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bio lubes

Where there's muck...insects and plastics help latest biolube tech

Larvae feeding on human waste, and old tyres and plastics are creating the latest biolubes and fuels in the Southern Hemisphere.

Tags: Australia, bio fuels, bio lubes, Lubes tech, Lubricants

30th April, 2019        

Chinese violet cress - a replacement for engine lubricant?

Scientists have discovered two new fatty acids in the Chinese violet cress - which could produce a perfect engine lubricant.

Tags: bio lubes, Lubes tech, N America

29th October, 2018        

New test could help bio-lube production as Exxon boosts bio output

The ASTM has announced a test for carbonyl content that could help bio-oil producers and upgraders improve stabilitya and storage.

Tags: bio lubes, N America

18th April, 2018        

Biosynthetic set for $100m USDA boost

Bio-lubest producer Biosynthetic Technologies has received further backing from the USDA to develop a major manufacturing operation.

Tags: bio lubes, Lubes marketing, N America

24th February, 2016        

View from the Bridge - December 15

The Paris Climate Change Summit heralded some blue sky thinking in an increasingly polluted world. But what will be the impact on the lubricants industry? Only time will tell.

Tags: additives, bio lubes, CO2 emissions, Europe, Volkswagen

7th December, 2015        

Zeolite discovery turns bio-energy production thinking on its head

New scientific research has shown that biofuel-to-hydrocarbon conversion is possible without turning ethanol to ethylene.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, Lubes tech, N America

27th November, 2015        

Biosynthetics - Where high performance and sustainability converge

Allen Barbieri, CEO of Biosynthetic Technology, provides a fascinating insight into the latest developments in biosynthetic lubricants.

Tags: bio lubes, Europe, Lubes tech, white papers

1st November, 2015        

Bios gain manufacture boost from nano-tech & mould

Biofuels and lube producers are set to benefit from two new discoveries

Tags: Asia, bio fuels, bio lubes, Europe, nanocatalysts

6th July, 2015        

CNPC leading the way in biolubricants market

Global biolubes sales are slated to rise 6.3% over between 2014-2015

Tags: bio lubes, China, China Lubes Tech, CNPC, Lubes tech

25th May, 2015        

Moderate growth for global synthetic and bio-based lubricants

The global synthetic and bio-based lubricant market is set to grow at a moderate CAGR, over the next three to four years, according to Transparency Market Research.

Tags: Asia, bio fuels, bio lubes, Lubes marketing

11th May, 2015        

New protein formula creates oil-free cooling lubes

Gelita has developed a liquid protein concentrate for use as a base for oil-free cooling lubricants.

Tags: bio lubes, Lubes tech, Lubricants

11th November, 2014        

Strong growth in global biolubricants market

Global Industry Analysts report shows growing demand for renewable, non-polluting and sustainable lubes.

Tags: Asia, bio lubes, Europe, Lubes marketing, N America

10th October, 2014        

Independent global lubes market to reach $8.5bn

New research shows growth, but challenges, for lubes before the end of the decade

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, bio lubes, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, US

9th June, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 160

Sebastian Crawshaw celebrates OATS' 30th Anniversary with a nostalgic look back and makes some predictions for the next 30 years of the lubricants industry.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, China, Europe, Lubricants, N America, View from the Bridge

13th May, 2014        

Californian Biolube Bill opposed

Motor oils sold in California after Jan. 1, 2017 must have at least 25 percent “biosynthetic” content, according to a controversial new Bill opposed by lubes producers

Tags: bio lubes, ILMA, Lubes tech, N America, waste

8th April, 2014        

Great Wall boosts public transport focus

Lubes maker looks to public transport sector to boost synthetic lubes revenues

Tags: bio lubes, China, China OEM Equipment, Great Wall, Lubricants, OEM Equipment

25th September, 2013        

Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil awarded Dexos1 licence

Universal Lubricants announced that its Eco Ultra Synthetic Blend Motor Oil has been awarded a dexos1 licence as new CEO takes up the reins.

Tags: bio lubes, Dexos, GM, North America, OEM Equipment, waste

2nd September, 2013        

Sinopec products gain international certification

Eco-friendly lubes to help Sinopec into overseas markets

Tags: bio lubes, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, Great Wall, Lubes tech, Sinopec

21st August, 2013        

US EPA finally launches Permit

Vessel General Permit finally sets sail with December date for ship owners and operators.

Tags: bio lubes, E and R Watch, marine, North America, OEM Equipment

12th August, 2013        

Safety and simplicity are priorities for shipowners

Total Lubmarine latest poll shows clear priorities being set by the marine industry

Tags: bio lubes, Europe, marine, OEM Equipment, Total

9th July, 2013        

USDA amends bio-specs for preferred procurement

US agency adds new product categories and changes the percentage levels for bio-content in lubes and cleaning materials.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, North America, OEM Equipment

5th July, 2013        

Global lubricants demand to continue rising

Annual global lubes and Russian auto lube demand is set to rise to over the next few years according to new reports, with Asia driving manufacturing demand.

Tags: Africa, Asia, bio lubes, Europe, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Russia

26th June, 2013        

Bacteria could clean ships

Painting a ship's hull with novel material may improve energy efficiency

Tags: additives, bio lubes, innovation, marine, OEM Equipment

5th March, 2013        

A realistic lubes alternative, or simply nuts?

Coconuts could be the latest alternative to petrochemical lubes, according to Indian researchers.

Tags: bio lubes, India, innovation, Lubricants

14th August, 2012        

Castrol goes bio

Castrol has launched a new biolube range for the industrial sector.

Tags: bio lubes, Castrol, Lubes news, Lubricants, North America

9th July, 2012        

Euro Biolubes will expand, economy permitting

The European market for biolubes is set expand over the next five years, providing short-term economic worries can be overcome according to a new report.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, Environment and Regulatory watch

15th March, 2012        

Self-healing hydrogel could have impact on synthetic lubes

Innovation from bioengineers in California could have literally reduce the impact machinery on lubes

Tags: bio lubes, innovation, N America

7th March, 2012        

New CNG and bio-lubes come to market

Two new lubes ranges have been launched including a re-refined product for CNG fleets

Tags: automotive industry, bio lubes, innovation, North America

23rd February, 2012        

Safety-Kleen brings blending in-house

US-based Safety-Kleen is to boost its blending capacity with a new plant

Tags: base oil, bio lubes, Corporate News, N America

6th January, 2012        

World's clean energy spend passes $1 trillion

The trillionth dollar has been spent on clean energy according to a new report.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, Environment and Regulatory watch

7th December, 2011        

Cosan buys Exxon assets

Cosan extends its rights for Mobil brand sales in Latin America

Tags: bio lubes, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, S America

27th October, 2011        

Sheep could solve anti-rust problems

Lanolin is proving an excellent anti-rust additive for outdoor lubricants.

Tags: Australasia, bio lubes, innovation

19th October, 2011        

Nano 'sieves' could replace antioxidants

Nano technology research could help produce 'greener' lubricants.

Tags: additives, Asia, bio lubes, Europe, innovation

3rd October, 2011        

Amyris launches sustainable lube range

Renewable product specialists introduce a new range of Biofene-based lubricants as Albemarle helps boost base oil production

Tags: bio lubes, Brazil, innovation, N America

14th September, 2011        

Universal passes five million

Universal has passed a major milestone in its oil re-refining production

Tags: bio lubes, Environment and Regulatory watch, N America

8th September, 2011        

US DOE offers millions in vehicle innovation grants

The US Department of Energy has announced a multi-million dollar grants package for advanced vehicle research.

Tags: automotive industry, bio fuels, bio lubes, innovation, North America, Obama

22nd August, 2011        

Canada funds new bio projects

Canada has announced further funding for biofuel and refinery projects.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, innovation, N America

8th August, 2011        

Italian Biorefinery project announced

Novamont and Eni to combine resources for new bio-product refinery.

Tags: additives, bio lubes, Europe, innovation

9th June, 2011        

Amyris gives Brazil bio boost

Amyris has signed a major contract for sugar-based bio-additive production

Tags: additives, bio lubes, Brazil, innovation, N America

3rd May, 2011        

Biolubes market set to soar by 2017

The biolubes market will be driven by North America and Europe and is set for significant expansion by 2017 according to a new report.

Tags: bio lubes, Europe, Lubes news, North America

14th April, 2011        


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