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Speciality additives market to grow in China

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations in emerging markets will be a boon for producers

Tags: additives, Asia, Brazil, China, China Lubes Tech, CO2 emissions, India, Lubes tech

4th April, 2016        

ExxonMobil Euro centre will focus on OEMs as Lubrizol gets closer to Brazil

Exxon opens and OEM-focussed tech centre in Germany, as chemical specialist Lubrizol breaks ground on new operation to meet Brazil's domestic surfactant product demand as

Tags: additives, Brazil, Europe, ExxonMobil, Lubrizol, OEM Equipment

11th August, 2014        

World Cup marketing goes digital

Castrol are among the sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that will be using digital marketing to cash in on the 'beautiful game'.

Tags: Brazil, Castrol, Lubes marketing, S America

10th June, 2014        

Western OEMS will need strategy change to grab fleet sales

Western OEMs will need to look to developing nations and change their sales strategies according to new research.

Tags: Brazil, China, Europe, India, OEM and automotive, Russia

27th March, 2014        

Brazil is the sixth largest lubricants market

Brazilian light vehicle sales have more than doubled since 2000 and the lubes market has grown exponentially according to a new report.

Tags: automotive industry, Brazil, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

27th November, 2013        

Daimler Trucks investment in Brazil

Daimler Trucks will invest around $458 million in two Brazilian commercial vehicle plants for upgrades and R&D.

Tags: Brazil, Daimler, Europe, OEM and automotive

8th November, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 151

BRICS v The Old World - are the emerging countries losing ground to the economic 'old guard'?

Tags: Brazil, China, Japan, Lubricants, North America, Russia, View from the Bridge

12th August, 2013        

Brazil's controversial law finally implemented

Brazil’s new oil revenue law goes into effect amidst strong opposition.

Tags: Brazil, Environment and Regulatory watch

29th March, 2013        

Statoil increases Brazil presence and boosts African reserves

Statoil is expanding its exploration in Brazil and has made a third offshore discovery in Tanzania

Tags: Africa, Brazil, Lubes news, Statoil

8th January, 2013        

Investment programs revealed by Phillips and Chevron

Phillips 66 and Chevron plan 2013 capital budgets worth around $40bn, with Phillips 66 also announcing creation of an MLP.

Tags: Australia, Brazil, Chevron, China, Corporate News, Europe, Phillips 66, Russia

7th January, 2013        

Motorsport ends a record-breaking season

FI and Rallying see record-breaking Champions; report on World Touring Cars

Tags: And finally, Brazil, Europe, F1, motorsport

7th December, 2012        

Regions challenge Brazillian oil regs

New Brazil oil legislation faces challenges from a number of states and could be vetoed by the President

Tags: Brazil, Environment and Regulatory watch

4th December, 2012        

BP collaborates on Parnaiba research

BP is working with a number of universities to examine the evolution of one of Brazil's most valuable geological areas.

Tags: BP, Brazil, Europe, innovation

9th October, 2012        

Next stop, Rio!

A round the world rickshaw rider is taking on an Olympic-sized challenge.

Tags: And finally, Brazil, China, China and finally, Europe

25th September, 2012        

South Koreans get busy in base oil

Two new deals put South Korean companies at the heart of Group III base oil projects

Tags: Asia, base oil, Brazil, Lubes news, Russia

16th August, 2012        

Cosan buys Comgas

Brazilian lubes distributor by the country's gas equivalent from UK's BG.

Tags: Brazil, Corporate News, Europe

11th June, 2012        

Sinopec gains approval for Galp deal

Chinese Government gives go-ahead for acquisition of Galp's Brazilian unit.

Tags: Brazil, China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards

14th May, 2012        

Argentina looks to Petrobras after nationalising Repsol-YPF

Argentina surprised the oil and finance world by 'nationalising' YPF, scuppering a potential Sinopec deal and is now looking to Brazil's Petrobras for production investment

Tags: Brazil, Chevron, China, ConocoPhillips, Environment, regulatory and standards, Repsol, S America, Sinopec, Total

21st April, 2012        

A chance to buy motorsport history

Racing legend Ayrton Senna's first F1 car up for sale

Tags: And finally, Brazil, motorsport

4th April, 2012        

Brazilian company buys UK business from Exxon

Brazil's largest ethanol exporter has bought and Exxon-owned UK oil and chemicals business.

Tags: Brazil, Corporate News, Europe, ExxonMobil

6th March, 2012        

BRICs & US oil consumption to top nearly $2,000bn and US synthetics to grow

Two new reports show significant growth in global oil consumption and specific US demand for synthetic lubes and functional fluids.

Tags: base oil, Brazil, China, India, Lubes news, Lubricants, North America, Russia

5th March, 2012        

New discoveries bode well for Brazil

Oil and gas finds by Repsol and Petrobras look good for Brazil's oil reserves

Tags: Brazil, Lubes news, Petrobras, Repsol, Sinopec

8th February, 2012        

Petrobras celebrates record outputs

Brazil's oil producer declares record oil and gas levels for 2011.

Tags: Brazil, Lubes news, Petrobras

23rd January, 2012        

Chevron suspends Brazil drilling

Chevron has voluntarily suspended its offshore drilling operations in Brazil

Tags: Brazil, Environment and Regulatory watch, S America

24th November, 2011        

Brazilian Oil assets sold for $3.5bn

Sinopec buys stake in Brazilian deep sea oil blocks.

Tags: Brazil, China, China lubes news, Corporate News, S America, Sinopec

16th November, 2011        

Jianghua to Double Brazil Sales by 2015

Automaker to push for Brazilian market as domestic sales drop.

Tags: automotive industry, Brazil, China, Corporate News, Forecasts

14th November, 2011        

OPEC cuts global oil demand forecasts

OPEC has reduced its demand forecasts for the rest of 2011 and 2012 as global economy weakens.

Tags: Africa, Brazil, China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Middle East, N America, OPEC, S America

19th October, 2011        

BP buys Brazil biofuel share

BP is to take complete ownership of joint venture ethanol operation Tropical BioEnergia.

Tags: bio fuels, BP, Brazil, S America

3rd October, 2011        

Exxon builds US plant and selects base stock distributors

ExxonMobil Chemical has broken ground on a massive base stock plant in Texas, while its Base Sock division selects new distributors around the world.

Tags: additives, Australia, base oil, Brazil, ExxonMobil, North America

23rd September, 2011        

Amyris launches sustainable lube range

Renewable product specialists introduce a new range of Biofene-based lubricants as Albemarle helps boost base oil production

Tags: bio lubes, Brazil, innovation, N America

14th September, 2011        

Petrobras approves five year plan.

Brazil's Petrobras has approved a five year plan to include $220bn investments.

Tags: Brazil, Corporate News, Petrobras

4th August, 2011        

Lifan to set up auto plant in Brazil

Chongqing Lifan is to set up an auto production plant in Brazil.

Tags: automotive industry, Brazil, China, Corporate News, OEM and automotive

15th July, 2011        

Statoil discovers crude in Brazil

Statoil has made significant oil discoveries around its Peregrino Field in Brazil.

Tags: Brazil, China, Lubes news, Sinopec, Statoil

7th July, 2011        

Amyris gives Brazil bio boost

Amyris has signed a major contract for sugar-based bio-additive production

Tags: additives, bio lubes, Brazil, innovation, N America

3rd May, 2011        


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