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Biosynthetics - Where high performance and sustainability converge

Allen Barbieri, CEO of Biosynthetic Technology, provides a fascinating insight into the latest developments in biosynthetic lubricants.

Tags: bio lubes, Europe, Lubes tech, white papers

1st November, 2015        

Europalub - a new window on Europe's lubricants landscape

In a presentation to launch the innaugural issue of EuropaLub, Sebastian Crawshaw explains the status of European lubricants data.

Tags: Europe, Lubricants, OATS, white papers

30th September, 2015        

Challenges in lubricants development – sustainability, raw materials and new technologies

Member of the Fuchs Petrolub SE Executive Board, Lutz Lindemann, examines the industries, technologies, regulations and regions that will drive the global lubricants markets.

Tags: China, Fuchs, Lubricants, white papers

30th May, 2015        

Big Deals : Big Consequences

The RPS Downstream Consulting team examine what might happen if ExxonMobil decided to acquire BP. According to Sargeant and Speding this is a real possibility.

Tags: BP, Castrol, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell, white papers

12th May, 2015        

Macroeconomic Factors Impacting The Global & European Lubricants Industry

Fuchs' Head of Global Competitive Intelligence, Apu Gosalia, examines how macro-economics is impacting global lubes demand. 19th ICIS Base Oil Conference presentation.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubricants, oil prices, white papers

11th March, 2015        

China's new internet rules

Beijing introduce real name registration, among other rules

Tags: China, China Internet Marketing, Internet marketing, white papers

23rd February, 2015        

China - an automotive accident waiting to happen?

Thatcham Research Future Vehicle Engineer, Andrew Hooker, examines the tensions for automakers in the Chinese market. In particular challenge of low-grade metals and lube recycling on the country's accident repair industry.

Tags: automotive industry, China, electric vehicles, Environment, Lubricants, waste, white papers

24th December, 2014        

Castrol in joint venture with TechSolve

Castrol, has announced that it has entered into a new joint venture with TechSolve, a specialized US-based manufacturing consultancy to form OPTIS.

Tags: Castrol, OEM Equipment, white papers

10th November, 2014        

M-commerce doubles in China during H1

China's mobile e-commerce market has risen 103% to $7.2bn, says iResearch Global

Tags: China, China Internet Marketing, e-commerce, Internet marketing, Mobile technology, white papers

21st September, 2014        

Economic Growth V Clean air: The drivers for Lubes specs in China

Diana Shen's insightful presentation on China's clean air crisis and it's impact on the lubricants and energy industries.

Tags: China, CO2 emissions, Lubricants, white papers

23rd June, 2014        

30 years on: OATS and the lubricants industry

OATS Chairman Sebastian Crawshaw looks back at OATS first 30 years in the lubricants industry, global developments and an interesting future.

Tags: China, CO2 emissions, Europe, Internet marketing, Lubricants, N America, OATS, white papers

13th May, 2014        

GTLs - is there an elephant in the room?

RPS Energy's John Unsworth, John Sargeant and Stuart Speding question the impact of of Gas-to-Liquids on the lubricants industry.

Tags: Africa, Middle East, N America, white papers

9th May, 2014        

Chinese web giants head west for capital

Alibaba is planning to file its IPO in the US while Weibo also unveils a plan to sell shares in the States

Tags: China, China Internet Marketing, Internet marketing, white papers

23rd March, 2014        

MasterCard identifies consumer 'digital personas'

A MasterCard global survey has identified five different types of internet consumer based on the level of personal information they are prepared to disclose.

Tags: e-commerce, Internet marketing, white papers

11th November, 2013        

Global Lubricant Demand Growth Outlook: 2013-2023

RPS Energy's Stuart Speding examines regional economic prospects; how vehicle ownership will driver lubricants growth and the role of distributors and marketing in the next decade.

Tags: automotive industry, base oil, white papers

14th October, 2013        

Syria's oil industry struggling amidst rebel advancement

Syria's oil production is suffering as rebels capture oil fields.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Middle East, white papers

24th April, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 147, April 2013

What would happen if US consumers follow Europe's diesel consumption and petrol reduction lead? How will the trend for Always On technology impact lubes marketing in developing nations.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, North America, View from the Bridge, white papers

8th April, 2013        

Lubricants and changes in the global auto industry

A paper from Roland Berger's Bill Downey published after the London ICIS Conference 2013 which examines how changes in the global auto industry will affect the lubricants sector.

Tags: automotive industry, electric vehicles, Lubes news, white papers

13th March, 2013        

Automotive lube quality in China

OATS' Diana Shen's presentation to the 6th Annual ICIS Asian Base Oils & Lubricants conference asks if China's vehicle owners are using the right lubes.

Tags: automotive industry, China, white papers

24th July, 2012        

Leapfrogging technology

RPS' John Allan discusses the way developing markets are using the latest technology to leapfrog their way into the quality lubes markets.

Tags: white papers

2nd May, 2012        

Summary of Diesel Emissions Conference and AdBlue Forum, Asia 2012

A comprehensive summary of the 3-day Diesel Emissions Conference and AdBlue Forum held in Beijing at the end of March 2012.

Tags: China, CO2 emissions, Environment, white papers

23rd April, 2012        

More Bang for your Marketing Buck

RPS' John Sargeant and Stuart Speding look at measuring marketing effectiveness in the lubricants industry.

Tags: Lubricants, white papers

13th February, 2012        

Internet, social media and the lubricants industry

How European lubricants marketers are using the internet and social media.

Tags: Europe, OATS, white papers

7th November, 2011        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 123 (April 11)

The Japanese environmental disaster, combined with a slowing global economy and short-term auto production slowdown, could still benefit the lubes industry.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, GDP, Japan, Lubricants, North America, oil prices, View from the Bridge, white papers

4th April, 2011        

The Impact of the recent Earthquake and Tsunami on the Japanese Energy Industry

RPS Energy's Stuart Speding looks at the immediate aftermath of the environmental disasters in Japan and their potential impact on the country's energy industry.

Tags: Japan, white papers

25th March, 2011        

Middle East unrest - Potential Impact on Energy Markets

RPS Energy's Simon Telling surveys the current political climate in the Middle East and its potential impact on oil supplies.

Tags: Africa, Middle East, white papers

16th March, 2011        

Lubricants - Is it time for Manufacturing and Marketing to go their separate ways?

RPS Energy's Stuart Speding asks if lubricants producers are asking the wrong questions when it comes to supply chain, suggesting the debate should focus on the role of in-house manufacturing.

Tags: Lubricants, white papers

1st October, 2010        

Jean Philippe-Monod on block exemption

The UEIL's Jean-Philippe Monod delivered a presentation at the 2009 UEIL Congress which focused on European competition policy and its affects on the lubricants industry.

Tags: Europe, UEIL, white papers

22nd December, 2009        

The GDP effect on lubricants demand

Focusing on the correlation between national GDPs and the demand and supply of lubricants with market comparisons from 2008 and Q1 2009. Written by Sebastian Crawshaw of OATS and Apu Gosalia, Head of Strategic Marketing, Fuchs Petrolub AG.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, OATS, white papers

9th June, 2009        


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