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Automakers will pay the price for missing 2020 Euro emission targets

A Frost & Sullivan highlights the cost benefits of hitting the tough Euro emissions targets after analysing nine OEMs for potential compliance.

Tags: BMW, CO2 emissions, Daimler, Europe, Nissan, OEM Equipment, Renault, Toyota

4th April, 2016        

Daimler clashes with Chinese rivals for Iranian truck market

With sanctions lifted, German truck makers are looking to take back market share from China

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, Daimler, Europe, Middle East, OEM Equipment

29th February, 2016        

Daimler still bullish on China sales

Mercedes-Benz owner feels confident it will deliver 300,000 units this year

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, Daimler, Europe, OEM Equipment

24th August, 2015        

The world’s quietest limo ride

Maybach launches long-wheelabase Mercedes to China market with chauffeur-friendly features

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, China, China and finally, Daimler

24th November, 2014        

Show us your calluses!

Mercedes Benz is promoting its Vito van through a unique online discount campaign

Tags: Daimler, Europe, Internet marketing

5th September, 2014        

Daimler buys 12% stake in BAIC

In an unprecedented transaction, the German auto giant buys in to a Chinese manufacturer and takes a controlling share.

Tags: automotive industry, China, China OEM Equipment, Daimler, Europe, OEM Equipment

9th December, 2013        

Daimler Trucks investment in Brazil

Daimler Trucks will invest around $458 million in two Brazilian commercial vehicle plants for upgrades and R&D.

Tags: Brazil, Daimler, Europe, OEM and automotive

8th November, 2013        

More hydrogen filling stations for Germany

Companies will invest in a network of hydrogen filling stations for fuel-cell electric vehicles in Germany

Tags: bio fuels, CO2 emissions, Daimler, Europe, Lubes tech, Shell

30th October, 2013        

The Ultimate Tee shot

A new world record for catching a golf shot in a moving car.

Tags: Daimler, Europe, F1

8th July, 2012        

Daimler seeks Chinese suitor

Car maker Daimler is looking for a Chinese investor to boost market share in domestic sales.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, Daimler, Europe, OEM and automotive

27th December, 2011        

Daimler Foton deal gains NDRC approval

Joint venture signed for heavy truck production.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, Daimler, OEM and automotive

20th October, 2011        

Western car giants step up China investment

VW and Daimler are set to invest billions of dollars in China operations.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Daimler, OEM and automotive, Volkswagen

22nd September, 2011        

Market potential boosts foreign car makers

Automakers from Asia and Europe are spurred on by China's booming car market.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Daimler, Nissan, OEM and automotive, Volkswagen

15th July, 2011        


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