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South Korea's SK Lubricants to enter Europe

ILBOC, a joint venture of SK Lubricants and Repsol, has built a plant in Spain, boosting SK's total output

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes marketing, Repsol

1st November, 2015        

Q1 China report shows oil and petrochemical challenges

Economic, technical and competitive issues could hinder nation's oil sector

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubes news, Repsol

22nd May, 2013        

Argentina looks to Petrobras after nationalising Repsol-YPF

Argentina surprised the oil and finance world by 'nationalising' YPF, scuppering a potential Sinopec deal and is now looking to Brazil's Petrobras for production investment

Tags: Brazil, Chevron, China, ConocoPhillips, Environment, regulatory and standards, Repsol, S America, Sinopec, Total

21st April, 2012        

Repsol helps UMW as Perodua signs Petronas

Malaysian distributor eyes significant sales revenue as Petronas links with country's automaker.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Corporate News, Petronas, Repsol

2nd April, 2012        

New discoveries bode well for Brazil

Oil and gas finds by Repsol and Petrobras look good for Brazil's oil reserves

Tags: Brazil, Lubes news, Petrobras, Repsol, Sinopec

8th February, 2012        

Rig arrives in Cuban waters with US approval

Unprecedented checks re-assure US of Cuban rig's safety

Tags: Cuba, Environment and Regulatory watch, North America, Repsol

23rd January, 2012        

Repsol builds Group III plant for SK

A Repsol-SK joint venture will boost production of Group III lubricants for Europe.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes news, Repsol

21st November, 2011        

Repsol begins lubes production in Malaysia and China

Production at lubes plants now on-stream in Asian countries as part of a deal with UMW

Tags: Asia, China, Lubes news, Lubricants, Repsol

8th July, 2011        

Repsol signs Asian lubes deal

Spain's Repsol has signed a five year distribtuion deal with UMW.

Tags: Asia, China, Corporate News, Lubricants, Repsol

20th December, 2010        


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