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Tata links with Valvoline; Aramco takes stake in Hyundai Oilbank

Tata partners with Valvoline Cummins for exclusive product range, while Saudi Aramco and Hyundai Heavy Industries subsidiaries announce a deal to give Aramco broader downstream growth.

Tags: Aramco, Asia, India, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Tata, Valvoline

30th April, 2019        

OATS: voice is biggest challenge to AI revolution in lubes sector

With Artificial Intelligence set to change many aspects of oil exploration, lubes and fuel production and marketing, voice analysis could be the most significant challenge according to OATS.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Mobile technology, OATS

29th April, 2019        

Conferences: India & Europe play catch-up as Japan goes ultra-low

Two major conferences in Asia and Europe reveal India is catching up in the high quality lubes market; Europe has work to do in read-across interchange and Japan is preparing ultra-low specs.

Tags: Asia, Europe, India, Japan, Lubes tech, Lubricants

18th March, 2019        

View From The Bridge - March 2019

Conference season reveals new lubes trends; the EV market increases its influence and the lubes industry and the battle over diesel continues.

Tags: Asia, China, Europe, India, Lubricants, OATS, View from the Bridge

18th March, 2019        

India to pass China in 2019 oil consumption

India set to purchase more oil products - particularly gasoline and diesel - than China, making it the world's second largest oil consumer.

Tags: China, India, Lubes marketing, N America

1st March, 2019        

Partnership between Shell and India's Pitstop

Shell will partner with Pitstop, India's leading doorsetp car-services company to provide periodicoil service to vehicles.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Shell

7th January, 2019        

Struggling Indian auto industry sees diesel decline

Eroding profits and tought legislation have hit the Indian diesel vehicle industry, with consumers also showing price sensitivity.

Tags: automotive industry, CO2 emissions, India, Lubes marketing

29th June, 2018        

Toyota and Suzuki form Indian partnership

Toyota and Suzuki will mutually supply cars to the Indian market starting in 2019.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Suzuki, Toyota

18th April, 2018        

From electric rickshaws to Jaguar I-Pace – the OATS EV round-up

This month's stories in the EV/hybrid market include an electric rickshaw in India, Jaguar's new I-Pace, recharging highways in Sweden and Italian designer Pininfarina's entry into the luxury EV market.

Tags: electric vehicles, Europe, India, OEM Equipment, Volkswagen

17th April, 2018        

EVs on the global fast track

This month's EV round-up shows bold moves by automakers including mobile charging points and joint ventures

Tags: BP, electric vehicles, India, N America, Nissan, OEM Equipment, Renault

28th February, 2018        

Total to launch Indian-made motorcycle lube as Petronal expands presence

The French oil major is set to reveal a new motorcycle lube made in India for the domestic market as it increases its Technical Centre output. Meanwhile, Petronas is investing in a grab for Indian market share

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Petronas, Total

12th September, 2017        

'Honking' roads backed by Indian lubes producer

A new warning system to boost Indian road safety has been developed by a lubricants manufacturer.

Tags: Environment, India, Lubes tech

5th May, 2017        

US boosts fuel economy research as India questions its own new regs

As the US DOE invests in new research aimed at understanding powertrain efficiency through automated and connected vehicles, Indian scientists question the rigour of new passenger car fuel consumption standards.

Tags: automotive industry, drivetrains, India, Lubes tech, N America

6th March, 2017        

Road tourism set to boost lubes aftermarket

Increased travel for sightseeing in China and India could be significant factors in boosting global lubes sales according to new research.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Europe, India, Lubes marketing, N America

31st December, 2016        

Rosneft buys stake in Bashneft and Essar Oil

Rosneft bought a 50.08% stake in Bashneft and 49% of Indian-based Essar Oil.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Rosneft, Russia

27th October, 2016        

Indian light vehicle market to hit 4m this year

Production of new light vehicles continues to rise, with 6.5m units likely by 2022.

Tags: automotive industry, India, OEM Equipment

22nd August, 2016        

Shell India has ambitious plans

Shell's plans include the launch of a new diesel engine oil, a continuing partnership with OEMs and collaboration on the 'Shell Concept car' .

Tags: automotive industry, India, Lubes marketing, Shell

31st May, 2016        

India's Tide Water Oil buys a route into Europe

Tide Water Oil is acquiring Price Thomas Holdings for £9.59m.

Tags: Europe, India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

3rd May, 2016        

Speciality additives market to grow in China

Increasingly stringent emissions regulations in emerging markets will be a boon for producers

Tags: additives, Asia, Brazil, China, China Lubes Tech, CO2 emissions, India, Lubes tech

4th April, 2016        

India skips Bharat Stage V (Euro V equivalent) emissions standard

India will be jumping from Bharat Stage IV (BS IV) to BS VI in 2020 in an effort to significantly reduce CO2 Emissions.

Tags: CO2 emissions, India, Lubes tech

31st March, 2016        

CAT confident it can meet expansion in India demand

The heavy machinery manufacturer believes its investment strategy will see strong returns as India's heavy equipment market heads for double-size growth.

Tags: India, mining, N America, OEM Equipment

24th February, 2016        

Tata and Petronas launch engine oil in India

Tata Motors Genuine Oil has been launched for Tata's diesel passenger cars.

Tags: India, OEM Equipment, Petronas, Tata

1st February, 2016        

Asia Pac core growth area for lubes producers

Majors will benefit from regional growth, but will face strong local competition

Tags: APAC, Asia, Castrol, India, Lubes marketing

3rd January, 2016        

Winners and losers in the oil price fall

Oil revenue will fall for many energy exporters but importing countries will see benefits from the drop in oil prices.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Nigerian oil, OPEC, Russia

12th January, 2015        

Gulf Oil partners with Mahindra for tractor lubes

Gulf Oil will manufacture and supply 'Mahindra Genuine Oil' under the brand name 'Mahindra M-Star Super' as part of the partnership

Tags: India, Lubricants, OEM Equipment

10th October, 2014        

Indian company to assemble BMW engines

Force Motors will assemble BMW engines in its new factory in Tamil Nadu.

Tags: automotive industry, BMW, Europe, India, OEM and automotive

13th May, 2014        

Domestic commercial vehicles hit sales slump in India

Sales of domestic commercial vehicles in India declined 20.2 per cent in 2013-14

Tags: automotive industry, India, Lubes marketing

12th May, 2014        

Gujarat auto component makers increase exports

Slow domestic OEM demand forces Gujarat auto-component makers to look to export as the solution.

Tags: automotive industry, India, OEM Equipment

6th May, 2014        

Indian Lubricants Market ranked third in the world.

The latest Kline report ranks India third after the US and China in the global lubricants market.

Tags: automotive industry, India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

7th April, 2014        

Western OEMS will need strategy change to grab fleet sales

Western OEMs will need to look to developing nations and change their sales strategies according to new research.

Tags: Brazil, China, Europe, India, OEM and automotive, Russia

27th March, 2014        

Suzuki and Maruti in OEM supply deal

Suzuki Motor has announced plans to spend JPY50bn ($486.3m) on a new car plant in India to supply Maruti Suzuki India.

Tags: India, Japan, OEM and automotive, Statoil

4th March, 2014        

Mandatory vehicle recalls likely in India

The Indian government is set to have a policy of mandatory vehicle recalls.

Tags: automotive industry, Chevrolet, India, OEM Equipment

11th February, 2014        

Google helps India's women get online

Google India is launching a new initiative to encourage the country's women to join the digital world

Tags: Google, India, Internet marketing

9th December, 2013        

Brings tears to your eyes

An onion sale in India caused Groupon website to crash

Tags: And finally, India, Internet marketing

18th September, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 152

Is corporate acquisition necessarily a good thing for either party? Are we set for another major oil industry re-structure and are the BRICS nations really in a position to lead the world out of its economic doldrums?

Tags: Europe, India, Lubricants, Shell, Total, View from the Bridge

9th September, 2013        

Gulf Oil approves lubes division demerger

Indian oil giant agrees spin-off of largest revenue earning division.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants

22nd August, 2013        

Asia-Pacific to lead global lubes growth

Research & Markets Report shows China and Asian economies will drive lubes demand as Western Europe continues to decline.

Tags: Asia, China, Europe, Forecasts, India, Lubes marketing

28th July, 2013        

India's e-markets - it's a zoo!

Forget car parts and furniture, selling cows and buffaloes is the new trend for India's online markets

Tags: And finally, India

3rd July, 2013        

China to sign $1bn oil deal with Essar Oil

China backs Indian oil giant with loan.

Tags: China, China lubes news, India, Lubes marketing, S America

24th May, 2013        

Implementation of Bharat Stage IV still unresolved

Indian automakers and oil companies remain divided over new fuel emission norms.

Tags: automotive industry, India, Lubes tech

21st May, 2013        

Oil pipeline agreement between Jordan and Iraq

Jordan and Iraq have signed an agreement to build a major oil pipeline between Basra and Aqaba

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Lubricants, Middle East

25th April, 2013        

India and China bid for stakes Mozambique's Rovuma

ONGC and Oil India have bid for a 20% stake in Mozambique's lucrative Rovuma oil & gas field, but China is also staking a claim

Tags: Africa, China, CNPC, Corporate News, India

21st March, 2013        

US Re-refining industry forecast looks promising

Suggestion of a "golden decade" for the re-refining industry thanks to legislation and improved quality.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, India, Lubes tech, N America, waste

8th March, 2013        

Houghton International sold for over $1 bn

Gulf Oil seals the deal for Houghton International

Tags: Corporate News, India, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, North America

1st February, 2013        

ConocoPhillips to sell Caspian interests

ConocoPhillipsis set to to sell its interest in the North Caspian Sea Production Sharing Agreement

Tags: ConocoPhillips, Corporate News, Eurasia, India

4th December, 2012        

Gulf takes Houghton as Samsung wins Yanbu

Gulf OIl has won the race to buy Houghton International, while Samsung Engineering takes the the Saudi development contract to expand the Yanbu refinery.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news, Middle East, North America

12th November, 2012        

Shell aims for Indian expansion

Shell is pushing for a greater share of the Indian lubes market.

Tags: India, Lubes news, Shell

8th November, 2012        

Hindujas in the lead for Houghton

Gulf Oil is leading the bids for Houghton International.

Tags: Corporate News, India, Lubricants, N America

10th October, 2012        

Indian lubes producer heads for Europe

An Indian state-owned lubes producer is set to open it's first European plant to boost sales of the Veedol brand.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, India, Lubes news

12th September, 2012        

Sri Lanka aims at expanding lubes exports

The Sri Lankan division of OIC is aiming at further overseas expansion.

Tags: Asia, India, Indian OIl Corp, Lubes news

12th September, 2012        

A realistic lubes alternative, or simply nuts?

Coconuts could be the latest alternative to petrochemical lubes, according to Indian researchers.

Tags: bio lubes, India, innovation, Lubricants

14th August, 2012        

Castrol Offshore in Bangladesh

BP's specialist arm has linked up with a key distributor to take on the Bangladesh market

Tags: Castrol, India, Lubes news

8th June, 2012        

Gulf Oil to reduce mining and expand oil

Hinduja-owned Gulf Oil may reduce its mining operations but will certainly expand its oil activities in India

Tags: India, Lubes news

7th June, 2012        

Busy time for Chevron in Sri Lanka

Record earnings, a new plant site and political manouverings have kept Chevron Lanka busy at the start of the year.

Tags: Chevron, India, Lubes news

2nd April, 2012        

Jaguar Land Rover invests heavily in Chery JV

Iconic British brands to invest on hopes of government approval of joint deal.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, India, OEM and automotive

28th March, 2012        

BRICs & US oil consumption to top nearly $2,000bn and US synthetics to grow

Two new reports show significant growth in global oil consumption and specific US demand for synthetic lubes and functional fluids.

Tags: base oil, Brazil, China, India, Lubes news, Lubricants, North America, Russia

5th March, 2012        

Korea builds new refinery as India negotiates with Iran

Korea is joining with Shell to build a new base oil plant as India sends a delegation to Iran to negotiate oil payments.

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news, Middle East, Shell

9th February, 2012        

Honeywell tech to help boost Pakistan output

Honeywell UOP technology will be used in a new refining plant in Karangi

Tags: Asia, India, innovation, Middle East

9th February, 2012        

Mumbai crowds wowed by drag racer

Gulf Oil took one of the world's fastest motorcycles for a blast in Mumbai

Tags: And finally, India, motorsport

28th December, 2011        

India warns on bunker fuel quality

Indian experts are urging ship owners to pay more attention to bunkered fuel quality to avoid engine damage and costs.

Tags: Asia, Environment and Regulatory watch, India, marine

28th December, 2011        

Kia to build its third plant in China as Foton heads for India

South Korean carmaker to establish new factory in Jiangsu as truck manufacturer heads for India

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, India, OEM and automotive

14th November, 2011        

Pertamina targets Bangladesh

Bangladesh has become the latest export target for Pertamina

Tags: Asia, India, Lubes news

3rd October, 2011        

Lubrizol upgrades Indian lab

Lubrizol is set to refurbish its Mumbai laboratory

Tags: Corporate News, India, Lubrizol

8th September, 2011        

Debt repayment is order of the day

Indian buyers freed up to repay Iran debts as Ghana looks to payment in kind to offset China loan.

Tags: Africa, China, Corporate News, India, Middle East

1st September, 2011        

Mixed results for Castrol India

A Q2 slip in profits, but half year shows marginal improvement for Castrol's India operations.

Tags: Castrol, Corporate News, India

22nd August, 2011        

UK set to invest in India after BP block purchase approved

The British Government has pledged to make significant investments in Indian commerce, helped by recent BP purchase approval.

Tags: BP, Europe, India, Lubes news

4th August, 2011        

Castrol closes India plant

Castrol closes its production plant in Chennai.

Tags: Castrol, India, Lubes news

4th August, 2011        

Suzuki opens workshop at top of the world

India's Maruti Suzuki has opened the world's highest altitude workshop.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, China and finally, India

25th July, 2011        

Ferrari reaches India and space!

Ferrari have a presence in India and the International Space Station.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, China, China and finally, Europe, Ferrari, India

8th June, 2011        

Biofuels could supply 27% of transport market

The biofuels market could supply almost one third of the transport industry's needs by 2050 according to IEA forecasts.

Tags: bio fuels, China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Forecasts, India

11th May, 2011        

Indian lubes growth "not huge" predicts Castrol

Growth in the Indian lubes market will be driven by the automotive sector but won't be "huge" according to Castrol India's COO.

Tags: automotive industry, Castrol, China, Forecasts, India, Lubes news, Lubricants

15th April, 2011        

Maserati - Mumbia and Montante

Maserati is to open dealerships in India and launches a hand-built 'bike.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, Europe, India

14th April, 2011        

Essar bids for Shell refineries

Indian group Essar is bidding for Shell refineries including Stanlow.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, India, Shell

2nd March, 2011        

China & India to drive Asian base oil markets

A new report keeps China and India in the driving seat for base oils, but the supply landscape may change.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, base oil, China, India, Lubes news

5th January, 2011        

Fuchs expands Indian operations

Fuchs is set to increase its share of the Indian lubes market with a news Mumbai development centre.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, India, Lubes news

22nd December, 2010        

Mobil go public in Bangladesh

Mobil Jamuna is set for the a massive public share offering on the Bangladesh stock market.

Tags: Corporate News, India

12th October, 2010        

Balmer Lawrie plans auto lubes expansion

Kolkata-based Balmer Lawrie is investing in its auto lubricants business as it plans expansion

Tags: Corporate News, India, Lubricants

27th September, 2010        

Tide Water looks to acquire, but holds on to shares

India's Tide Water Oil is looking to expand its lubes business through acquisition, while the state will retain its shareholding.

Tags: Asia, Corporate News, India, Lubricants

6th September, 2010        

India could lead the way in friction technology

India's state-run BPCL are set to reveal friction technology which could have a major impact on the lubes industry.

Tags: India, Inovation and environment, Lubricants

12th August, 2010        

Hinduja to float Petromin shares

Hinduja Group is planning a public sale of 30% of Saudi-based Petromin.

Tags: Corporate News, India, Lubricants, Middle East

7th June, 2010        

Mahindra takes electric car stake

Indian car maker has taken a stake in electric vehicle firm REVA

Tags: automotive industry, India, Inovation and environment

27th May, 2010        

Indian lube quality driven by OEMs

Indian automotive lube market is set to see a dramatic rise in quality, driven by OEM recommendations according to Kline.

Tags: India, Kline, Lubes news

28th April, 2010        

Ashland builds Valvoline plant

Ashland to build Valvoline packing and blending plant near Mumbai

Tags: India, Lubes news, Valvoline

20th April, 2010        


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