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Producers add new products despite development cost challenge

Lubrizol and Lanxess are amongst the latest lubes and additive suppliers to announce new product as the industry faces the challenge of rising development costs to meet the low-viscocity trend.

Tags: additives, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Lubrizol, Sinopec

1st May, 2019        

Latin America could offer rich pickings for synth lubes

As the Latin American car parc modernises, there's plenty of opportunities for high performance lube producers, according to Lube Report's conference summary

Tags: Chevron, Lubes marketing, Lubrizol, Petronas, S America

10th January, 2018        

Two new Lubrizol gas engine additives launched.

Lubrizol has introduced two new advanced four-stroke, low-ash technologies for the stationary natural gas market.

Tags: Lubes tech, Lubrizol

26th December, 2015        

China leading the way in Pour Point Depressant volumes

The automotive industry in China is pushing PPD volumes across the Asia Pacific region

Tags: additives, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubrizol

28th July, 2015        

Tianhe bets big on R&D

The Chinese chemicals giant is bringing two facilities online in Q1

Tags: additives, Afton Chemicals, China, China Lubes Tech, Infineum, Lubes tech, Lubrizol

24th February, 2015        

Lubrizol pioneers innovations in driveline additive technology

US additives producer presents on latest advances at industry conference

Tags: additives, China, China Lubes Tech, drivetrains, Lubes tech, Lubrizol

26th October, 2014        

Lubes additive market to pass $16bn in five years

A new report states that the global lubricant additives market is set to grow by almost 3%

Tags: additives, Afton Chemical, Asia, Infineum, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Lubrizol

11th August, 2014        

ExxonMobil Euro centre will focus on OEMs as Lubrizol gets closer to Brazil

Exxon opens and OEM-focussed tech centre in Germany, as chemical specialist Lubrizol breaks ground on new operation to meet Brazil's domestic surfactant product demand as

Tags: additives, Brazil, Europe, ExxonMobil, Lubrizol, OEM Equipment

11th August, 2014        

Chinese chemicals giant raises $654m in Hong Kong IPO

Tianhe Chemicals will use the proceeds to fund R&D and overseas expansion plans

Tags: additives, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Lubrizol

17th June, 2014        

Brugger test criticised for hydraulics

Oil and additive majors Lubrizol and ExxonMobil have claimed hydraulic fluids wear test is unrealistic

Tags: additives, Europe, ExxonMobil, hydraulics, Lubrizol

12th March, 2014        

Lubrizol zooms in on a new world.

Lubrizol scientists see additives molecules for the first time ever.

Tags: additives, Lubes tech, Lubrizol, nanocatalysts

11th March, 2014        

Lubrizol launches bike website

Lubrizol has launched a new website for oil marketers, (OEMs), and anyone interested in the motorcycle market and oils for motorcycle engines.

Tags: Internet marketing, Lubrizol, Mobile technology

30th October, 2013        

Dongfeng Castrol unveils new lubes products

A tech-sharing joint venture produces higher quality lubes for China's domestic market

Tags: Afton Chemical, BP, Castrol, Chevron, China, China Lubes Tech, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech, Lubrizol

13th October, 2013        

Lubrizol open new additives plant in China

Additives giant to strengthen Asian presence with new facility.

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubes tech, Lubrizol

23rd August, 2013        

Singapore is keen to grow petrochemical industry

State administrators look to fuels production to enhance revenues

Tags: additives, Asia, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Lubrizol

18th April, 2013        

SAE gives final approval for 16 Grade

SAE is now set to add its 16 Grade to the SAE J300 schedule after it received final vote approval.

Tags: ACEA, API, ILSAC, innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Lubrizol, North America, UEIL

4th January, 2013        

Lubrizol aims at upgrades with capex

Lubrizol is aiming at significant expansion through increased capital expenditure in 2012 and 2013.

Tags: additives, China, Corporate News, Europe, Lubrizol, North America

1st May, 2012        

Training is order of the day in Nigeria and Abu Dhabi

Airline maintenance staff and auto technicians are the latest beneficiaries of training programmes by lubes producers.

Tags: Africa, automotive industry, Aviation, BP, Lubrizol, Middle East

9th January, 2012        

Lubrizol to buy Chemtool

US chemical specialists to buy grease manufacturer by end of the year.

Tags: Corporate News, grease, Lubrizol, N America

14th November, 2011        

Lubrizol upgrades Indian lab

Lubrizol is set to refurbish its Mumbai laboratory

Tags: Corporate News, India, Lubrizol

8th September, 2011        

Lubrizol Q2 slip but R&D plans go ahead

Lubrizol's Q2 figures take a dip, but there are plans for a major R&D centre in China.

Tags: China, Corporate News, Lubrizol, North America, OEM and automotive

4th August, 2011        

Lubrizol lift slightly in Q1

Lubrizol showed positive Q1 results despite bearing costs from the Hathaway takeover

Tags: Corporate News, Lubrizol, N America

29th April, 2011        

Lubrizol bought by Buffett

Warren Buffett has bought Lubrizol through his Berkshire Hathaway Corporation

Tags: Corporate News, Lubrizol, North America

17th March, 2011        

Results show lubes and chemical improvements

Quarterly figures from the lubes and chemical produces show positives across both sectors.

Tags: Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Lubes news, Lubrizol, Shell

1st November, 2010        

Lubrizol in share buy-back

Lubrizol is set to repurchase 10% of its share capital.

Tags: Corporate News, Lubrizol

6th July, 2010        

Lubrizol reports on European oil/fuel economy role

Lubrizol has released a report on the role of engine oils in improving fuel economy in Europe.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, Lubes news, Lubrizol

14th May, 2010        

Valvoline and Lubrizol share environment prize

Valvoline and Lubrizol have been awarded a joint SAE Excellence Award for their lubricant developments

Tags: Inovation and environment, Lubrizol, Valvoline

5th May, 2010        

Lubrizol eyes Cognis purchase

Lubrizol are considering the purchase of German rival Cognis.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Lubrizol

28th April, 2010        

Innovation & Environment News - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

European desire for small cars reduces emissions; self-healing starfish could prolong oil life; Indian collaboration on biofuels; 'lip gloss' for high speed trains; and Tedd Biddle gains Excellence honour.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Ferrari, Fiat, Indian OIl Corp, Lubrizol, NTPC, Porsche

20th April, 2010        


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