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S America

View From the Bridge Jan 18

Technology and product innovation are the highlights of OATS' predictions for 2018, as well as a boost in Latin American markets.

Tags: OATS, S America, View from the Bridge

12th January, 2018        

Latin America could offer rich pickings for synth lubes

As the Latin American car parc modernises, there's plenty of opportunities for high performance lube producers, according to Lube Report's conference summary

Tags: Chevron, Lubes marketing, Lubrizol, Petronas, S America

10th January, 2018        

Kunlun pioneers National V standard lubes

The CNPC subsidiary achieves international standards with its Tianrun line of lubes

Tags: API, China, China Lubes Tech, CNPC, ILSAC, Lubes tech, S America

24th August, 2015        

Samsung see-through truck

Samsung has developed an experimental truck which allows drivers to see what's ahead to allow them to overtake safely.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, Russia, S America

30th June, 2015        

UK driving test is 80

The UK driving test had its 80th birthday on 1st June, but how does it compare to other countries?

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, Europe, S America

2nd June, 2015        

World Cup marketing goes digital

Castrol are among the sponsors of the 2014 FIFA World Cup that will be using digital marketing to cash in on the 'beautiful game'.

Tags: Brazil, Castrol, Lubes marketing, S America

10th June, 2014        

Four wheel vehicle barrel roll

Adrian 'Wildman' Cenni manages the first recorded (planned) barrel roll of a four wheel driver vehicle at the Baja 1000 race.

Tags: And finally, motorsport, S America

27th November, 2013        

Weak Chinese demand causes oil market shift

Global base oil demand fell due to China's reduced need for finished lubes products, says Kline.

Tags: base oil, China, China lubes news, Lubes marketing, S America

28th July, 2013        

PDVSA signs $4bn China loan deal

Venezuelan oil producer gains China money for domestic production boost

Tags: Chevron, China, China lubes news, CNPC, Lubes marketing, S America

20th June, 2013        

China to sign $1bn oil deal with Essar Oil

China backs Indian oil giant with loan.

Tags: China, China lubes news, India, Lubes marketing, S America

24th May, 2013        

Ecuador to lease Amazon to Chinese oil cos

Close to one third of the Amazonian rainforest could be leased for Chinese exploration

Tags: China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards, S America

23rd April, 2013        

Venezuela seeks $6bn in loans

Latin American nation is looking to fill a dollar gap with cash for oil deals with China and Chevron and

Tags: Chevron, China, Forecasts, Lubes news, S America

20th February, 2013        

Ecopetrol and Shell hit by terrorist attacks

Two of Ecopetrol's main oil pipelines have been forced to shut down in Columbia, Shell is hit by Nigerian thefts and Yemen also suffers.

Tags: Africa, Lubes news, S America, Shell

20th February, 2013        

Loeb wins Monte as Mini dominates Dakar

Sebastian Loeb took his seventh Monte Carlo Rally victory as Stephane Peterhansel clinched another win on the gruelling Dakar Rally

Tags: And finally, Europe, Mini, motorsport, S America

9th February, 2013        

View From the Bridge - Bulletin 144, January 2013

A generally positive outlook for 2013 for the global economy and the oil and lubricants sectors, but the legislators are likely to be the key influencers.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Europe, Lubricants, North America, S America, View from the Bridge

7th January, 2013        

China shores up oil loans in South America

Latin America increases cash-for-oil trade with China's Development Bank.

Tags: China, Forecasts, Lubes news, S America

25th October, 2012        

Saab to build electric cars in 2014

Saab brand re-vitalised with new electric vehicle production.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Europe, innovation, OEM and automotive, S America

25th October, 2012        

Chery recalls asbestos cars in six countries

Car maker is forced to recal thousands of vehicles in South America, Asia and Australia.

Tags: Asia, Australia, automotive industry, China, OEM and automotive, S America

24th September, 2012        

Serious fires under investigation as Niagra rebuilds

Fires in refineries in Venezuela and Japan are under investigation as Niagra starts to rebuild after last year's fire damage.

Tags: Japan, North America, S America

12th September, 2012        

CNPC in talks to with Ecuador over $12.5bn refinery

China oil major looks to take on Pacifico operation.

Tags: China, China lubes news, CNPC, Lubes news, S America

24th July, 2012        

Venezuela signs off China $8bn oil-for-loans deal

Venezuela makes China its largest creditor in an oil for cash deal.

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubes news, S America

25th June, 2012        

PetroChina in talks to buy Aruba refinery

China oil giant to purchase ailing 235,000b/d plant from Valero Energy

Tags: China, China lubes news, PetroChina, S America

29th May, 2012        

China and Colombia to strike oil deal

Sinochem and Ecopetrol to develop a pipeline to feed Columbian oil to China.

Tags: China, China lubes news, S America, Sinopec

29th May, 2012        

A great big catch

Mexican fishermen land 2,000 pound great white.

Tags: And finally, S America

1st May, 2012        

Argentina looks to Petrobras after nationalising Repsol-YPF

Argentina surprised the oil and finance world by 'nationalising' YPF, scuppering a potential Sinopec deal and is now looking to Brazil's Petrobras for production investment

Tags: Brazil, Chevron, China, ConocoPhillips, Environment, regulatory and standards, Repsol, S America, Sinopec, Total

21st April, 2012        

Marine fuel alternative nears commercial adoption

A marine fuel created using an innovative additive is undergoing tests and could be nearing commercial adoption.

Tags: additives, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, marine, S America

7th March, 2012        

China to fund Costa Rican refinery modifications

China finances Latin American revamp of major refinery

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubes news, S America

19th December, 2011        

South America takes increasing loans from China

Oil guarantees will repay billion dollar loans to two Latin American countries.

Tags: China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards, S America

19th December, 2011        

Chevron suspends Brazil drilling

Chevron has voluntarily suspended its offshore drilling operations in Brazil

Tags: Brazil, Environment and Regulatory watch, S America

24th November, 2011        

Brazilian Oil assets sold for $3.5bn

Sinopec buys stake in Brazilian deep sea oil blocks.

Tags: Brazil, China, China lubes news, Corporate News, S America, Sinopec

16th November, 2011        

BP Argentine deal collapses

The proposed sale of Pan American Energy to Bridas falls through and BP looks no further.

Tags: BP, CNOOC, Corporate News, S America

14th November, 2011        

Cosan buys Exxon assets

Cosan extends its rights for Mobil brand sales in Latin America

Tags: bio lubes, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, S America

27th October, 2011        

BP CNOOC Argentine deal at risk of collapse

CNOOC's purchase of Pan American Energy may fold for political reasons.

Tags: BP, China, China lubes news, CNOOC, S America

19th October, 2011        

OPEC cuts global oil demand forecasts

OPEC has reduced its demand forecasts for the rest of 2011 and 2012 as global economy weakens.

Tags: Africa, Brazil, China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Middle East, N America, OPEC, S America

19th October, 2011        

Belarus to develop Venezuela fields

Belarus is extending its activities in Venezuelan exploration

Tags: China, Eurasia, S America

6th October, 2011        

BP buys Brazil biofuel share

BP is to take complete ownership of joint venture ethanol operation Tropical BioEnergia.

Tags: bio fuels, BP, Brazil, S America

3rd October, 2011        

China to Secure “Oil-for-Exports” Future in South America

China is set to secure Venezuelan crude imports to secure its oil futures.

Tags: China, China lubes news, S America

25th July, 2011        

China steps up global oil investment

China is increasing its global oil presence with new investments in the Middle East, Africa and South America

Tags: Africa, China, CNPC, Forecasts, Middle East, PetroChina, S America

15th July, 2011        

Venezuela shrugs off sanctions

Venezuela has dismissed recent US oil sanctions by claiming other markets may be more important.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, N America, S America

8th June, 2011        

Sinopec signs deal with Petrobras

China and Brazil's leading oil producers join forces in co-operation deal

Tags: China, Corporate News, OEM and automotive, S America

21st April, 2011        

Shell sells in Chile as Exxon divests in Central America

Shell sells the majority of its downstream Chilean business to Quinenco and Exxon is set to sell businesses across six countries.

Tags: Corporate News, ExxonMobil, S America, Shell

4th April, 2011        

Creepy crawly Mazda attack

Mazda recalls Mazda6 models after spider attack.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, Japan, Mazda, N America, S America

9th March, 2011        

Chemtura ups additive production

US specialist Chemtura is to increase its polymer output by the end of Q1

Tags: additives, Europe, Lubes news, N America, S America

21st February, 2011        

Schilling expands support

Schilling Robotics is expanding its ROV support centres

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, S America

31st January, 2011        

Cuba turns to recycled oil for industry

Cuba is focusing on recycled oil as a means of fuelling industrial ovens.

Tags: Inovation and environment, S America, waste

5th January, 2011        

Venezuelan unions back lubes nationalisation

Trade unions Venezuela have backed the government's decision to nationalis a major lubes and chemical company.

Tags: Lubes news, S America

18th October, 2010        

Brazil get rerefinery for Group II

A new plant is set for construction in Brazil to capitalise on the governments drive for oil recycling.

Tags: Lubes news, S America

17th July, 2010        

Falklands find '"significant"

Rockhopper Exploration has discovered a significant oil field in the North Falkland Basin.

Tags: Lubes news, S America

8th June, 2010        

Sinochem takes 40% stake in Statoil's Peregrino

Statoil has agreed the sale of a 40% stake in the Bazilian Peregrino field to Sinochem

Tags: Corporate News, S America, Statoil

27th May, 2010        

View From The Bridge - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Global forecasts for 2010 growth in real GDP are increased to 4.5% but the recovery rates vary significantly by country even within the dynamic BRIC economies. In Russia, how will the significant increase in car imports impact on the lubricants market?

Tags: Asia, Europe, N America, S America

20th April, 2010        

Upstream News - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Crude prices reach 18-month high; Opec supports price hike and Brazil; Petrobras strengthens Asian exports; Denbury makes $900m sale; and Shell and Chevron celebrate deepwater success.

Tags: Chevron, N America, OPEC, Petrobras, S America, Shell

20th April, 2010        

Corporate news - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Aramco expands its Yanbu refinery; Shell and BP consolidate in Africa; Chevron contracts but expands in Sri Lanka; better news for Fuchs; Ford sells Volvo to China; Renault-Nissan join forces with Daimler; and Afton buys Polartech.

Tags: Africa, Afton Chemicals, Aramco, Asia, automotive industry, BP, Chevron, Europe, Ford, Fuchs, Helix, Nissan, Renault, S America, Shell, Volvo

1st April, 2010        


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