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ExxonMobil's next generation marine lubes

ExxonMobil hopes its new crosshead slow speed test engine will be able to accommodate different fuels.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Lubes tech, marine

27th October, 2016        

Gazprom marine goes 24/7 as CAT sets up Asian marine hub

Murmansk bunkering is to provide round-the-clock supply as Caterpillar sets up a Singapore marine hub.

Tags: Asia, Gazprom, marine, Russia

22nd August, 2016        

Marine lubes market to grow 3.6% to 2022

Fuelled by rising demand from the APAC region, global marine lubes will reach 2.9kt in 2022

Tags: Asia, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, marine

2nd February, 2016        

VGP compliance for Wärtsilä; BP & Sinopec sign Singapore JV

Wärtsilä has developed propulsion systems which are compatible with environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). Meanwhile BP & Sinopec sign Singapore marine JV.

Tags: Asia, BP, Europe, marine, N America, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Sinopec

10th June, 2015        

Immense oil platform break-up

Shell is decommissioning its North Sea Brent Delta platform - involving more than 1,000 people and the world's biggest platform vessel.

Tags: Europe, Lubes tech, marine, OEM Equipment, Shell

7th February, 2015        

COSCOL takes stake in Total Lubes

Chinese shipping giant sees an opportunity in the French lubes producer

Tags: China, China Lubes Marketing, Europe, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, marine, Total

24th November, 2014        

Lukoil boosts rail and marine lubes presence

A new Intesmo lubes manufacturing plant has been opened in Volgograd for rail lubes, while Lukoil has launched a new lubes mixer system for shipowners.

Tags: Lubes marketing, marine, Middle East, rail, Russia

8th October, 2014        

Chevron signs deal with Petrol Ofisi in Turkey

Chevron has signed a deal with leading fuel products distribution and lubricants company Petrol Offisi to improve supplies of marine lubricants.

Tags: Chevron, Europe, Lubes marketing, marine

3rd September, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 163

The marine lubricants sector is facing the same challenges as their land-based counterparts in helping OEMs meet emissions legislation. Meanwhile there is good news for the additives sector.

Tags: additives, Lubricants, marine, View from the Bridge

20th August, 2014        

Marine fuels test challenges for lubes in operation and storage

New marine fuels require more robust additives, lubes and frequent testing.

Tags: additives, Lubes tech, Lubricants, marine

11th August, 2014        

New marine fuel set to meet ECA cap.

ExxonMobil Premium Heavy Distillate Marine (HDME 50) will comply with upcoming sulphur cap.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Lubes tech, marine

10th August, 2014        

BP merges its marine lubricants with Castrol

Castrol will become the sole brand for the BP group’s marine lubricant.

Tags: BP, Castrol, Lubricants, marine, OEM Equipment

24th June, 2014        

PetroChina makes strides in marine lubes field

Chinese oil giant gains recognition for lubes tech developments in the shipping industry

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Lubricants, marine, PetroChina

26th May, 2014        

Seawater into fuel is now possible

Navy researchers claim a method to convert seawater into engine fuel.

Tags: bio fuels, Lubes tech, marine, N America

8th May, 2014        

Marine lubes - speciality, not commodity

Marine lubricants face increasingly complex challenges and have become a speciality product according to Total

Tags: Castrol, Lubes tech, marine, Total

4th April, 2014        

Lloyd's announces EAL service; Total enters Lebanon

Lloyd's Register has launched a new Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants service for shipping, while Total pioneers marine lubes in Lebanon.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Lubes tech, marine, Middle East, N America, Total

24th February, 2014        

Used-oil analysis kit upgrade

Parker Kittiwake has launched an upgraded total base number (TBN) test kit.

Tags: carbon capture, Lubes tech, marine

8th January, 2014        

Sinopec advances shipping lubes technology

Chinese oil giant also continues upgrades at OEM oil testing facilities

Tags: China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, marine, Sinopec

15th December, 2013        

Castrol Marine to launch new cylinder oil

Castrol Marine has developed a new cylinder oil to reduce corrosion in modern two-stroke engines.

Tags: Castrol, Lubes tech, marine

6th December, 2013        

Oman Oil launches own-brand lubes

Omanoil has established its own local product range designed specifically for the challenging climate of the Sultanate..

Tags: automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, marine, Middle East

11th November, 2013        

ExxonMobil Marine launches environmental lubes range

A new series of lubes and greases are now available that meet the latest US EPA marine regulations.

Tags: Calumet, ExxonMobil, grease, Lubricants, marine, North America, OEM Equipment

14th October, 2013        

Higher BNs could save millions claims Castrol Marine

Castrol Marine has presented evidence to CIMAC about cold corrosion and the effect of low Base Number lubes

Tags: Castrol, Lubes tech, marine, N America

14th October, 2013        

Oldest maritime publication shuns print for digital.

World's most famous maritime newspaper, Lloyd's List, will now be only available online.

Tags: And finally, Europe, marine, Mobile technology

11th October, 2013        

Is this fish the missing link?

Scientists in China discover a fish with a distinct face which could be the oldest ever found.

Tags: And finally, China, China and finally, marine

5th October, 2013        

CAT increases presence in oil and gas and propulsion

Caterpillar acquisition and JV offer new horizons, but will it help the share price?

Tags: marine, N America, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia

30th September, 2013        

Great Wall metalworking fluid sales boom

Sinopec subsidiary boosted by construction and mining sectors

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, Great Wall, marine, OEM and automotive, Sinopec

24th September, 2013        

US EPA finally launches Permit

Vessel General Permit finally sets sail with December date for ship owners and operators.

Tags: bio lubes, E and R Watch, marine, North America, OEM Equipment

12th August, 2013        

Atlantic Gulf Bunkering enters US Gulf market

US Gulf market has a new player with early ambitions for expansion.

Tags: marine, North America, OEM Equipment

11th August, 2013        

US gasoline exports threaten European market in West Africa

European refiners' dominance in West Africa under threat as US producers increase fuel output.

Tags: Africa, Europe, Gazprom, marine, North America

6th August, 2013        

Safety and simplicity are priorities for shipowners

Total Lubmarine latest poll shows clear priorities being set by the marine industry

Tags: bio lubes, Europe, marine, OEM Equipment, Total

9th July, 2013        

Manned sub to begin trial mission

Deep-diving sub starts a five year survey programme

Tags: And finally, China, China and finally, marine

20th June, 2013        

Industrial additives could overtake auto in the US

New Freedonia Group report shows industrial additives and off highway are important sectors for the future as auto demand drops.

Tags: additives, automotive industry, Lubes marketing, marine, North America

20th May, 2013        

New lubricants to meet changing emission regulations

New lubricants will be needed for new types of fuel

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Lubes tech, Lubricants, marine

7th May, 2013        

Bacteria could clean ships

Painting a ship's hull with novel material may improve energy efficiency

Tags: additives, bio lubes, innovation, marine, OEM Equipment

5th March, 2013        

Pertamina to split and move into Europe

Indonesian oil producer to split shipping and lubes, while taking lubes into European markets.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Europe, Lubes news, Lubricants, marine

12th November, 2012        

Clean Harbors seals the deal on Safety-Kleen

Waste management companies tie the knot after difficult engagement period.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, marine, North America, waste

8th November, 2012        

Typhoon causes minor oil spill

China's 13th storm causes ship spill.

Tags: China, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards, marine

24th August, 2012        

Exxon increases marine supply as CAO shelves avgas plans

ExxonMobil is set to expand its marine supply operations in Shanghai, while CAO has shelved plans to build avgas storage in Malaysia.

Tags: Aviation, China, China lubes news, ExxonMobil, Lubes news, marine

22nd August, 2012        

Queen celebrates Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 60 years' reign with celebrations in the UK and abroad.

Tags: And finally, Europe, marine

11th June, 2012        

Castrol research reinforces need for marine range

Wide-ranging research has convinced Castrol that a range of marine cylinder oils is essential as it launches a new 80BN product.

Tags: Castrol, innovation, marine

7th June, 2012        

Titanic: take two

The fated ocean liner, Titanic, is set for a re-build - only with added safety features.

Tags: And finally, Australia, China, China and finally, marine

14th May, 2012        

OW Bunker launches marine lubes; Wissol brings Total to Georgia

Greek firm OW Bunker is launching a global marine lubes division as Wissol supplies Total Marine in Georgian ports.

Tags: Europe, marine, Total

1st May, 2012        

A day in the life of the Chinese super-rich

Its' spend, spend, spend as new research shows China's rich keep on getting richer.

Tags: And finally, Aviation, China, China and finally, marine

21st April, 2012        

Iranian exports to China squeezed

Iranian oil exports squeezed by lack of Chinese processing and shipping insurance.

Tags: China, China lubes news, marine, Middle East, Sinopec

19th April, 2012        

Gazprom gets busy in oil, LNG and marine

Russian energy giant has a busy month announcing lubes deals and a new plant.

Tags: Europe, Gazprom, Lubes news, marine, Russia

4th April, 2012        

Marine fuel alternative nears commercial adoption

A marine fuel created using an innovative additive is undergoing tests and could be nearing commercial adoption.

Tags: additives, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, marine, S America

7th March, 2012        

Wind, waves, speed - must be a Maserati!

A world speed record is underway across the North Atlantic in a Maserati - in this case a monohull racing yacht.

Tags: Europe, marine

8th February, 2012        

Sinopec delivers first Middle-Eastern fuel cargo

BP joint venture gives China supplier its first bunker fuel sale.

Tags: BP, China, China lubes news, marine, Middle East, Sinopec

19th January, 2012        

India warns on bunker fuel quality

Indian experts are urging ship owners to pay more attention to bunkered fuel quality to avoid engine damage and costs.

Tags: Asia, Environment and Regulatory watch, India, marine

28th December, 2011        

Castrol urges Polar marine clarification

Castrol is calling for clearer guidelines on marine lubrication for the polar region to reduce pollution.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, Environment and Regulatory watch, marine, Russia

21st November, 2011        

Wet end for luxury boat

The launch of a luxury passenger boat ends in an unexpectedly wet result in Lanzhou.

Tags: China, China and finally, marine

20th October, 2011        

Ship spill could cause major damage to Bay of Plenty

New Zealand is facing a major ecological disaster as heavy oil leaks from a ship which ran aground.

Tags: Australasia, Environment and Regulatory watch, marine

11th October, 2011        

Neste ships success in Northeast Passage

Neste tankers were amongst this years' shipping traffic through the increasingly accessible Northeast Passage.

Tags: marine, Russia, Scandinavia

6th October, 2011        

Pertamina expands in Asia

Indonesia's Pertamina is expanding its lubes business with a move into Asia's marine sector

Tags: Asia, Australia, China lubes news, Lubes news, marine

25th July, 2011        

Marine lubes need innovation

Marine lubes need innovative performance lubes as costs and regulations change shipping use.

Tags: China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, marine, Total

21st April, 2011        

Eu Commission lays out 2050 transport 'road map'

The European Commission has published its White Paper on Tranport, setting goals for the EU to 2050.

Tags: automotive industry, China, CO2 emissions, Environment and Regulatory watch, Environment, regulatory and standards, Europe, marine

4th April, 2011        

Shell plans marine business in Dubai

Shell is set to launch a large-scale marine lubricants operation in Jebel Ali Port

Tags: Lubes news, marine, Middle East, Shell

17th November, 2010        

Baker Hughes/Intertek form alliance as Chevron appoints Azelis

An alliance between Baker Hughes and Intertek is set to enhance cargo treatment additives services, while Chevron Oranite has appointed Azelis as its Euro distributor

Tags: additives, Chevron, Lubes news, marine

6th October, 2010        

Total takes advantage of marine sulphur changes

Total is claiming it's Lubemarine product will set the industry standard in low sulphur lubricants.

Tags: Inovation and environment, marine, Total

6th July, 2010        

Chevron launches marine lubes

Chevron has launched its Clarity marine lubricant range into Europe.

Tags: Chevron, Inovation and environment, marine

22nd June, 2010        

Russian marines thwart tanker hijack

Russian marines overcame Somali pirates who had hijacked a tanker on its way from the Red Sea to China.

Tags: Africa, Corporate News, marine

6th May, 2010        

Castrol Biolubes for new Korean vessels

Castrol are providing Biolubes for five new Korean-built chemical ships.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, Inovation and environment, marine

5th May, 2010        

Castrol's Virtual Vessels for marine lubes

Castrol have develop a 'Virtual Vessel' to simplify marine lubricants selection

Tags: Castrol, Inovation and environment, marine

5th May, 2010        


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