

Bio-grease production safer with microwaves

New technology from Iowa could take the danger and time out of bio-grease production

Tags: grease, Inovation and environment, N America

6th September, 2010        


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