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First quarter 2019 results

A generally volatile market has led to slightly depressed numbers for most of the oil majors at the start of the year, but their CEOs are confident of being able to manage the volatility.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

30th April, 2019        

Positive third quarter 2018 oil and gas results

BP's highest quarterly results for more than five years demonstrates the trend of increased profits and revenue for oil majors.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th November, 2018        

Fourth quarter signs-off positive year for oil majors

Rising commodity prices and US tax reforms boosted 2017 Q4 and annual results for the oil producers.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

27th February, 2018        

Positive Q3 results 2017

Almost all oil majors are reporting increased sales and profits.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

13th November, 2017        

Strong prediction for independent Lubes Manufacturers Market

Transparency Market Research predicts Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Market set to reach nearly US$9.5bn by 2025

Tags: Asia, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, N America

11th July, 2017        

First quarter 2017 sees oil majors in the black by some margin.

Oil majors have reported a significant improvement in earnings and profit.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th May, 2017        

Fourth quarter results 2016

BP and Fuchs are bucking the downwards trend for the fourth quarter 2016.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

28th February, 2017        

Strong global auto industry good for lubes independents

New research shows a flourishing automotive market will also boost independent lube sales.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Lubricants, OEM Equipment

31st December, 2016        

Chemicals companies open plants around Asia

BASF, Afton and Fuchs are investing in growth across the region

Tags: Afton Chemical, BASF, China, China Lubes Marketing, Fuchs, Lubes marketing

30th May, 2016        

Fuchs bucks the Q1 downward trend for majors

Independent, Fuchs, was the only ray of sunshine for 2016 Q1 figures, with all the majors reporting either a loss or a drop in earnings.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Total

3rd May, 2016        

Fuchs and FAW announce strategic partnership

The Chinese carmaker and German producer team up to corner after sales market

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, Europe, Fuchs, OEM Equipment

28th September, 2015        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 174

What if the current oil price is the new reality? The effect of low prices on the global economy, lubes producers and off-highway manufacturers. Plus artificial intelligence in providing lubes information.

Tags: Fuchs, N America, Shell, View from the Bridge

8th August, 2015        

Fuchs acquires Statoil

Fuchs has acquired Sweden-based company Statoil Fuel & Retail Lubricants from Couche-Tard Luxembourg.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Scandinavia, Statoil

7th August, 2015        

Q2 2015 shows further falls for oil majors

Oil majors show continued drop in figures for second quarter 2015 with only Fuchs and Phillips 66 bucking the trend.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

6th August, 2015        

Challenges in lubricants development – sustainability, raw materials and new technologies

Member of the Fuchs Petrolub SE Executive Board, Lutz Lindemann, examines the industries, technologies, regulations and regions that will drive the global lubricants markets.

Tags: China, Fuchs, Lubricants, white papers

30th May, 2015        

Generally poor results from oil majors in Q1 2015

Fuch sbucks the trend with overall positive figures for the first quarter of 2015.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th May, 2015        

Improved vehicle fuel economy helps lower US gasoline usage

Average US gasoline usage is the lowest in three decades, according to a study.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubes marketing, N America

7th April, 2015        

Macroeconomic Factors Impacting The Global & European Lubricants Industry

Fuchs' Head of Global Competitive Intelligence, Apu Gosalia, examines how macro-economics is impacting global lubes demand. 19th ICIS Base Oil Conference presentation.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubricants, oil prices, white papers

11th March, 2015        

Fourth quarter results from Fuchs and Total

Fuchs reports increased sales revenues while Total reports a fall in sales.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Total

6th March, 2015        

Q3 figures slightly up from most oil majors

The third quarter results for 2014 are mainly neutral or positive, despite falling oil prices, although BP has seen a fall in earnings.

Tags: BP, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

5th November, 2014        

Additives producers show mixed figures

Good half year news for Fuchs, but maintenance issues see Calumet figures take a dip.

Tags: additives, Calumet, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, N America

11th August, 2014        

Fuchs acquires Batoyle as Pertamina adds Amaco

Fuchs has acquired Batoyle Freedom Group as Pertamina is in the final stages of acquiring Amaco in Thailand.

Tags: Asia, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing

7th July, 2014        

Chinese lubes majors feel the pinch

Sinopec and CNPC are under increasing pressure from foreign and domestic oil producers

Tags: BP, Castrol, China Lubes Marketing, CNPC, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Shell, Sinopec

21st May, 2014        

Mixed results as usual in Q1 for majors

There are the usual bag of mixed results for the oil and gas industries in Q1 2014.

Tags: BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Shell, Total

8th May, 2014        

Fuchs to build a new Australian plant

Fuchs will start building a plant in Beresfield New South Wales in 2015 to increase capacity.

Tags: Australia, Fuchs, Lubes marketing

14th April, 2014        

Fuchs and DMG MORI form machine lubes partnership in China

The German lubes producer becomes the preferred supplier for machine tools giant

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, Europe, Fuchs, OEM Equipment

20th March, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 158

Is flat global lubes demand really a surprise? The US market wanes and Asian and Russian consumption grows. Meanwhile the 'connected' car is the future today.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Kline, N America

10th March, 2014        

Total and Fuchs Q4s show very different pictures

Total's fourth quarter results are down on last year while the picture for Fuchs is a healthy 2013.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Total

4th March, 2014        

Lloyd's announces EAL service; Total enters Lebanon

Lloyd's Register has launched a new Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants service for shipping, while Total pioneers marine lubes in Lebanon.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Lubes tech, marine, Middle East, N America, Total

24th February, 2014        

Global report keeps US & Shell on top

Despite a shifting lubricants market, Shell and the US retain top billing, although re-refining is starting to influence according to Kline.

Tags: Europe, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Gazprom, Kline, Lubes marketing, N America, Shell

4th December, 2013        

Q3 results show refining pressure for majors

Mixed results for the world's oil majors with refining margins coming under pressure

Tags: BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Phillips 66, Total

31st October, 2013        

Fuchs' Russian plant finally opens

New $20m Fuchs lubricant blending plant opens to boost Russian presence.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Russia

21st October, 2013        

Lubricants manufacturers' expansion plans

Two German chemical makers have announced plans for Australasian expansion, as Shell starts Indonesia build.

Tags: Australasia, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Shell

22nd August, 2013        

Fuchs' second quarter bucks the trend

Q2 results for Fuchs show encouraging signs for the additives specialist.

Tags: additives, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing

6th August, 2013        

New Record Earnings for Fuchs

Fuchs Petrolub AG set record earnings in 2012, with further ambitious targets for 2013.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

11th March, 2013        

Chinese fuel prices may rise in February

Global crude prices may affect domestic adjustments for China's fuel.

Tags: China, Forecasts, Fuchs, Lubes news

21st February, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 142 November 2012

Obama back in the White House; revealing facts from the UEIL Conference and who would be a European policymaker?

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, North America, UEIL

13th November, 2012        

Chemical groups suffer from second half slowdown

There were mixed results for additives and chemical companies in Q3 as the market shows signs of slowing.

Tags: Afton Chemical, Calumet, Corporate News, Fuchs

8th November, 2012        

Saudis look to sell Fuchs JV stake as Germans invest in Australia

A Saudi group is looking to offload its stake in a JV with Fuchs Petrolub as the German company eyes investment in Australia

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs, Middle East

11th June, 2012        

Afton and Fuchs post positives in Q1

Afton Chemical and Fuchs Petrolub show positive starts to the year.

Tags: Afton Chemical, Corporate News, Fuchs

9th May, 2012        

Choppy seas for refining as oilcos 'lose interest' in lubes

Global refining is set for turbulent times, not helped by oil producers apparently losing interest in lubes, according to analysts.

Tags: Fuchs, innovation, Lubricants

9th May, 2012        

Total and Fuchs increase profits

France's Total and Germany's Fuchs Petrolub announce strong 2011 numbers after good Q4 finishes.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs, Total

1st March, 2012        

View from the Bridge - China March 2012

The ICIS Base Oils Conference provided excellent insights into changes in the global and Chinese lubes industry, particularly new trends in lubes market evolution

Tags: China, Fuchs

27th February, 2012        

Fuchs gets busy in Turkey

Fuchs is using joint ventures to take a firm foothold in Turkey's lubricants market

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs

23rd January, 2012        

Fuchs Russian blending

Fuchs are set to build a Russian blending plant for OEM lubes.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubes news, Russia

8th July, 2011        

Fuchs open's Australian R&D centre

Fuchs has opened a state-of-the-art R&D centre Australia as an Asian-Pacific base.

Tags: Asia, Australia, Fuchs, innovation, Lubricants

23rd May, 2011        

Fuchs gains Rolls Royce approval

Fuchs has gained approval for its metalworking products for aero-engine production

Tags: Aviation, Europe, Fuchs, Lubes news

10th March, 2011        

Fuchs & BASF celebrate strong 2010

Fuchs Petrolub saw a significant increase in revenues and BASF broke its sales records in 2010

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs

2nd March, 2011        

Fuchs expands Indian operations

Fuchs is set to increase its share of the Indian lubes market with a news Mumbai development centre.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, India, Lubes news

22nd December, 2010        

Fuchs strong in first nine months

Fuchs Q3 figures show strong growth through first nine months of 2010.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs, Lubricants

17th November, 2010        

Fuchs Half Year figures indicate Euro recovery

Fuchs' buoyant first half figures indicate increasing optimism in the European economy.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs, Lubricants

6th October, 2010        

Fuchs acquires Shell food lubes

Fuchs has bought Shell's food lubricants business for an undisclosed sum.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Fuchs

13th August, 2010        

Corporate news - Bulletin 112 (Apr 10)

Aramco expands its Yanbu refinery; Shell and BP consolidate in Africa; Chevron contracts but expands in Sri Lanka; better news for Fuchs; Ford sells Volvo to China; Renault-Nissan join forces with Daimler; and Afton buys Polartech.

Tags: Africa, Afton Chemicals, Aramco, Asia, automotive industry, BP, Chevron, Europe, Ford, Fuchs, Helix, Nissan, Renault, S America, Shell, Volvo

1st April, 2010        

The GDP effect on lubricants demand

Focusing on the correlation between national GDPs and the demand and supply of lubricants with market comparisons from 2008 and Q1 2009. Written by Sebastian Crawshaw of OATS and Apu Gosalia, Head of Strategic Marketing, Fuchs Petrolub AG.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, OATS, white papers

9th June, 2009        

Sports News - Bulletin 103 (Jun 109)

The F1 teams play a game of brinkmanship with the FIA, Mobil ties up F1 deals and Fuchs takes on a legend.

Tags: F1, Fuchs, Mobil1, Norton

7th June, 2009        


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