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IEA Scenarios highlight challenges for oil producers

International Energy Agency models show long-term global decline in oil use, but increase in petrochemical opportunities. Refiners will need to integrate more closely with end-producers.

Tags: base oil, IEA, Lubes tech, Lubricants

8th January, 2019        

Baidu’s Brain Project now has the age of a 2 to 3 year old

China’s online giant is developing AI with remarkable success – a recent poach from Google might also help

Tags: China, China Internet Marketing, IEA, Internet marketing

22nd May, 2014        

Baidu releases most popular searches in 2013

China's largest search engine lists its top ranking search terms from last year

Tags: China, China Internet Marketing, IEA, Internet marketing

15th April, 2014        

IEA changes its oil demand forecast

Good news for lubes producers as the International Energy Agency (IEA) revises its oil demand forecast upwards.

Tags: Asia, China, IEA, Lubes marketing

13th January, 2014        

Wet hand clapping

New discovery about the dynamics of squeezing fluids could revolutionise fuel and oil separation techniques.

Tags: And finally, IEA, innovation, N America

23rd August, 2013        

Increased Chinese oil demand could risk oversupply

Over-production could threaten fuel prices even as emerging economies drive demand

Tags: China, China lubes news, IEA, Lubes marketing, OPEC

20th June, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 146, March 2013

The complexity of Lubes marketing was brought into sharp relief at the recent London ICIS Conference.

Tags: Europe, IEA, Infineum, Lubricants, Shell, View from the Bridge

11th March, 2013        

Iran plans to increase crude oil production

Iran plans to increase crude oil production by 2016

Tags: IEA, Lubes news, Middle East

29th January, 2013        

IEA predicts tightening OECD supplies as global fuel demand rises

OECD and OPEC supplies are set to tighten as global fuel demand rises in 2013 according to a new report.

Tags: IEA, Lubes news, Lubes tech, OEM and automotive, OPEC

24th January, 2013        

Advice to Australia: stockpile more oil

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is urging Australia to build up emergency oil supplies.

Tags: Asia, Australia, Environment and Regulatory watch, IEA

27th November, 2012        


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