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First quarter 2019 results

A generally volatile market has led to slightly depressed numbers for most of the oil majors at the start of the year, but their CEOs are confident of being able to manage the volatility.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

30th April, 2019        

Industry 4.0 offers real opportunities for lubes suppliers

Shell research shows lubes suppliers will play an important role in development of Industry 4.0, but there are skills challenges

Tags: Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

1st March, 2019        

Partnership between Shell and India's Pitstop

Shell will partner with Pitstop, India's leading doorsetp car-services company to provide periodicoil service to vehicles.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

7th January, 2019        

Positive third quarter 2018 oil and gas results

BP's highest quarterly results for more than five years demonstrates the trend of increased profits and revenue for oil majors.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th November, 2018        

Oil results second quarter 2018

Financial figures are more positive for Q2 and the first half of the year overall

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Phillips 66, Rosneft, Shell

17th August, 2018        

View From the Bridge - July 18

Lubes industry and OEM collaboration are the focus of this month's View from the Bridge, although there's also some tension between two oil majors over product claims.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Lubricants, Shell, Toyota, View from the Bridge

3rd July, 2018        

Shell and ExxonMobil go head to head over product compliance

ExxonMobil has hit back at Shell's claims of producing a diesel engine oil which doesn't comply with API CF-4 industry standards.

Tags: API, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

3rd July, 2018        

BP to boost China retail sites; Shell looks to forecourt automation

BP has entered a joint venture to boost its retail presences across three Chinese provinces as Shell looks to automation technology to help its retail across the region.

Tags: BP, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Shell

27th February, 2018        

Shell boosts Russian lubes production as market recovers

Shell Neft is set to incras productions at it's Russian plant as research shows positive consumer sentiment and improved lubes markets

Tags: Lubes tech, Lubricants, Russia, Shell

27th February, 2018        

Fourth quarter signs-off positive year for oil majors

Rising commodity prices and US tax reforms boosted 2017 Q4 and annual results for the oil producers.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

27th February, 2018        

FitCar could boost JiffyLube footfall and Shell lube sales

New in-car monitor and app could warn motorists of problems and improve servicing.

Tags: Lubes marketing, N America, Shell

10th January, 2018        

View From The Bridge - November 2017

Emissions and homologation regulations are setting a moving target for OEMs, fuel and lubes producers to hit over the next few years. How will they respond?

Tags: electric vehicles, Europe, Lubricants, Shell, View from the Bridge

17th November, 2017        

Shell's opens giant production plant - third largest in the world

Shell has opened a 10-hectare integrated lubricants and grease production facility in Tuas, Singapore.

Tags: Asia, Lubes tech, Shell

14th November, 2017        

Positive Q3 results 2017

Almost all oil majors are reporting increased sales and profits.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

13th November, 2017        

Russia sees oil majors development in refining and retail.

Gazprom's Omsk refinery continues to develop while Shell is set to double its retail sites.

Tags: Gazprom, Lubes tech, Russia, Shell

7th September, 2017        

First quarter 2017 sees oil majors in the black by some margin.

Oil majors have reported a significant improvement in earnings and profit.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th May, 2017        

Alibaba uses big data to track fake motor lubes in China

E-commerce giant Alibaba is helping Chinese police keep tabs on wholesalers suspected of importing fake motor lubricants from Malaysia and selling them online.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, China, China Internet Marketing, Internet marketing, Mobil1, Shell

2nd May, 2017        

Product fragmentation means more competitive global lubes market

New research from Transparency shows that products from regional lubes makers will increase pressure on an auto lubes market set to be worth $79bn by 2024.

Tags: Africa, Asia, BP, ExxonMobil, Middle East, Shell

6th March, 2017        

Fourth quarter results 2016

BP and Fuchs are bucking the downwards trend for the fourth quarter 2016.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

28th February, 2017        

Shell stays at the top in 2015 as 2016 draws to a close

Kline research keeps Shell at the top of the lubes market for 2015, but will this remain the case for 2016?

Tags: Kline, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

30th December, 2016        

Shell bucks downward trend in Q3 results

Shell has reported a large increase in CCS earnings amidst mainly poorer figures.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

1st November, 2016        

Shell Lubricants study reveals wrong lubes in mining shutdowns

While most mining companies appreciate the value of lubes, many shutdowns are still caused by wrong lubes or lube management.

Tags: Lubes tech, mining, Shell

27th October, 2016        

Shell India has ambitious plans

Shell's plans include the launch of a new diesel engine oil, a continuing partnership with OEMs and collaboration on the 'Shell Concept car' .

Tags: automotive industry, India, Lubes marketing, Shell

31st May, 2016        

Shell unveils energy-efficient concept car

The Anglo-Dutch major has revealed a super-low CO2 emission vehicle which uses specialised lubricants.

Tags: CO2 emissions, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

1st May, 2016        

Gloomy results from majors in 2015

Oil majors face continued misery as oil prices hit $30 a barrel.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell

2nd February, 2016        

Shell expands lubes business in Asia

The Anglo-Dutch major is betting big on population and vehicle growth in the region

Tags: APAC, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Shell

2nd February, 2016        

Shell and CNOOC to expand petrochem complex

The two energy majors are deepening their cooperation in China

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, CNOOC, Lubes tech, Shell

4th January, 2016        

Shell completes divestments in France and China

The Anglo-Dutch major frees up capital and resources from sales completions.

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Shell

30th November, 2015        

Q3 2015 another bad one for the oil majors

Low oil prices continue to drag positive downstream performances.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

31st October, 2015        

Shell abandons Alaska oil exploration

Royal Dutch Shell has given up on Alaskan oil production after poor returns and political pressure

Tags: Environment, Lubes tech, N America, Shell, Upstream News

30th September, 2015        

Shell introduces engine oils for NEVs

The Anglo-Dutch major has pioneered two new lubricants for trucks and buses in China

Tags: automotive industry, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

27th September, 2015        

Shell's Tongyi stake goes to Carlyle, Huo's Group

The company's 75% holding will go to a US private equity firm and Tongyi's founder

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, N America, Shell

23rd August, 2015        

Shell completes work on large bitumen project

The Anglo-Dutch major has paved Lanzhou Airport expressway as part of a major redevelopment plan

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Shell

22nd August, 2015        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 174

What if the current oil price is the new reality? The effect of low prices on the global economy, lubes producers and off-highway manufacturers. Plus artificial intelligence in providing lubes information.

Tags: Fuchs, N America, Shell, View from the Bridge

8th August, 2015        

Shell Virtual Assistant

Shell has launched an industry-first, artificial intelligence online lubes information service for customers in the UK and the US.

Tags: Europe, N America, OEM Equipment, Shell

7th August, 2015        

Q2 2015 shows further falls for oil majors

Oil majors show continued drop in figures for second quarter 2015 with only Fuchs and Phillips 66 bucking the trend.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

6th August, 2015        

China View from the Bridge: July 2015

Energy M&A slows down as Chinese firms concentrate on improving their domestic offering, creating more competition for international firms in the region

Tags: China, CNOOC, CNPC, e-commerce, Shell, Sinopec, View from the Bridge

28th June, 2015        

Shell opens new commercial centre in Shanghai

Global major boosts downstream operations with a 400-strong new hub

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Shell

27th June, 2015        

SK looking to buy Tongyi stake

South Korean lubricants producer is eyeing Shell's former venture in a bid to crack the Chinese market

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Shell

27th June, 2015        

Shell introduces new lubes for Chinese NGVs

The Dutch major has pioneered two new lubricants for trucks and buses

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, natural-gas, Shell

25th May, 2015        

Big Deals : Big Consequences

The RPS Downstream Consulting team examine what might happen if ExxonMobil decided to acquire BP. According to Sargeant and Speding this is a real possibility.

Tags: BP, Castrol, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell, white papers

12th May, 2015        

Project M city car on the stocks with help from Shell

Shell is collaborating with Professor Gordon Murray and Osamu Goto to produce a practical city car.

Tags: F1, Lubes tech, motorsport, Shell

7th May, 2015        

Generally poor results from oil majors in Q1 2015

Fuch sbucks the trend with overall positive figures for the first quarter of 2015.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th May, 2015        

Oil producers scale back Chinese projects

Many global majors would do well to wind down Chinese investments, says WSJ

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, PetroChina, Shell

19th April, 2015        

Shell set to break UK deal record with BG bid

Shell has made a £47bn bid for BG Group, potentially the largest ever deal between two British companies.

Tags: Europe, Lubes marketing, Shell

13th April, 2015        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 170

Is Shell's move for BG the start of more consolidation? The European economy shows signs of improvement and lubes producers need more help to simplify consumer choice.

Tags: Europe, Lubricants, Shell, View from the Bridge

13th April, 2015        

Fuel-efficient ‘StarShip’ truck

Shell and AirFlow Truck Co are developing a next-generation concept truck.

Tags: N America, OEM Equipment, Shell

1st April, 2015        

New website gives the lowdown on PC-11

Shell Rotella has created a website to explain the imminent PC-11 standard.

Tags: Lubes tech, Lubricants, OEM Equipment, Shell

9th March, 2015        

Shell Lubricants and Hyundai maintain their collaboration

Shell to remain preferred aftermarket motor oil supplier for Hyundai worldwide for the next five years.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, motorsport, OEM Equipment, Shell

9th February, 2015        

Immense oil platform break-up

Shell is decommissioning its North Sea Brent Delta platform - involving more than 1,000 people and the world's biggest platform vessel.

Tags: Europe, Lubes tech, marine, OEM Equipment, Shell

7th February, 2015        

Fourth Quarter Results 2014

A round-up of Q4 and annual results from the oil majors.

Tags: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Mobil1, Phillips 66, Shell

5th February, 2015        

View From the Bridge, China - February 3rd

Falling oil prices are prompting lubes producers to revise product costs, but hard discounting can prove as troublesome as maintaining high prices in China's online marketplace

Tags: Castrol, Chevron, China, e-commerce, ExxonMobil, Shell, View from the Bridge

25th January, 2015        

Shell and Chevron to introduce electronic pay-at-pump

US majors embrace modern technology for consumers

Tags: Chevron, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Mobile technology, Shell

21st January, 2015        

Shell to introduce National IV diesel oils

The oil major is bringing out a new line of pollution-reducing lubes

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

20th January, 2015        

Shell to sell 75% stake in Tongyi

The dutch major may be looking to divest its Chinese lubes stake

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Europe, Lubes marketing, Shell

21st December, 2014        

Instant science helps Shell & Ferrari trackside

The Ferrari/Shell team analysis of lubes must meet new F1 rules, requiring a trackside lab.

Tags: F1, Ferrari, Lubricants, motorsport, OEM Equipment, Shell

5th November, 2014        

Q3 figures slightly up from most oil majors

The third quarter results for 2014 are mainly neutral or positive, despite falling oil prices, although BP has seen a fall in earnings.

Tags: BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th November, 2014        

Shell brings 3-wheel roadshow to Chengdu

Tongyi tours the country to promote its trike-lube product

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

20th August, 2014        

Q2 mainly good for the oil majors

Generally positive news for the oil and additive majors, although Total, Phillips66 buck the trend.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Lubes marketing, Shell, Total

10th August, 2014        

Great Wall "most-sold" lubricant online in H1 2014

Tmall statistics show Great Wall lubes best international rivals Shell and Castrol in sales

Tags: Castrol, China, China Lubes Marketing, Great Wall, Lubes marketing, Shell, Sinopec

27th July, 2014        

Aussies to benefit from Shell's China lab

The new Shanghai facility will benefit heavy duty transport networks in Australia

Tags: Australia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Shell

27th July, 2014        

Shell’s China centre to focus on truck lubes

New facility will develop high-end, low viscosity lubes for the Chinese HDDO market

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, OEM Equipment, Shell

26th July, 2014        

Rosneft signs RUSAL deal, as Russian lube export tax announced

RUSAL and Rosneft have signed an agreement for the supply of petroleum coke and natural gas to RUSAL's plants. The Russian Energy Ministry plans to introduce a complex export tax formula for different grades of base oil.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Gazprom, Lubes marketing, Russia, Shell, Total

8th July, 2014        

Shell lubes marketing plays on hard work ethic

Shell has used documentary techniques to create and online boost for its Rotella brand with the focus on hard work

Tags: Internet marketing, Lubricants, N America, Shell

10th June, 2014        

Vivo takes Shell into motorcycle sector

African distributor is set to launch Shell brands into Kenyan market

Tags: Africa, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

9th June, 2014        

View from the Bridge - China, June 2014

30 years of OATS has seen plenty of change in the global and Chinese lubricants markets. Now China's oil majors are under pressure from smaller domestic producers and larger overseas competitors. 2014 is a time of convergence both nationally and internationally.

Tags: China, CNPC, ExxonMobil, Lubricants, Shell, Sinopec, View from the Bridge

28th May, 2014        

Tencent expands into auto sector

Chinese internet giants buys navigation data and teams up with Shell for roadside assistance

Tags: automotive industry, China, China OEM Equipment, Mobile technology, OEM Equipment, shale, Shell

23rd May, 2014        

Police uncover fake lubes operation in Shanghai

12 people arrested in connection with a multi-million dollar counterfeit lubricants ring

Tags: Castrol, China, China Lubes Tech, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech, Shell

21st May, 2014        

Chinese lubes majors feel the pinch

Sinopec and CNPC are under increasing pressure from foreign and domestic oil producers

Tags: BP, Castrol, China Lubes Marketing, CNPC, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Shell, Sinopec

21st May, 2014        

Shell closes Group I plant

Shell is set to close its Pernis Group I base oil plant in Holland.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

14th May, 2014        

CAM2 purchases former Shell facility in Vicksburg

CAM2 International will blend and package oil and other lubricants at the newly-acquired facility.

Tags: Lubes tech, Lubricants, N America, Shell

12th May, 2014        

Mixed results as usual in Q1 for majors

There are the usual bag of mixed results for the oil and gas industries in Q1 2014.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

8th May, 2014        

Sinopec to sell stake in marketing operations

Asia's largest refiner will divest a large portion of its downstream marketing business

Tags: BP, China, China Lubes Marketing, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Shell, Sinopec

9th April, 2014        

Shell opens first China research centre

Global oil major to provide technical lubricants solutions to Asian customers

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Shell

7th April, 2014        

Shell gives Helix line a new look

Following the introduction of PurePlus technology, the Dutch major is revamping the marketing of its popular lubes line

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Helix, Lubes marketing, Shell, Tacoma

23rd March, 2014        

Shell to sell Australian downstream businesses to Vitol

The Dutch oil giant is set to offload the majority of its Australian downstream operations to another Dutch-owned lubes major.

Tags: Australia, Europe, Lubes marketing, Shell

3rd March, 2014        

Shell Pakistan and Daewoo Express landmark deal

Shell Pakistan will supply lubricants to Pakistan's Daewoo bus fleet.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Shell

5th February, 2014        

Q4 results are a mixed bag

Fourth quarter results for oil majors show mixed fortunes in 2013

Tags: BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell

4th February, 2014        

Shell introduces PurePlus tech to China lubes

Global major cleans up production in China in response to consumer demand

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Shell

15th January, 2014        

New Shell oil blending plant in southwest Singapore

Shell has begun building a blending plant and grease manufacturing plant in Singapore.

Tags: Asia, grease, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

8th January, 2014        

Shell & Tsinghua lead anti-friction seminars

A series of joint seminars from Shell and Tsinghua University show quality lubes can reduce emissions by up to 25%

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

15th December, 2013        

Shell to double lubes capacity at China plant

Lubes Report confirm Dutch major is betting big on China with new expansion

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Shell

9th December, 2013        

Shell strengthens ties with Chinese off-highway OEMs

Dutch major cooperates more closely to improve lubricant fuel efficiency and durability

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, OATS, OEM Equipment, Shell

9th December, 2013        

Global report keeps US & Shell on top

Despite a shifting lubricants market, Shell and the US retain top billing, although re-refining is starting to influence according to Kline.

Tags: Europe, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Gazprom, Kline, Lubes marketing, N America, Shell

4th December, 2013        

Shell Lubes VP talks up China's lube quality

In a recent interview, Selda Gunsel discusses Shell's technical challenges in China's highly competitive marketplace.

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Shell

16th November, 2013        

More hydrogen filling stations for Germany

Companies will invest in a network of hydrogen filling stations for fuel-cell electric vehicles in Germany

Tags: bio fuels, CO2 emissions, Daimler, Europe, Lubes tech, Shell

30th October, 2013        

New regulations could make China's small automakers disappear

China's government implements new vehicle regulations which could spell doom for small vehicle makers

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, GM, OEM Equipment, Shell, Toyota

13th October, 2013        

Shell Tongyi win awards for U-series lubes

A multi-national joint venture shows significant benefits for lubes production

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

5th October, 2013        

Shell puts Helix Ultra to the test

National competition tests mettle of drivers using Shell lubes

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

25th September, 2013        

New lubricant business for Hyundai Oilbank

South Korea's Hyundai Oilbank is taking on the domestic and overseas engine oil market with a new range

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Shell

18th September, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 152

Is corporate acquisition necessarily a good thing for either party? Are we set for another major oil industry re-structure and are the BRICS nations really in a position to lead the world out of its economic doldrums?

Tags: Europe, India, Lubricants, Shell, Total, View from the Bridge

9th September, 2013        

Eco-marathon adds tribology award

Shell's famous Eco-Marathon encourages to think about the role of lubes with new Award.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes tech, N America, Shell

6th September, 2013        

Shell wants closer links between OEMs and lubricant suppliers

Truck cost of ownership can be reduced by links between OEMs and lubricant suppliers according to oil major

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, Lubricants, OEM Equipment, Shell

6th September, 2013        

Chevron's Egypt retail network to be sold to Total

France's Total agrees to buy Chevron's Egypt retail network after Chevron acquired Shell infrastructure

Tags: Chevron, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Shell, Total

3rd September, 2013        

Lubricants manufacturers' expansion plans

Two German chemical makers have announced plans for Australasian expansion, as Shell starts Indonesia build.

Tags: Australasia, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Shell

22nd August, 2013        

Saudi Hyundai franchise strengthens Shell ties

A new contract for Saudi's Hyundai franchise increases the bond with Shell lubricants.

Tags: automotive industry, Lubricants, Middle East, OEM Equipment, Shell

7th August, 2013        

Disappointing Q2 for oil majors

Second quarter results for 2013 prove negative across the board.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th August, 2013        

Shell’s “Most ‘Rimula’ Truck Driver” competition kicks-off

Shell's search for the most skilled Chinese truck driver is underway.

Tags: And finally, China, China and finally, Europe, Shell

28th July, 2013        

Shell lubricates the world’s largest hydraulic press

Shell keeps massive hydraulic machinery operating with Tellus

Tags: China, China lubes news, hydraulics, Lubes tech, Shell

28th July, 2013        

Quaker State® is official oil for Kelley Blue Book®

Kelley Blue Book is specifying the use of Quaker State oils in all of its long-term test vehicles.

Tags: Lubes marketing, Lubricants, North America, Shell

3rd July, 2013        

The stop-start of new transport lubricants

Stop-start commercial lubes are the focus for Pilipinas Shell and Amsoil.

Tags: ACC, Asia, automotive industry, Lubes tech, North America, Shell

27th June, 2013        

PetroChina seeks greater cooperation with Western majors

China major set to join forces with Western counterparts.

Tags: BP, Chevron, China lubes news, ExxonMobil, PetroChina, Shell

24th May, 2013        

Shell and Kia continue collaboration

Shell and Kia will be extending their European partnership to 2016

Tags: automotive industry, OATS, OEM Equipment, Shell

20th May, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 148, May 2013

The drive for US gas is affecting the energy majors' profitability, but the lubes sector is running a tighter ship. The internet is forcing an omni-channel model in the retail sector and OATS is re-aligning its Bulletin from next month.

Tags: Chevron, ExxonMobil, OATS, Shell, View from the Bridge

14th May, 2013        

Myanmar is a promising market for lubes, oil and gas

A Shell distribution deal and oil block auctions could help revitalise the country's lubes and energy exploration sectors.

Tags: Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Lubricants, Shell

5th April, 2013        

Shell launches lubes mobile app

Shell Lubricants has launched a new mobile application with a little help from OATS data

Tags: Customer relations, innovation, Internet marketing, Lubricants, Mobile technology, OATS, Shell

29th March, 2013        

Shell to build lubes R&D centre in China

New centre aimed at maximising investment in booming auto market

Tags: automotive industry, China, China lubes news, innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

22nd March, 2013        

Greenland elections warning: Shell suffers Arctic setback

A new government in Greenland may constrain oil and mineral exploration, while Shell is banned from Arctic exploration.

Tags: Gazprom, North America, Shell

18th March, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 146, March 2013

The complexity of Lubes marketing was brought into sharp relief at the recent London ICIS Conference.

Tags: Europe, IEA, Infineum, Lubricants, Shell, View from the Bridge

11th March, 2013        

Ecopetrol and Shell hit by terrorist attacks

Two of Ecopetrol's main oil pipelines have been forced to shut down in Columbia, Shell is hit by Nigerian thefts and Yemen also suffers.

Tags: Africa, Lubes news, S America, Shell

20th February, 2013        

Oil majors report varied results for Q4

Fourth quarter results for 2012 showed a mixed bag from the likes of BP, ExxonMobil, Shell and Chevron

Tags: BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

18th February, 2013        

Shell rig awaits recovery after Alaska grounding

A drill ship has run aground on the Alaskan coast while under tow from Alaska to Seattle

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, North America, Shell

4th January, 2013        

Shell plans Indonesian lubes plant

A tender process over the next few months will herald a new Shell blending plant in Indonesia.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Lubricants, Shell

26th November, 2012        

Shell to invest $20bn in gas

Shell is set to spend more than $20bn for natural-gas projects through 2015.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Australia, innovation, natural-gas, Shell

26th November, 2012        

Group II alternatives filling Group 1 gap - Kline

The latest Kline report shows base oil producers are finding new options from Group II stock to fill the declining Group I gap

Tags: China, innovation, Kline, Lubes tech, North America, Shell

15th November, 2012        

BP ahead of the rest in Q3

BP defied the analysts with strong Q3 results as most of the other oil majors see poor performance.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, Shell, Total

8th November, 2012        

Shell aims for Indian expansion

Shell is pushing for a greater share of the Indian lubes market.

Tags: India, Lubes news, Shell

8th November, 2012        

China report shows boost for lubes industry

A new lubes report for China to 2015 shows positive news for the nation's lubes industry.

Tags: automotive industry, China, CNOOC, CNPC, Forecasts, Helix, Lubes news, Lubricants, Shell, Sinopec

25th October, 2012        

Shell is only oil producer in brand list

The annual Interbrand top 100, sees Shell as the only oil brand in the list, with Toyota top of the automakers.

Tags: And finally, Shell, Toyota

9th October, 2012        

Shell opens new Russian plant

New facility north of Moscow could reduce Russian import volumes

Tags: Lubes news, Russia, Shell

9th October, 2012        

Mixed messages from China's energy industry

Shell sees mixed messages in China's official fuel and lubes growth figures against its own receding sales numbers.

Tags: China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Forecasts, Shell

24th September, 2012        

Shell to invest $1bn in China shale

Shell looks to exploit nation's massive shale gas resources

Tags: China, China lubes news, CNOOC, CNPC, Lubes news, shale, Shell

24th August, 2012        

Shell starts work on $100m lubes plant in Tianjin

New plant will strengthen operational activities in China.

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubes news, Shell

22nd August, 2012        

CNPC and CNOOC strengthen foreign ties

China majors increase investment in drilling rights overseas.

Tags: China, China lubes news, CNOOC, CNPC, Lubes news, Shell

22nd August, 2012        

Total and Shell release new hydraulics

Two new, innovative hydraulic fluids are set for launch.

Tags: innovation, North America, Shell, Total

16th August, 2012        

Shell extends Hyundai deal

Shell continues global OEM partnership with Korean car maker

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubes news, Shell

16th August, 2012        

BP takes biggest hit and sells Carson as majors slump in Q2

Oil majors show drop in Q2 profits with BP the hardest hit, while its asset sale continues with the Carson Refinery.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Shell

15th August, 2012        

Cove suitors extend bid battle

Shell and PTT continue bidding battle for Cove Energy

Tags: Africa, Asia, Corporate News, Shell

10th July, 2012        

Alaska delays and extensions

Shell hits delays to Alaska oil exploration as extensions may be granted to other producers

Tags: ConocoPhillips, Environment and Regulatory watch, N America, Shell

10th July, 2012        

Shell JV builds storage facility in Tianjin

Shell to build new storage to supply regional service stations.

Tags: China, China lubes news, Shell

25th June, 2012        

Shell urges industry to throw out rules on lubes specs

Shell technologists are calling on the lubes industry to think differently when it comes to commercial vehicle specs

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, Lubricants, Shell

8th June, 2012        

Shell and Chevron show Q1 improvements

Shell and Chevron both announced positive Q1 figures.

Tags: Chevron, Corporate News, Shell

4th May, 2012        

PetroChina, Shell and Hess to explore for shale

Xinjiang region targeted for shale oil project

Tags: China, CNPC, Forecasts, PetroChina, Shell

19th April, 2012        

Two doors close as others open for Shell and Petroplus

Shell is set to close blending and distribution operations but open a new blending plant and save a Petroplus refinery.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, N America, Shell

6th March, 2012        

Korea builds new refinery as India negotiates with Iran

Korea is joining with Shell to build a new base oil plant as India sends a delegation to Iran to negotiate oil payments.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news, Middle East, Shell

9th February, 2012        

Oil major Q4 results reflect tougher year

Oil majors and lubes producers continue to make significant profits, but Q4 figures reflect a tough end of year for most.

Tags: Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Valvoline

6th February, 2012        

Shell and Tsinghua University research

Shell Lubricants has joined Tsinghua University for new friction and surface research

Tags: China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, Lubricants, Shell

27th December, 2011        

Shell sells in Nigeria

Shell has sold two key mining blocks in Nigeria to local operators.

Tags: Africa, Corporate News, Shell

8th December, 2011        

First GTL shipment from Pearl to US

Arrival of first shipment of Gas-To-Liquid from new Shell plant to Houston.

Tags: innovation, Middle East, N America, Shell

2nd December, 2011        

Shell sells Cameroon blocks

Shell has disposed of its share in Petcen to Sinopec.

Tags: Africa, China, China lubes news, Corporate News, Shell, Sinopec

16th November, 2011        

Shell stays top for fifth year

The latest report from Kline puts Shell top of the table of lubricant producers for the fifth consecutive year and cautions on Asia optimism.

Tags: Asia, ExxonMobil, Kline, Lubes news, Lubricants, Shell

4th November, 2011        

Q3 figures generally good for oil majors

Shell, ExxonMobil and Chevron all revealed strong Q3 results, although ConocoPhilips saw a fall.

Tags: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Shell

3rd November, 2011        

BP and partners massive investment in North Sea

BP commits to largest North Sea investment along with key partners to keep oil flowing.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Europe, Lubes news, Shell

14th October, 2011        

Shell fire hits Asian and global markets

A major fire at Shell's Singapore refinery shuts the plant and hits global crude and naphtha supplies and trading

Tags: Asia, Lubes news, Shell

3rd October, 2011        

Shell opens China lube centre

Oil major adds to its global technology network with China Service Centre

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubricants, Shell

22nd September, 2011        

Q2 generally good for oil majors

Q2 results mixed for the major oil and lubes producers.

Tags: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Shell, Valvoline

4th August, 2011        

GTL could be back in fashion

Gas-to-liquid technology could become the next trend for fuels and lubes according to Shell

Tags: Aviation, innovation, Lubricants, Shell

25th July, 2011        

PetroChina and Shell sign major refinery deal

CNPC and Shell set to embark on a major refinery in Zhejiang Province

Tags: China, China lubes news, PetroChina, Shell

28th June, 2011        

Shell withdrawal puts Kashagan on thin ice

Shell pulls out of Kashagan oil project leaving it in doubt.

Tags: China, China lubes news, Eurasia, Lubes news, Shell

16th June, 2011        

Ecobox wins sustainability award

Shell's Ecobox has won recognition from retail giant Wal-Mart

Tags: innovation, N America, Shell

9th June, 2011        

Lubes have increasing influence on OEMs says Shell

Auto manufacturers are increasingly turning to lubes R&D to help drive fuel efficiency according to Shell.

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, OEM and automotive, Shell

13th May, 2011        

Good start to 2011 for oil majors

Q1 results from Shell and Exxon show a good start to 2011 as does BP and it's Russian subsidiary TNK-BP

Tags: BP, China, Corporate News, Europe, ExxonMobil, N America, Russia, Shell

28th April, 2011        

Chrysler teams up with Shell for dealer lubes

Chrysler is to use Shell lubes and Magneti Marelli parts in its Mopar dealerships including for competitors.

Tags: automotive industry, Chrysler, Lubes news, North America, Shell

21st April, 2011        

Shell sells in Chile as Exxon divests in Central America

Shell sells the majority of its downstream Chilean business to Quinenco and Exxon is set to sell businesses across six countries.

Tags: Corporate News, ExxonMobil, S America, Shell

4th April, 2011        

Essar buys Shell Stanlow

Essar Oil has bought Shell's Stanlow refinery in the UK

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Shell

31st March, 2011        

Shell Pearl plant underway

One of Shell's largest ever infrastructure projects, the Pearl GTL Plant, is on the road to production

Tags: Lubes news, Lubricants, Middle East, Shell

31st March, 2011        

Essar bids for Shell refineries

Indian group Essar is bidding for Shell refineries including Stanlow.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, India, Shell

2nd March, 2011        

Shell opens in Indonesia and closes in Africa

Shell sells a significant amount of downstream operations in Africa as it opens a new lubes plant in Java.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Lubes news, Shell

21st February, 2011        

Shell and Exxon boost profits

Shell and ExxonMobil declare significant profit increases in their final results for 2010.

Tags: Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Shell

3rd February, 2011        

Shell tests new engine and diesel formulae

Shell is testing new engine oil and nitrogen-enriched diesel products

Tags: automotive industry, Lubricants, Shell

24th January, 2011        

Shell adds Canadian distributors

Shell has signed two new Alliance Distributors in separate Canadian provinces.

Tags: Corporate News, North America, Shell

17th January, 2011        

ITW to buy iconic Shell car care brands

Shell is set to sell iconic brands including Slick 50 to Illinois Tool Works.

Tags: automotive industry, Corporate News, North America, Shell

22nd December, 2010        

Shell starts work on Chinese grease plant

Shell has laid the foundations for its largest global grease production plant in Zhuhai, China.

Tags: China, grease, Lubes news, Shell

22nd December, 2010        

Shell sells in Gulf as Total buys in Gabon

Shell will sell six Gulf of Mexico fields, while Total revitalises its interests in Gabon.

Tags: Africa, Corporate News, North America, Shell, Total

26th November, 2010        

Shell plans marine business in Dubai

Shell is set to launch a large-scale marine lubricants operation in Jebel Ali Port

Tags: Lubes news, marine, Middle East, Shell

17th November, 2010        

Results show lubes and chemical improvements

Quarterly figures from the lubes and chemical produces show positives across both sectors.

Tags: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes news, Lubrizol, Shell

1st November, 2010        

Shell leads global lubes market again.

Shell have topped the global finished lubes market for the fourth consecutive year according to Kline.

Tags: BP, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Lubes news, Shell

27th September, 2010        

Shell sells in Africa

Shell is set to sell its African retail and distribution business.

Tags: Africa, Corporate News, Shell

1st September, 2010        

Trouble in Adland

Valvoline and Shell are both facing sanctions for advertising authorities over product claims.

Tags: Australasia, Lubes news, North America, Shell, Valvoline

17th August, 2010        

Shell aviation deal in UAE

Shell signs a new distribution deal for its aviation lubes in the United Arab Emirates.

Tags: Aviation, Corporate News, Lubricants, Shell

17th August, 2010        

Shell completes Greek sale as Total seals Saudi finance

Shell completed the sale of its Greek downstream businesses, while Saudi Aramco has clinched $8.5bn funding for a new refinery.

Tags: Europe, Middle East, Shell, Total

1st July, 2010        

Oil in a box from Shell

Shell roll-out new Ecobox oil storage system.

Tags: Inovation and environment, N America, Shell

22nd June, 2010        

Majors see strong Q1

The major oil producers have reported a strong start to 2010 with significant improvements in Q1 earnings

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Shell

5th May, 2010        

Upstream News - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Crude prices reach 18-month high; Opec supports price hike and Brazil; Petrobras strengthens Asian exports; Denbury makes $900m sale; and Shell and Chevron celebrate deepwater success.

Tags: Chevron, N America, OPEC, Petrobras, S America, Shell

20th April, 2010        

Corporate news - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Aramco expands its Yanbu refinery; Shell and BP consolidate in Africa; Chevron contracts but expands in Sri Lanka; better news for Fuchs; Ford sells Volvo to China; Renault-Nissan join forces with Daimler; and Afton buys Polartech.

Tags: Africa, Afton Chemicals, Aramco, Asia, automotive industry, BP, Chevron, Europe, Ford, Fuchs, Helix, Nissan, Renault, S America, Shell, Volvo

1st April, 2010        

And finally... Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Formula One back on the grid; Shell stays with Ferrari; a UN-backed decade of road safety, it's official; automotive April Fools; and the world's largest meatball.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, automotive industry, F1, Infiniti, N America, Shell

1st April, 2010        

Corporate News - Bulletin 106 (Oct 09)

Chevron gains a new Chairman; GM and ILSAC lose a key figure; PTT buys into Total's blending operations and Rhein Chemie opens in China.

Tags: Chevron, GM, Shell, Total

3rd October, 2009        

Corporate News - Bulletin 103 (Jun 09)

The Fiat, Chrysler, GM, Magna loop is finally closed; Shell undergoes a major restructure; Chevron and ExxonMobil have a busy month and there is plenty of activity in Malaysia.

Tags: automotive industry, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Fiat, GM, magna, Shell

7th June, 2009        


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