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OEM genuine oil consumption projected to grow

Kline Report says OEM genuine oil consumption is projected to grow as a result of consumer brand loyalty and automakers aiming to increase aftermarket service share.

Tags: Kline, Lubricants, OEM Equipment

29th August, 2018        

Shell stays at the top in 2015 as 2016 draws to a close

Kline research keeps Shell at the top of the lubes market for 2015, but will this remain the case for 2016?

Tags: Kline, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

30th December, 2016        

View from the Bridge - November 2016

Could the role of the car in global society be waning? If so, what are the implications for the lubricants industry and motor oil?

Tags: Kline, UEIL, View from the Bridge

3rd November, 2016        

Lubricants additives consumption increases in 2015

The global additives market grew by 1% last year, according to consultancy group Kline

Tags: additives, Africa, Asia, China, Kline, Lubes marketing, Middle East

29th February, 2016        

UK finished lubes on the up, says Kline

The UK market for finished lubes is on the increase according to the latest Kline report.

Tags: Europe, Kline, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

30th September, 2015        

Metalworking Fluid Market expects strong growth

Increased revenue is expected from interest in higher quality metalworking fluids.

Tags: Asia, Kline, Lubes marketing

7th July, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 158

Is flat global lubes demand really a surprise? The US market wanes and Asian and Russian consumption grows. Meanwhile the 'connected' car is the future today.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Kline, N America

10th March, 2014        

Kline Database shows flat lubes market

Kline LubesNet update shows a flat global lubes market but Russian surge.

Tags: Asia, Kline, Lubes marketing, N America, Russia

10th March, 2014        

Global report keeps US & Shell on top

Despite a shifting lubricants market, Shell and the US retain top billing, although re-refining is starting to influence according to Kline.

Tags: Europe, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Gazprom, Kline, Lubes marketing, N America, Shell

4th December, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 154

The re-balance in the lubricants economy; UEIL conference contributions, refining over-capacity squeezes the oil majors and the Middle East enters the fray and how the lubes industry is helping to drive F1.

Tags: Europe, Kline, Middle East, motorsport, North America, UEIL, View from the Bridge

11th November, 2013        

Group II alternatives filling Group 1 gap - Kline

The latest Kline report shows base oil producers are finding new options from Group II stock to fill the declining Group I gap

Tags: China, innovation, Kline, Lubes tech, North America, Shell

15th November, 2012        

US lubes consumption set for slow growth

A new report states that North American lubes commercial lubes consumption will only grow marginally over the next five years.

Tags: Kline, Lubes news, North America, waste

11th September, 2012        

Turbine lube sales spin up

The market for wind turbine lubes is set to continue its rapid growth according to Kline.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Kline

2nd April, 2012        

Shell stays top for fifth year

The latest report from Kline puts Shell top of the table of lubricant producers for the fifth consecutive year and cautions on Asia optimism.

Tags: Asia, ExxonMobil, Kline, Lubes news, Lubricants, Shell

4th November, 2011        

Wax production in the balance says Kline

Petroleum wax production is set to decline as other wax types jockey for control of the market according to Kline.

Tags: Kline, Lubes news

23rd February, 2011        

North American lubes market in slow recovery says Kline

The North American finished lubes and automotive consumer markets are recovering, but it will be a slow process according to Kline.

Tags: automotive industry, Kline, Lubes news, North America

25th August, 2010        

Indian lube quality driven by OEMs

Indian automotive lube market is set to see a dramatic rise in quality, driven by OEM recommendations according to Kline.

Tags: India, Kline, Lubes news

28th April, 2010        

Lubes News - Bulletin 106 (Oct 09)

The lastest GF-5 specs are drafted; passenger car oils will lead the lubricants recovery according to Kline; Nigeria's base oil import ban is a cause for debate and Chevron pulls out of India.

Tags: Chevron, Kline, Kurdish oil, Lubricants, Nigerian oil

3rd October, 2009        


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