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View From The Bridge - May 2019

Technology leads this months VFTB from bio-tech and sequence testing to digitisation and the challenges of voice-access data.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Europe, Lubricants, View from the Bridge

30th April, 2019        

Tata links with Valvoline; Aramco takes stake in Hyundai Oilbank

Tata partners with Valvoline Cummins for exclusive product range, while Saudi Aramco and Hyundai Heavy Industries subsidiaries announce a deal to give Aramco broader downstream growth.

Tags: Aramco, Asia, India, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Tata, Valvoline

30th April, 2019        

OATS: voice is biggest challenge to AI revolution in lubes sector

With Artificial Intelligence set to change many aspects of oil exploration, lubes and fuel production and marketing, voice analysis could be the most significant challenge according to OATS.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Mobile technology, OATS

29th April, 2019        

Conferences: India & Europe play catch-up as Japan goes ultra-low

Two major conferences in Asia and Europe reveal India is catching up in the high quality lubes market; Europe has work to do in read-across interchange and Japan is preparing ultra-low specs.

Tags: Asia, Europe, India, Japan, Lubes tech, Lubricants

18th March, 2019        

View From The Bridge - March 2019

Conference season reveals new lubes trends; the EV market increases its influence and the lubes industry and the battle over diesel continues.

Tags: Asia, China, Europe, India, Lubricants, OATS, View from the Bridge

18th March, 2019        

Efficiencies should manage energy demand to 2040 says Exxon

Exxon Mobil's latest Global Outlook predictions see efficiencies and technology playing important roles in influencing global energy demand.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Europe, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech

27th February, 2018        

Electric vehicle round-up

The latest news on EVs.

Tags: Asia, China, electric vehicles, N America, OEM Equipment, Toyota

10th January, 2018        

Miller goes technical in Azerbaijan

UK-based Miller oils opens a new R&D and production centre.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes tech, Lubricants

10th January, 2018        

Shell's opens giant production plant - third largest in the world

Shell has opened a 10-hectare integrated lubricants and grease production facility in Tuas, Singapore.

Tags: Asia, Lubes tech, Shell

14th November, 2017        

Automotive marketing - from the practical to the surreal

The automotive industry maintains innovation in its marketing with some pragmatic online innovation and some surreal advertising.

Tags: Asia, Internet marketing, N America

12th November, 2017        

Strong prediction for independent Lubes Manufacturers Market

Transparency Market Research predicts Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Market set to reach nearly US$9.5bn by 2025

Tags: Asia, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, N America

11th July, 2017        

Alibaba uses big data to track fake motor lubes in China

E-commerce giant Alibaba is helping Chinese police keep tabs on wholesalers suspected of importing fake motor lubricants from Malaysia and selling them online.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, China, China Internet Marketing, Internet marketing, Mobil1, Shell

2nd May, 2017        

Product fragmentation means more competitive global lubes market

New research from Transparency shows that products from regional lubes makers will increase pressure on an auto lubes market set to be worth $79bn by 2024.

Tags: Africa, Asia, BP, ExxonMobil, Middle East, Shell

6th March, 2017        

Gazprom marine goes 24/7 as CAT sets up Asian marine hub

Murmansk bunkering is to provide round-the-clock supply as Caterpillar sets up a Singapore marine hub.

Tags: Asia, Gazprom, marine, Russia

22nd August, 2016        

Mitsubishi admits fuel consumption testing impropriety

Mitsubishi has discovered fuel consumption testing in cars sold in Japan has been improperly presented.

Tags: Asia, Japan, OEM Equipment

4th May, 2016        

Total continues partnership with Kia and Formula One

Total will remain Kia Motors Corp.’s preferred aftermarket lubricants supplier for Kia vehicles for another five years while the French oil major will supply technical assistance to the Renault/Red Bull F1 team.

Tags: Asia, Europe, motorsport, OEM Equipment, Total

4th May, 2016        

PTT optimistic on lubes growth

Thai producers expects sales to grow on promotional campaigns and exports

Tags: APAC, Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

1st May, 2016        

Speciality additives market to grow in China

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations in emerging markets will be a boon for producers

Tags: additives, Asia, Brazil, China, China Lubes Tech, CO2 emissions, India, Lubes tech

4th April, 2016        

China lubricants industry adjusting to "new normal" of demand

Lubes demand peaked in 2012 and the industry adapting to less favourable conditions

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Sinopec

4th April, 2016        

Petronas sets up a Sydney office as Second Half looks uncertain

Petronas aims to take a 4% share of the market in Australia and New Zealand, but overall Second Half figures look uncertain for the Malaysian major.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, Australia, Lubes marketing, Petronas

31st March, 2016        

Lubricants additives consumption increases in 2015

The global additives market grew by 1% last year, according to consultancy group Kline

Tags: additives, Africa, Asia, China, Kline, Lubes marketing, Middle East

29th February, 2016        

Chevron reveals Turkish base oil hub

Chevron has signed a deal with a chemical distributor to provide a Group II Base Oils hub to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Tags: Africa, Asia, base oil, Chevron, Europe, Lubes tech

24th February, 2016        

Is Google mulling a return to mainland China

A raft of jobs posted on LinkedIn suggest the tech firm is contemplating a return to the Mainland

Tags: Asia, China, China Internet Marketing, Google, Internet marketing

2nd February, 2016        

Marine lubes market to grow 3.6% to 2022

Fuelled by rising demand from the APAC region, global marine lubes will reach 2.9kt in 2022

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, marine

2nd February, 2016        

View from the Bridge - February 2016

Overall gobal economic momentum remains positive. While 2015 was bad news for the oil majors and machinery manufacturers, consumers are making the most of low oil prices.

Tags: Asia, China, Lubricants, oil prices, View from the Bridge

30th January, 2016        

Asia Pac core growth area for lubes producers

Majors will benefit from regional growth, but will face strong local competition

Tags: APAC, Asia, Castrol, India, Lubes marketing

3rd January, 2016        

Pertamina opens plant in Jakarta, plans more in China

The Indonesian lubes major is continuing its expansion across the Asia Pacific region

Tags: APAC, Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech

30th December, 2015        

New EU laws and APAC stats show digital data protection is critical

The EU Commission and Parliament has agreed new Data Protection Regulation as November's APAC digital marketing stats show an increase in multi-channel useage.

Tags: APAC, Asia, Europe, Internet marketing

26th December, 2015        

Continued growth for viscosity improvers forecast

The global lubricant viscosity improvers market is predicted to reach about 1.2 million metric tons by 2019, according to research.

Tags: additives, Asia, Lubes tech

21st December, 2015        

China to fuel growth in global additives market

A new report shows the growth will increase at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2014 to 2022

Tags: additives, Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Europe, Lubes marketing, N America

30th November, 2015        

Future of Esters market reflects demand for high quality base oils

A number of recent reports are painting a synthetic landscape for the lubricants industry between now and 2020, but does it herald the demise of Group I base oils?

Tags: Africa, Asia, base oil, Europe, Lubes tech, Lubricants, N America

26th November, 2015        

South Korea's SK Lubricants to enter Europe

ILBOC, a joint venture of SK Lubricants and Repsol, has built a plant in Spain, boosting SK's total output

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes marketing, Repsol

1st November, 2015        

Afton looks to China, Middle East, with new plant

The new Sinapore facility will leave Afton in a prime position to service expanding markets

Tags: Afton Chemical, Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Middle East

23rd August, 2015        

Total taps Asia growth with new Singapore plant

The French major is looking to expand across Asia with a large addition to existing capacity

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Europe, Lubes tech, Total

23rd August, 2015        

Total's new plant makes Singapore a lubes hub

Total, the French oil and gas conglomerate has opened a lubricant oils-blending plant in Singapore.

Tags: Asia, China Lubes Marketing, Europe, Lubricants, Total

7th August, 2015        

New markets for Veedol brand

Tide Water Oil, an associate of Andrew Yule group, is considering the African markets for its lubricants manufactured under Veedol brand.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Japan, Lubes marketing

6th August, 2015        

SK Lubricants cancels its IPO plan

SK Innovation has scrapped a plan to list its lubricant-making affiliate because its financial health has improved.

Tags: Asia, Lubes marketing

6th August, 2015        

Group II base oils to rise with lubes demand in China

ExxonMobil sees modest growth for the region with a shift towards higher quality base oils

Tags: Asia, base oil, China, China Lubes Tech, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech

28th July, 2015        

Global lubes market growth fuelled by Asia Pac

Asia Pacific and Latin America will be key drivers for lubricants growth, especially in recycled lubes according to the latest reports.

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing

28th July, 2015        

Total builds largest Asian lubes plant

Total has started operations in its largest ever lubricant oil plant in Singapore.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Total

13th July, 2015        

Bios gain manufacture boost from nano-tech & mould

Biofuels and lube producers are set to benefit from two new discoveries

Tags: Asia, bio fuels, bio lubes, Europe, nanocatalysts

6th July, 2015        

Hyundai's unique view of the Genesis Coupe

Hyundai's new art installation at the Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul, highlights engineering precision and a unique perspective on the modern automobile.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, OEM Equipment

5th July, 2015        

VGP compliance for Wärtsilä; BP & Sinopec sign Singapore JV

Wärtsilä has developed propulsion systems which are compatible with environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). Meanwhile BP & Sinopec sign Singapore marine JV.

Tags: Asia, BP, Europe, marine, N America, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Sinopec

10th June, 2015        

Rising value but suppressed demand in synthetic lubricants

Extended oil drain intervals causes a rising value in PCMOs but a suppressed demand, according to Kline.

Tags: Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, N America

8th June, 2015        

BP and Sinopec to set up marine lubes unit

Two majors to collaborate on a marine bunkering business through new JV

Tags: Asia, BP, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Sinopec

25th May, 2015        

China driving Asia-Pac base oil boom

Base oil growth across the region will grow by 3.5% CAGR over the next five years

Tags: Asia, base oil, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech

25th May, 2015        

Moderate growth for global synthetic and bio-based lubricants

The global synthetic and bio-based lubricant market is set to grow at a moderate CAGR, over the next three to four years, according to Transparency Market Research.

Tags: Asia, bio fuels, bio lubes, Lubes marketing

11th May, 2015        

Chevron Oronite makes inroads into Chinese market

US major plans new facility in Ningbo to meet rising demand

Tags: additives, Asia, Chevron, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing

22nd March, 2015        

China hits 154m cars in 2014

While ownership is up some are predicting a dip in growth in 2015

Tags: Asia, China, China OEM Equipment, OEM Equipment

23rd February, 2015        

Shell Lubricants and Hyundai maintain their collaboration

Shell to remain preferred aftermarket motor oil supplier for Hyundai worldwide for the next five years.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, motorsport, OEM Equipment, Shell

9th February, 2015        

Industrial lubricants set to lead the global market to 2020

Recent research shows the total global lubricants market will be worth more than $70bn by 2020, with industrial and auto lubes leading the way.

Tags: Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

7th February, 2015        

Sinopec launches new clean lubes line in Singapore

China's largest company expands its presence in South East Asia

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Sinopec

20th January, 2015        

Honda's $70m fine

Honda has been fined $35m for not reporting death and injury complaints, and another $35m for not reporting warranty and customer satisfaction claims.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, N America, OEM Equipment

11th January, 2015        

Total reveals ambitions for Chinese market

The French major continues to invest in high-end lubes and Asia's first dedicated grease unit

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Europe, Lubes tech, Total

21st December, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 166

As oil prices and sanctions continue to bite in various parts of the world, Sebastian Crawshaw ponders what next for the US, Europe and Russia, as well as the global lubricants industry.

Tags: Asia, Europe, N America, Russia, View from the Bridge

11th November, 2014        

Strong growth in global biolubricants market

Global Industry Analysts report shows growing demand for renewable, non-polluting and sustainable lubes.

Tags: Asia, bio lubes, Europe, Lubes marketing, N America

10th October, 2014        

SK Innovation celebrates new Spanish plant despite poor Q2 figures

SK Innovation has announced the start of commercial operations of its lubricant production plant in Cartagena in Spain, but are hit by poor Q2 refining figures.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

8th October, 2014        

Mercedes AMG and Petronas collaborate over lubes

Petronas’ scientific team are using Mercedes F1 fuel and lubes technology to meet road car consumer demands.

Tags: Asia, Europe, F1, Lubricants, motorsport, OEM Equipment, Petronas

6th October, 2014        

Kia app gives virtual experience to boost GT brand

Kia has created a gaming app which lets users create a virtual racetrack to gain credibility with a younger market.

Tags: Asia, Internet marketing, Mobile technology

5th September, 2014        

Substandard lubes imports increase 79% in H1

Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau sees influx of incorrectly labelled products

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubricants

20th August, 2014        

Lubes additive market to pass $16bn in five years

A new report states that the global lubricant additives market is set to grow by almost 3%

Tags: additives, Afton Chemical, Asia, Infineum, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Lubrizol

11th August, 2014        

Metalworking Fluid Market expects strong growth

Increased revenue is expected from interest in higher quality metalworking fluids.

Tags: Asia, Kline, Lubes marketing

7th July, 2014        

Fuchs acquires Batoyle as Pertamina adds Amaco

Fuchs has acquired Batoyle Freedom Group as Pertamina is in the final stages of acquiring Amaco in Thailand.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing

7th July, 2014        

Independent global lubes market to reach $8.5bn

New research shows growth, but challenges, for lubes before the end of the decade

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, bio lubes, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, US

9th June, 2014        

No-fear traffic intersection in Ho Chi Minh City

The absence of traffic lights at a busy corner adds a whole different meaning to 'go with the flow'

Tags: And finally, Asia

23rd May, 2014        

Recalls hit Toyota for six (million)

Toyota has issued global recall notices for millions of vehicles because of a number of safety issues.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, OEM Equipment, Toyota

13th May, 2014        

Pertamina Lubricants' expansion

Pertamina Lubricants is planning to build two lubricant plants in Jakarta.

Tags: Asia, Indonesia, Lubes marketing

27th March, 2014        

UMW Holdings set to expand in Malaysia

Chinese independent lubes producer is expanding new lubricants markets in Malaysia.

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

21st March, 2014        

Hyundai to begin truck output in China

South Korean manufacturer is seeking to compete with European rivals in a lucrative market

Tags: Asia, China, China OEM Equipment, OEM Equipment, Volvo

16th March, 2014        

Addivant, Pertamina to beef up China presence

Lubes companies targeting China for future growth with new plants

Tags: additives, Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, N America

16th March, 2014        

Kline Database shows flat lubes market

Kline LubesNet update shows a flat global lubes market but Russian surge.

Tags: Asia, Kline, Lubes marketing, N America, Russia

10th March, 2014        

Chinese luxury consumer base to maintain growth

Despite clampdowns, luxury goods buyers are increasingly prevalent in Asia

Tags: And finally, Asia, China, China and finally, Eastern Europe

19th February, 2014        

Shell Pakistan and Daewoo Express landmark deal

Shell Pakistan will supply lubricants to Pakistan's Daewoo bus fleet.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Shell

5th February, 2014        

Yuchai reaps the benefits of Petronas partnership

Chinese lubes firm sees 2013 output increase 11% year-on-year

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Petronas

26th January, 2014        

New Idemitsu blending plant in Vietnam

Idemitsu Kosan has completed its lubricant blending plant in Vietnam and has begun sales of locally produced products.

Tags: Asia, Japan, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

24th January, 2014        

IEA changes its oil demand forecast

Good news for lubes producers as the International Energy Agency (IEA) revises its oil demand forecast upwards.

Tags: Asia, China, IEA, Lubes marketing

13th January, 2014        

New Shell oil blending plant in southwest Singapore

Shell has begun building a blending plant and grease manufacturing plant in Singapore.

Tags: Asia, grease, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

8th January, 2014        

Global lubes and oil demand continues to rise

Global lubricants demand is set to rise beyond pre-economic crisis levels by 2016, while oil will continue to drive the energy market to 2040 according to latest reports.

Tags: Asia, base oil, Europe, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, N America

7th January, 2014        

Toyota's China car sales stage dramatic recovery

Chinese sales by the Japanese carmaker are rising again after diplomatic disputes affected commerce.

Tags: Asia, China, China OEM Equipment, OEM Equipment, Toyota

9th December, 2013        

Japanese Manufacturers are turning to turbo

Toyota is one of several automotive manufacturers who are turning to next generation turbo/petrol engines

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, OEM Equipment, Toyota

6th December, 2013        

Chemtura opens new China plant

The North American company expands its operations across Asia-Pacific with a new facility in Nanjing

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, North America

16th November, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 153

PMIs are generally on the up, despite the threat to the world's economy from the US Budget battle. Automotive PMI is volatile and lubes marketers will need all the digital support then can get.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubricants, View from the Bridge

14th October, 2013        

Total reducing European presence

In line with reduced demand, Total is sharply reducing presence in Europe and moving into emerging markets.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Q8, Total

14th October, 2013        

Back in the fold

Korea's folding car could solve the world's parking problems

Tags: And finally, Asia, automotive industry, Europe

30th September, 2013        

New lubricant business for Hyundai Oilbank

South Korea's Hyundai Oilbank is taking on the domestic and overseas engine oil market with a new range

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Shell

18th September, 2013        

Range Rover 's first Hybrid put to the test

Land Rover is putting its first hybrid vehicle through a gruelling final engineering test - a trip half way around the world.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Europe, hybrids, OEM Equipment, Russia

9th September, 2013        

Eco-marathon adds tribology award

Shell's famous Eco-Marathon encourages to think about the role of lubes with new Award.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes tech, N America, Shell

6th September, 2013        

Veedol to be relaunched in Europe and Asia

Tide Water Oil is preparing to relaunch the Veedol lubricants and hydraulics brand in European and Asian markets

Tags: additives, Asia, BP, Europe, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

2nd September, 2013        

Belgium and Pakistan see new refining tech boost

De-asphalting technology in Belgium and Pakistan's most complex refinery project have both been given the green light.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes tech, Total

11th August, 2013        

Rotary Engineering wins EPC contracts

Rotary Engineering wins S$200m worth of EPC contracts in Saudia Arabia and Singapore.

Tags: Asia, Lubes tech, Middle East, Sinopec

7th August, 2013        

Exxon launches new lab in China

US oil major opens its first technical laboratory in Asia Pacific region

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech

28th July, 2013        

Asia-Pacific to lead global lubes growth

Research & Markets Report shows China and Asian economies will drive lubes demand as Western Europe continues to decline.

Tags: Asia, China, Europe, Forecasts, India, Lubes marketing

28th July, 2013        

Chinese vehicle exports fall on weak emerging market demand

Emerging markets have put the brakes on China's overseas vehicle sales ambitions

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment

28th July, 2013        

The stop-start of new transport lubricants

Stop-start commercial lubes are the focus for Pilipinas Shell and Amsoil.

Tags: ACC, Asia, automotive industry, Lubes tech, North America, Shell

27th June, 2013        

Global lubricants demand to continue rising

Annual global lubes and Russian auto lube demand is set to rise to over the next few years according to new reports, with Asia driving manufacturing demand.

Tags: Africa, Asia, bio lubes, Europe, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Russia

26th June, 2013        

Sinopec’s overseas sales continue to grow

Chinese oil major records significant growth from Asian markets

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, Lubes marketing, Sinopec

20th June, 2013        

Hyundai considering new plant as China sales rocket

South Korean car maker looking to cash-in on booming China market.

Tags: Asia, China, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment, UEIL

24th May, 2013        

Pertamina Lubricant eyes the Philippines and Australia

Indonesia's lubes producer is aiming at markets in neighbouring nations.

Tags: Asia, Australia, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

22nd May, 2013        

Malaysian lubricants market sees exit of Petron Malaysia

Petron Malaysia has quit the lubes business to focus on fuel and gas

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

7th May, 2013        

Two-wheeler lubes market growing in Asia, says Kline

China sales slow to rise, but still accounts for significant sales of motorcycle oil.

Tags: Asia, China, Forecasts, Lubes marketing, Lubes news

23rd April, 2013        

Singapore is keen to grow petrochemical industry

State administrators look to fuels production to enhance revenues

Tags: additives, Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Lubrizol

18th April, 2013        

Myanmar is a promising market for lubes, oil and gas

A Shell distribution deal and oil block auctions could help revitalise the country's lubes and energy exploration sectors.

Tags: Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Lubricants, Shell

5th April, 2013        

Home or away for New Year's Day?

Many Chinese decide to celebrate New Year abroad.

Tags: And finally, Asia, China, China and finally, Middle East

22nd February, 2013        

Iraqi Kurdish region's oil exports continue

Despite Baghdad's opposition, Genel Energy continues Kurdish oil exports, while BP may have approval for exploration takeover.

Tags: Asia, BP, Chevron, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, ExxonMobil, Middle East

28th January, 2013        

Japanese carmakers return to normal output in China

Major car manufacturers see production levels improve after being hit by protests.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, Corporate News, Japan, Nissan, OEM and automotive, Toyota

23rd January, 2013        

This one's a keeper!

A Christmas tree that won't be taken down in a hurry.

Tags: And finally, Asia, Japan

8th January, 2013        

Pertamina reveals expansion plans

Indonesian oil major set to spend billions on projects including a new HQ

Tags: Asia, Corporate News

4th January, 2013        

Nexen deals gets the green light

Canada has give go-ahead tothe CNOOC-Nexen deal, but claims it will be the last foreign energy takeover

Tags: Asia, China, CNOOC, Environment and Regulatory watch, North America, Petronas, shale

8th December, 2012        

Advice to Australia: stockpile more oil

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is urging Australia to build up emergency oil supplies.

Tags: Asia, Australia, Environment and Regulatory watch, IEA

27th November, 2012        

Shell plans Indonesian lubes plant

A tender process over the next few months will herald a new Shell blending plant in Indonesia.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Lubricants, Shell

26th November, 2012        

Shell to invest $20bn in gas

Shell is set to spend more than $20bn for natural-gas projects through 2015.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Australia, innovation, natural-gas, Shell

26th November, 2012        

CNPC begins oil production in Afghanistan

Chinese oil major starts drilling in troubled nation's northern provinces.

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, CNPC, PetroChina

21st November, 2012        

Afghanistan shortlist

Middle East bidders on shortlist for new Afghanistan exploration project

Tags: Asia, China, CNPC, ExxonMobil, Lubes news, Middle East

15th November, 2012        

Pertamina to split and move into Europe

Indonesian oil producer to split shipping and lubes, while taking lubes into European markets.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Europe, Lubes news, Lubricants, marine

12th November, 2012        

Gulf takes Houghton as Samsung wins Yanbu

Gulf OIl has won the race to buy Houghton International, while Samsung Engineering takes the the Saudi development contract to expand the Yanbu refinery.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news, Middle East, North America

12th November, 2012        

SK Plans IPO

SK Lubricants is looking to boost its cash reserves in one of South Korea's largest share sales.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Lubricants

8th November, 2012        

Canada blocks Petronas shale gas bid

The Canadian government has applied the brakes to a the latest overseas bid for a domestic shale gas producer, raising questions about the future of the Nexen bid.

Tags: Asia, Environment and Regulatory watch, North America, Petronas

8th November, 2012        

Bufori gives Rolls a run for its money

Malaysian luxury car maker is taking on the leading auto brands at the highest level

Tags: And finally, Asia, automotive industry

8th November, 2012        

Mitsubishi and Guangzhou Auto form JV

SUV joint venture announced despite tensions over Japanese producers

Tags: Asia, China, Holly, Japan, Nissan, OEM and automotive, Toyota

25th October, 2012        

CNPC starts work on $19.9bn gas pipeline

West East pipeline adds to China's Asian gas imports

Tags: Asia, China, CNPC, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards

25th October, 2012        

Sinopec boosts Asian and European storage

Sinopec is constructing a new facility in Asia and buying into major European storage.

Tags: Asia, China lubes news, Europe, Lubes news

16th October, 2012        

BP sells Malaysian interests

BP is set to dispose of its PTA operations to its Malaysian plant owner.

Tags: additives, Asia, BP, Corporate News

10th October, 2012        

Lubetech seals deal with car maker

Malaysian lubes supplier to provide non-motor oil products to Perodua

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Corporate News, Lubricants

9th October, 2012        

Chery recalls asbestos cars in six countries

Car maker is forced to recal thousands of vehicles in South America, Asia and Australia.

Tags: Asia, Australia, automotive industry, China, OEM and automotive, S America

24th September, 2012        

GS Caltex establishes Chinese unit

Korean company to expand China presence

Tags: Asia, Chevron, China, China lubes news, Lubes news

24th September, 2012        

Idemitsu launches in Vietnam

Japanese oil producer continues its recovery with news of a lubes operation in Vietnam.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Lubricants

12th September, 2012        

Sri Lanka aims at expanding lubes exports

The Sri Lankan division of OIC is aiming at further overseas expansion.

Tags: Asia, India, Indian OIl Corp, Lubes news

12th September, 2012        

Europe and Asia bids for refinery expansion

Saudi Aramco has received bids from Europe and Asia for expansion of its Yanbu refinery.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Europe, Middle East

12th September, 2012        

Petronas celebrates fluid Anniversary

Petronas is celebrating its 100th Anniversary of fluid development by announcing an art competition - using fluids.

Tags: Asia, innovation, Petronas

12th September, 2012        

Total boosts Asian presence

French oil producer aims at lubes market with new facility.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes news, Total

11th September, 2012        

South Koreans get busy in base oil

Two new deals put South Korean companies at the heart of Group III base oil projects

Tags: Asia, base oil, Brazil, Lubes news, Russia

16th August, 2012        

Shell extends Hyundai deal

Shell continues global OEM partnership with Korean car maker

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Lubes news, Shell

16th August, 2012        

Afton expands further into Asia

Afton Chemical is set to increase its Asian presence with a new manufacturing plant

Tags: Afton Chemical, Asia, Lubes news

15th August, 2012        

Singapore and China exempt from Iran sanctions

US sanctions do not apply after significant reduction in oil purchases

Tags: Asia, China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards, Middle East

24th July, 2012        

Cove suitors extend bid battle

Shell and PTT continue bidding battle for Cove Energy

Tags: Africa, Asia, Corporate News, Shell

10th July, 2012        

US files against China auto tariffs as ACEA concerned about S Korea

The US has filed a complaint against China's level import tariffs, while the EC thinks the S Korea agreement may be one-way traffic.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, Europe

10th July, 2012        

China slows overseas energy acquisitions

Chinese majors are reining back on their unconventional oil and gas acquisitions overseas.

Tags: Asia, China, CNOOC, Forecasts, North America, PetroChina, Sinopec

25th June, 2012        

Europe and Asia take a stake in Prista

ADM and the European Reconstruction Bank have both taken a share in Bulgaria's Prista

Tags: Asia, Europe

7th June, 2012        

Korea's SK exports at record levels

Q1 figures from South Korea's SK Group show record export figures.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News

7th June, 2012        

Honda predicts traffic jams

Honda develops traffic prevention technology for vehicles; saves time and fuel.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, innovation

9th May, 2012        

Chevron welcomes Asian retailers and new Canadian lubes facility

Chevron Malaysia is putting more of its Caltex service stations in the hands of retailers, while Crevier announces new facility

Tags: Asia, Chevron, Lubes news, North America

1st May, 2012        

Repsol helps UMW as Perodua signs Petronas

Malaysian distributor eyes significant sales revenue as Petronas links with country's automaker.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Corporate News, Petronas, Repsol

2nd April, 2012        

Idemitsu Kosan opens Changchun branch

Japanese chemical producer establishes China site.

Tags: additives, Asia, China lubes news, Lubes news

27th March, 2012        

Asia to drive oil growth in 2012, says IEA

French analysts see drive for oil demand coming from the East

Tags: Asia, China, Europe, Forecasts, Lubes news

26th March, 2012        

Morgan Stanley buys $300m stake in Tianhe Chemicals

Private equity giant buys stake in Chinese lubes additive manufacturer.

Tags: additives, Asia, China, China lubes news, Corporate News

26th March, 2012        

Spider silk plays a merry tune

Strings from spider silk could revolutionise violin's tone.

Tags: And finally, Asia

10th March, 2012        

Asia's chemical sector benefits from sales and construction

Singapore and Thailand are set to benefit from a sale and new construction in the chemicals sector.

Tags: additives, Asia, Infineum, Lubes news

1st March, 2012        

Busy time for BP as numbers show strength

BP delivered a strong finish to 2011 and is set to sell Global LPG bottling assets and US natural gas processing operations in Kansas.

Tags: Africa, Asia, BP, China, Corporate News, Europe, North America

1st March, 2012        

Japanese globetrotter recovers stolen bike

A Japanese traveller on a round-the-world trip wins the sympathy of social media users to recover his bike.

Tags: And finally, Asia, China, China and finally, Japan

28th February, 2012        

Indonesia's lubes producer looks to expand

Pertamina announces resources set aside for significant overseas expansion plans

Tags: additives, Asia, Corporate News

23rd February, 2012        

Korea builds new refinery as India negotiates with Iran

Korea is joining with Shell to build a new base oil plant as India sends a delegation to Iran to negotiate oil payments.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news, Middle East, Shell

9th February, 2012        

Honeywell tech to help boost Pakistan output

Honeywell UOP technology will be used in a new refining plant in Karangi

Tags: Asia, India, innovation, Middle East

9th February, 2012        

Exxon sells Japanese marketing

ExxonMobil has offloaded its refining division in a multi-billion dollar sale

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, ExxonMobil

9th February, 2012        

Continental and SK aim at EV market

German and Korean joint venture set to provide power to global electric vehicles.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, electric vehicles, Europe, innovation

23rd January, 2012        

Afton opens new research lab

Additives specialist offers Asian support through new China lab.

Tags: additives, Afton Chemical, Asia, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation

20th January, 2012        

Sino-Afghan oil deal signed

CNPC and Afghanistan ink a long-term exploration deal in the Amu Darya Basin.

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, CNPC, Lubes news

19th January, 2012        

Yamaha loses and gains oil sponsors

Yamaha's MotoGP team loses its key lubes sponsor but gains a new name for 2012

Tags: And finally, Asia, Bikes, motorsport, Petronas

6th January, 2012        

Pakistan expanding refining capacity

Indications are clear that Pakistan's refining infrastructure is growing

Tags: Asia, Lubes news

6th January, 2012        

China demand to peak around 2030 says ExxonMobil

A new global report from ExxonMobil forecasts China's oil demand to peak in 2030, but Asia will still drive growth.

Tags: Asia, China, ExxonMobil, Forecasts, Lubes news

3rd January, 2012        

India warns on bunker fuel quality

Indian experts are urging ship owners to pay more attention to bunkered fuel quality to avoid engine damage and costs.

Tags: Asia, Environment and Regulatory watch, India, marine

28th December, 2011        

CNOOC starts Cambodia drilling

CNOOC announces start of first oil and gas drilling in Cambodia.

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, CNOOC, Lubes news

27th December, 2011        

Terminal boosts in Oman and Asia

Two new agreements are set to boost lube storage operations in Oman and China

Tags: Asia, China, Lubes news, Lubricants, Middle East

23rd December, 2011        

Saudi struggles with oil sales to Asia

Asian refiners are reluctant to use recent additional Saudi output

Tags: Asia, base oil, Lubes news, Middle East

23rd December, 2011        

Nissan Leaf takes COTY hat-trick

Japan is latest Car of the Year award for Nissan's all-electric road car.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, innovation, Japan, Nissan

7th December, 2011        

A cracker of a story

The worlds largest rice cracker was cooked in the Japanese home of rice cracker production.

Tags: And finally, Asia, Japan

1st December, 2011        

Repsol builds Group III plant for SK

A Repsol-SK joint venture will boost production of Group III lubricants for Europe.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Lubes news, Repsol

21st November, 2011        

Ashland sells synlubes and strengthens Cambodia

Ashland has sold part of its specialist synlubes operations and settled on a distributor in Cambodia.

Tags: additives, Asia, Corporate News, North America, Valvoline

21st November, 2011        

Castrol urges Polar marine clarification

Castrol is calling for clearer guidelines on marine lubrication for the polar region to reduce pollution.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, Environment and Regulatory watch, marine, Russia

21st November, 2011        

Overseas car makers' sales blossom in China

Audi and Toyota have both announced strong sales so far in 011.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, Europe, OEM and automotive, Toyota

14th November, 2011        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 130 (Nov 2011)

The UEIL Conference highlights resilience in the lubricants industry and a need for continued focus in tough economic times.

Tags: Asia, Europe, UEIL, View from the Bridge

7th November, 2011        

Shell stays top for fifth year

The latest report from Kline puts Shell top of the table of lubricant producers for the fifth consecutive year and cautions on Asia optimism.

Tags: Asia, ExxonMobil, Kline, Lubes news, Lubricants, Shell

4th November, 2011        

New Dreamliner flies with BP's lubes

Boeing's new 787 took to the skies on its first commercial flight with BP lubricants on board.

Tags: Asia, Aviation, BP, innovation

4th November, 2011        

Red Bull and Citroen clinch titles

Red Bull seals F1 Championship as Citroen takes its seventh World Rally crown

Tags: And finally, Asia, Europe, F1, motorsport

27th October, 2011        

CNPC signs oil deal in Afghanistan

CNPC ignores tough political environment to broker major export contract

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, CNPC, Lubes news

24th October, 2011        

ExxonMobil backs phone study

ExxonMobil is backing research into mobile technology for developing countries' female entrepreneurs

Tags: Africa, And finally, Asia, ExxonMobil, Middle East

6th October, 2011        

Shell fire hits Asian and global markets

A major fire at Shell's Singapore refinery shuts the plant and hits global crude and naphtha supplies and trading

Tags: Asia, Lubes news, Shell

3rd October, 2011        

Nano 'sieves' could replace antioxidants

Nano technology research could help produce 'greener' lubricants.

Tags: additives, Asia, bio lubes, Europe, innovation

3rd October, 2011        

Pertamina targets Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become the latest export target for Pertamina

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news

3rd October, 2011        

Third Asia Pipeline Summit announced

Asia's major oil pipeline conference announces key speakers as the event is held in Beijing for the third consecutive year.

Tags: Asia, China, Forecasts

22nd September, 2011        

United set for buying spree

Cash-rich United Energy Group is on the lookout for potential purchases worldwide.

Tags: Asia, BP, China, Corporate News

14th September, 2011        

World lube demand to rise through 2015

Demand for lubricants is set to rise steadily through to 2015 according to a new report.

Tags: Africa, Asia, China, Lubes news, Lubricants

14th September, 2011        

Idemitsu expands US plant

Japanese lubes specialist set to expand US blending and storage operation.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Japan, Lubricants, N America

14th September, 2011        

Exxon sells in Malaysia

ExxonMobil has sold its downstream operations in Malaysia to a Philippines company.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, ExxonMobil

8th September, 2011        

Australia's AED in administration

Australia's AED Oil in administration after Puffin Oil field arbitration decision goes against them.

Tags: Asia, Australia, China, Corporate News

1st September, 2011        

Nippon Oil and SK in joint venture

A new base oil and chemical refinery are being planned by JX Nippon Oil and SK Innovation as part of a new JV.

Tags: additives, Asia, base oil, Corporate News, Lubricants

22nd August, 2011        

Vietnam produces first Russian oil

VNOGG has begun pumping oil from its Russian oilfield venture.

Tags: Asia, Lubes news, Russia

22nd August, 2011        

Sinopec to build first plant outside China

China's Sinopec is set to build it's first blending plant outside the country to take on the pan-Asian market

Tags: Asia, Australasia, China lubes news, Lubes news, Sinopec

4th August, 2011        

Korean students win Ferrari Design prize

A group of Korean students has won the Ferrari World Design Contest with a stunning new sports car design.

Tags: And finally, Asia, automotive industry, Europe, Ferrari

4th August, 2011        

Pertamina expands in Asia

Indonesia's Pertamina is expanding its lubes business with a move into Asia's marine sector

Tags: Asia, Australia, China lubes news, Lubes news, marine

25th July, 2011        

Repsol begins lubes production in Malaysia and China

Production at lubes plants now on-stream in Asian countries as part of a deal with UMW

Tags: Asia, China, Lubes news, Lubricants, Repsol

8th July, 2011        

South Korea pushes for China lubes market

South Korea's lubes makers are targeting new routes into the Chinese lubes market through the automotive industry.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, Lubes news, OEM and automotive

16th June, 2011        

Fuchs open's Australian R&D centre

Fuchs has opened a state-of-the-art R&D centre Australia as an Asian-Pacific base.

Tags: Asia, Australia, Fuchs, innovation, Lubricants

23rd May, 2011        

Exxon set for lubes expansion in Indonesia

Exxon-Mobil is looking to expand its industrial lubes business across the country to help improve productivity.

Tags: Asia, ExxonMobil, Lubes news

23rd May, 2011        

South Asia set to grow for environment-friendly lubes

A new report shows growth potential for S.Asia in environment-friendly lubricants

Tags: Asia, China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards, Lubricants

29th April, 2011        

Korean Group sets export record

SK Group has posted record exports during a positive Q1.

Tags: Asia, China, China lubes news, Corporate News

29th April, 2011        

NewMarket posts strong Q1 but mixed news for Ashland

NewMarket has reported a "terrific year" helped by strong results from its Afton Chemical subsidiary but Ashland saw Valvoline down despite recent launch in Pakistan.

Tags: Afton Chemical, Asia, Corporate News, N America, Newmarket

28th April, 2011        

MJL listing blocked as Calumet seeks funding

Mobil Jamuna Lubricants listing bid is blocked in Bangladesh as Calumet aims to raise funds with share sale in US

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, N America

14th April, 2011        

Local solution to Vietnam 'bike oil recycling

A Vietnamese scientist has found a local mineral solution for recycling motorcycle lubes

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, Lubricants

14th April, 2011        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 123 (April 11)

The Japanese environmental disaster, combined with a slowing global economy and short-term auto production slowdown, could still benefit the lubes industry.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, GDP, Japan, Lubricants, North America, oil prices, View from the Bridge, white papers

4th April, 2011        

Japan earthquake hits local refineries

The massive earthquake in Northern Japan damaged oil refineries and energy infrastructure and auto manufacture.

Tags: Asia, Environment, Japan, Lubes news

14th March, 2011        

Pertamina to build lubes plant

Indonesia's Pertamina is set to invest in an Asian lubricants production plant

Tags: Africa, Asia, China, Corporate News, Japan, Lubricants

9th March, 2011        

Shell opens in Indonesia and closes in Africa

Shell sells a significant amount of downstream operations in Africa as it opens a new lubes plant in Java.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Lubes news, Shell

21st February, 2011        

Schilling expands support

Schilling Robotics is expanding its ROV support centres

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, S America

31st January, 2011        

Legend to grow Castor in China

Singaporean company in joint venture to develop castor fields for bio projects.

Tags: Asia, bio fuels, China, Inovation and environment

24th January, 2011        

China & India to drive Asian base oil markets

A new report keeps China and India in the driving seat for base oils, but the supply landscape may change.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, base oil, China, India, Lubes news

5th January, 2011        

SK to rename and spin-off units

SK Energy is to be renamed as SK Innovation and spin-off a number of key operations into stand-alone units.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News

5th January, 2011        

Repsol signs Asian lubes deal

Spain's Repsol has signed a five year distribtuion deal with UMW.

Tags: Asia, China, Corporate News, Lubricants, Repsol

20th December, 2010        

BP to sell Upstream in Pakistan

BP is set to offload its Pakistan upstream operations to United Energy Group.

Tags: Asia, BP, Corporate News

20th December, 2010        

Caltex & Samsung to enter Chinese lubes market

GS Caltex and Samsung C&T are to join forces to push into China's rapidly growing lubes market.

Tags: Asia, China, Corporate News, Lubricants

29th November, 2010        

Statoil sells oil sands interests

Statoil has sold 40% of its Alberta oil sands project to PTT Exploration.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, Europe, N America

26th November, 2010        

Japan could be source of hydrogen truck engine

Japanese scientists believe they are close to creating a hydrogen internal combustion engine for heavy trucks

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Inovation and environment, Japan

17th November, 2010        

SK Energy offers window into challenges

A recent meeting with overseas energy companies gives an insight into the South Korean lubes producers' challenges.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, Corporate News, Lubes news, Lubricants

17th November, 2010        

Castrol in cricket link

Castrol has become the official performance partner for international cricket.

Tags: And finally, Asia, Castrol

1st November, 2010        

Sri Lanka looks to expand

Sri Lanka is looking to double its oil imports to meet demand.

Tags: Asia, Lubes news

6th October, 2010        

Petronas Dagangan to supply Proton

Petronas in Malaysia announces an exclusive lubes supply deal with car maker Proton.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Corporate News, Petronas

27th September, 2010        

Tide Water looks to acquire, but holds on to shares

India's Tide Water Oil is looking to expand its lubes business through acquisition, while the state will retain its shareholding.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, India, Lubricants

6th September, 2010        

Sri Lanka's Laugfs to raise cash and build plant

Sri Lanka's Laugfs Holdings are set to raise millions of dollars through a share issue and plan to build a lubes plant.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News

6th September, 2010        

Lubes market continues to grow in Bangladesh

Mobil report shows continued lubes growth in automotive and other lubes across Bangladesh

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, ExxonMobil, Lubes news

17th July, 2010        

Infineum to build salicylate plant

Infineum is set to boost its salicylate production with a new plant in Singapore.

Tags: additives, Asia, Infineum

6th July, 2010        

Korea and Spain line up new oil plant

South Koera's SK Lubricants and Spain's Repsol are to build a new plant in South East Spain

Tags: Asia, base oil, Europe, Lubes news

16th June, 2010        

Toyota and Kia have profitable years

Automakers Toyota and Kia both announced positive numbers despite Toyota's recall woes and global recession.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Corporate News, Toyota

12th May, 2010        

Castrol Biolubes for new Korean vessels

Castrol are providing Biolubes for five new Korean-built chemical ships.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, Inovation and environment, marine

5th May, 2010        

View From The Bridge - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Global forecasts for 2010 growth in real GDP are increased to 4.5% but the recovery rates vary significantly by country even within the dynamic BRIC economies. In Russia, how will the significant increase in car imports impact on the lubricants market?

Tags: Asia, Europe, N America, S America

20th April, 2010        

Innovation & Environment News - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

European desire for small cars reduces emissions; self-healing starfish could prolong oil life; Indian collaboration on biofuels; 'lip gloss' for high speed trains; and Tedd Biddle gains Excellence honour.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Ferrari, Fiat, Indian OIl Corp, Lubrizol, NTPC, Porsche

20th April, 2010        

Corporate news - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Aramco expands its Yanbu refinery; Shell and BP consolidate in Africa; Chevron contracts but expands in Sri Lanka; better news for Fuchs; Ford sells Volvo to China; Renault-Nissan join forces with Daimler; and Afton buys Polartech.

Tags: Africa, Afton Chemicals, Aramco, Asia, automotive industry, BP, Chevron, Europe, Ford, Fuchs, Helix, Nissan, Renault, S America, Shell, Volvo

1st April, 2010        

And finally... Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Formula One back on the grid; Shell stays with Ferrari; a UN-backed decade of road safety, it's official; automotive April Fools; and the world's largest meatball.

Tags: Asia, Australasia, automotive industry, F1, Infiniti, N America, Shell

1st April, 2010        


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