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AAA backs synthetic oils

AAA is backing synthetic oils at oil change because of potential long-term cost savings.

Tags: innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants, N America

5th July, 2017        

Volvo developing self-fuelling technology

Volvo is developing technology which will combine smartphones and mobile fuel suppliers.

Tags: innovation, Mobile technology, OEM Equipment, Volvo

6th February, 2015        

Wet hand clapping

New discovery about the dynamics of squeezing fluids could revolutionise fuel and oil separation techniques.

Tags: And finally, IEA, innovation, N America

23rd August, 2013        

NanoMech patents could trump traditional lubes

NanoMech claims its new near-frictionless product patents could remove the need for traditional lubricants

Tags: innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants, North America

11th August, 2013        

Universal Lubricants and Brakes Plus in new partnership

Brakes Plus And Universal Lubricants to recycle used motor oils.

Tags: innovation, Lubes tech, North America, waste

9th August, 2013        

Geely forms EV JV with Detroit Electric

Chinese automaker looks to claim electric niche in US.

Tags: automotive industry, China, electric vehicles, innovation, North America, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment, Volvo

22nd May, 2013        

Top up your mobile battery - with water!

Water is the new power source for mobiles using fuel cell technology developing in Scandinavia

Tags: And finally, Europe, innovation, Scandinavia

23rd April, 2013        

Chinese firm plans $200m EcoMotors engine development

A new plant will produce the latest low-pollution eco-engine.

Tags: automotive industry, China, innovation, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment

22nd April, 2013        

Greenhouse genie goes back into the bottle

US scientists claim process to convert CO2 into fuel.

Tags: bio fuels, CO2 emissions, innovation, North America

17th April, 2013        

Butanol instead of ethanol?

UK-based scientists have found a method of ethanol to butanol conversion that could make mass production viable.

Tags: additives, bio fuels, Europe, innovation, Lubes tech

17th April, 2013        

Motorsport welcomes first hydrogen-powered car

A prototype Aston Martin will be the first hydrogen-powered car to compete in an international motorsport event.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, innovation, Lubes tech, motorsport

17th April, 2013        

Wind sandwich may overtake jets

Ionic thrusters generate efficient propulsion in air to rival conventional jet engines

Tags: Aviation, innovation, Lubes tech, North America

5th April, 2013        

Shell launches lubes mobile app

Shell Lubricants has launched a new mobile application with a little help from OATS data

Tags: Customer relations, innovation, Internet marketing, Lubricants, Mobile technology, OATS, Shell

29th March, 2013        

Better fuel systems may be on the way

A new mathematical model could revolutionise fuel system design for combustion engines

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, North America, OEM Equipment

29th March, 2013        

Shell to build lubes R&D centre in China

New centre aimed at maximising investment in booming auto market

Tags: automotive industry, China, China lubes news, innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

22nd March, 2013        

Chinese automakers are catching up

Domestic car vehicle brands are gradually starting to make inroads into foreign brand's share of China market

Tags: China, innovation, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment, Toyota, Volkswagen

22nd March, 2013        

China set to become biggest luxury market by 2016

Luxury vehicle sales will exceed US market within the next three years.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Forecasts, innovation, Lubes marketing, Nissan

22nd March, 2013        

Toothpaste and soap - now oil extraction

Surfactants are helping to increase oil flow in previously pumped reservoirs.

Tags: additives, fracking, innovation, North America

5th March, 2013        

Early detection of oil and lubes spills

Research has led to the development of a robot which may track down environmental spills and leaks based on the behaviour of silk moths.

Tags: innovation, Japan, Lubes tech

5th March, 2013        

Bacteria could clean ships

Painting a ship's hull with novel material may improve energy efficiency

Tags: additives, bio lubes, innovation, marine, OEM Equipment

5th March, 2013        

Slip sliding away.... or not

Ice detector can warn drivers in advance of slippery roads. Universal technology that could save lives

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, Scandinavia

6th February, 2013        

Science + fat = fuel?

Fuel for cars could be created from naturally-occurring fatty acids. according to new European research

Tags: bio fuels, Europe, innovation, Lubes tech, Scandinavia

29th January, 2013        

To clean oil, first you have to see it

Technology development continues in battle to see oil in water after a spill.

Tags: innovation, North America, Scandinavia

28th January, 2013        

Porsche to build $2.2m supercar for China

Luxury car-maker to build supercar exclusively for Chinese super-rich.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Europe, innovation, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment, Porsche

23rd January, 2013        

From pregnancy to fuel efficiency.

Ultrasound technology could offer a non-invasive method of measuring piston/lube interaction to improve fuel efficiency.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants

9th January, 2013        

Post-Christmas weight gain for the kilogram

Experts discover the standard kilogram is heavier than it used to be, but the cure could be a suntan.

Tags: Europe, innovation

9th January, 2013        

Sasol to invest heavily in historic plant.

Sasol gives the green light to invest billions in a new GTL/ethelene complex in the US.

Tags: Africa, innovation, Middle East, North America, rail

8th January, 2013        

SAE gives final approval for 16 Grade

SAE is now set to add its 16 Grade to the SAE J300 schedule after it received final vote approval.

Tags: ACEA, API, ILSAC, innovation, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Lubrizol, North America, UEIL

4th January, 2013        

Robot workers take over as labour costs rise

Robots forecast to become the core manufacturing resource in China's automotive industry.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Forecasts, innovation

24th December, 2012        

Yokohoma China’s top tyre

Yokohama heads satisfaction table of tyre manufacturers despite Japan tensions

Tags: China, innovation, Japan, OEM and automotive

24th December, 2012        

Biggest commercial research computer ever

BP building largest commercial research computer

Tags: BP, innovation, North America

8th December, 2012        

Shell to invest $20bn in gas

Shell is set to spend more than $20bn for natural-gas projects through 2015.

Tags: Africa, Asia, Australia, innovation, natural-gas, Shell

26th November, 2012        

Group II alternatives filling Group 1 gap - Kline

The latest Kline report shows base oil producers are finding new options from Group II stock to fill the declining Group I gap

Tags: China, innovation, Kline, Lubes tech, North America, Shell

15th November, 2012        

Nano collaboration could reduce fuel waste

Collaborative research could identify nanocrystal dispersion as a source of fuel saving.

Tags: innovation, nanocatalysts, North America, waste

12th November, 2012        

Nanotech and lubes could help condenser emissions

New MIT research could massively reduce greenhouse emissions from power industry

Tags: carbon capture, CO2 emissions, innovation, North America

12th November, 2012        

Saab to build electric cars in 2014

Saab brand re-vitalised with new electric vehicle production.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Europe, innovation, OEM and automotive, S America

25th October, 2012        

Chinese carmakers cutting corners to success

Chinese manufacturer's cut the frills to deliver 'good-enough' products

Tags: automotive industry, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation

25th October, 2012        

Chevron launches new hydraulic range

Chevron has revealed a new hydraulic pump lubes range

Tags: Chevron, hydraulics, innovation, Lubricants

9th October, 2012        

Audi turns water into fuel

Audi may have found the fuel equivalent of alchemy, converting water into petroleum and diesel.

Tags: automotive industry, bio fuels, Europe, innovation, N America

9th October, 2012        

BP collaborates on Parnaiba research

BP is working with a number of universities to examine the evolution of one of Brazil's most valuable geological areas.

Tags: BP, Brazil, Europe, innovation

9th October, 2012        

Ford to launch Lincoln in China

Ford is set to sell its luxury brand in China within two years.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Ford, Forecasts, innovation

25th September, 2012        

Geely eyes export markets, introduces new models

Carmaker Geely is looking to capitalise on First Half export sales growth.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Forecasts, innovation

24th September, 2012        

Pouch packaging is a US first

New oil pouches set for distribution into US markets for first time.

Tags: innovation, North America

12th September, 2012        

Petronas celebrates fluid Anniversary

Petronas is celebrating its 100th Anniversary of fluid development by announcing an art competition - using fluids.

Tags: Asia, innovation, Petronas

12th September, 2012        

Ricardo partnership helps cell technology

Ricardo set up a partnership to develop fuel cell power technology platforms for EVs.

Tags: CO2 emissions, electric vehicles, innovation

12th September, 2012        

BMW to unveil new car brand

A Chinese-specific brand is set for launch by German automaker, BMW

Tags: automotive industry, BMW, China, Europe, innovation, OEM and automotive

24th August, 2012        

Boeing to refine Chinese “gutter oil” into biofuel

Aircraft maker innovates with China's used cooking oil.

Tags: Aviation, bio fuels, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation

24th August, 2012        

Total and Shell release new hydraulics

Two new, innovative hydraulic fluids are set for launch.

Tags: innovation, North America, Shell, Total

16th August, 2012        

Toyota reaches bi-centennial milestone

Toyota has built its 200 millionth vehicle according to TMC.

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, Japan, Toyota

15th August, 2012        

BP biofuels rise to Olympic-sized challenge

BP provides a range of biofuels, including the highest-ever octane for the London 2012 Olympics.

Tags: bio fuels, BMW, BP, Castrol, Europe, innovation

14th August, 2012        

A realistic lubes alternative, or simply nuts?

Coconuts could be the latest alternative to petrochemical lubes, according to Indian researchers.

Tags: bio lubes, India, innovation, Lubricants

14th August, 2012        

Cheap fuel cells could be a reality

US scientists discover low-cost catalyst for microbial fuel cells.

Tags: bio fuels, innovation, N America

10th July, 2012        

Toyota and BMW tie green knots tighter

The two car manufacturers extend their collaborative to include fuel cell development and sports car design.

Tags: automotive industry, BMW, CO2 emissions, innovation, Toyota

10th July, 2012        

New project aims to lower costs and rare metals for EVs

A UK-based joint project is set to develop the viability of low-cost electric motors for vehicles that reduce the need for expensive elements.

Tags: automotive industry, electric vehicles, Europe, innovation

9th July, 2012        

Great Wall commits an extra 5 billion yuan to R&D

Chinese automaker pushes for greater product innovation

Tags: automotive industry, China, Great Wall, innovation, OEM and automotive

27th June, 2012        

Foreign carmakers fuel Chinese auto stockpile

Auto manufacturing expansion continues as China sales slow

Tags: BMW, China, GM, innovation, OEM and automotive, Volkswagen

25th June, 2012        

Volvo reveals natural gas engines for North America

Volvo details its new heavy truck natural gas engine for the American market.

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, N America, Volvo

9th June, 2012        

Shell urges industry to throw out rules on lubes specs

Shell technologists are calling on the lubes industry to think differently when it comes to commercial vehicle specs

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, Lubricants, Shell

8th June, 2012        

Castrol research reinforces need for marine range

Wide-ranging research has convinced Castrol that a range of marine cylinder oils is essential as it launches a new 80BN product.

Tags: Castrol, innovation, marine

7th June, 2012        

Foreign carmakers must invest in R&D, say execs

Overseas automakers must continue to innovate if they are going to stay ahead in the Chinese market

Tags: automotive industry, China, innovation, OEM and automotive

16th May, 2012        

New Mobil products are good for food and viscosity

ExxonMobil has launched two new products - one for the food industry and one in its base stock portfolio

Tags: additives, ExxonMobil, innovation

9th May, 2012        

Honda predicts traffic jams

Honda develops traffic prevention technology for vehicles; saves time and fuel.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, innovation

9th May, 2012        

Choppy seas for refining as oilcos 'lose interest' in lubes

Global refining is set for turbulent times, not helped by oil producers apparently losing interest in lubes, according to analysts.

Tags: Fuchs, innovation, Lubricants

9th May, 2012        

Road car takes to the air

Flying car could change the face of A-to-B motoring

Tags: automotive industry, Aviation, innovation, North America

6th April, 2012        

Superlubricity moves up a scale to help reduce friction

Superlubricity has moved up from Nano to Micro levels, which could have significant benefits for industrial lubes.

Tags: Australia, China, China lubes news, innovation

6th April, 2012        

Chevron launches Gas vehicle lubes

News Chevron lube of medium and heavy-duty natural gas vehicles.

Tags: Chevron, innovation, Lubricants, N America

4th April, 2012        

Ford reveals new EcoBoost lubes spec

Ford increased awareness of its new 'bespoke' lubes standard for its EcoBoost engine.

Tags: automotive industry, BP, Castrol, Europe, Ford, innovation

8th March, 2012        

Self-healing hydrogel could have impact on synthetic lubes

Innovation from bioengineers in California could have literally reduce the impact machinery on lubes

Tags: bio lubes, innovation, N America

7th March, 2012        

Chevron Oronite launches new additive

Oronite announces its new additive package for heavy-duty truck lubes.

Tags: additives, automotive industry, Chevron, innovation, Lubricants

7th March, 2012        

New CNG and bio-lubes come to market

Two new lubes ranges have been launched including a re-refined product for CNG fleets

Tags: automotive industry, bio lubes, innovation, North America

23rd February, 2012        

Honeywell tech to help boost Pakistan output

Honeywell UOP technology will be used in a new refining plant in Karangi

Tags: Asia, India, innovation, Middle East

9th February, 2012        

Road train takes another step forward

Europe's safe road train project has moved closer to fruition with a multi-vehicle platoon.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, innovation, Volvo

6th February, 2012        

New friction tech could make massive fuel savings

A new joint Finnish/US report predicts fuels consumption could be dramatically reduced within 10 years through new technologies.

Tags: additives, automotive industry, innovation

6th February, 2012        

Continental and SK aim at EV market

German and Korean joint venture set to provide power to global electric vehicles.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, electric vehicles, Europe, innovation

23rd January, 2012        

Afton opens new research lab

Additives specialist offers Asian support through new China lab.

Tags: additives, Afton Chemical, Asia, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation

20th January, 2012        

Exports increase for Chery

China car maker reports significant annual export increase.

Tags: China, innovation, OEM and automotive

19th January, 2012        

Shell and Tsinghua University research

Shell Lubricants has joined Tsinghua University for new friction and surface research

Tags: China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, Lubricants, Shell

27th December, 2011        

Congress calls on oil industry to encourage careers

The World Petroleum Congress believes the oil sector needs to work harder to bring young people into the industry

Tags: innovation, Middle East

23rd December, 2011        

Nissan Leaf takes COTY hat-trick

Japan is latest Car of the Year award for Nissan's all-electric road car.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, innovation, Japan, Nissan

7th December, 2011        

First GTL shipment from Pearl to US

Arrival of first shipment of Gas-To-Liquid from new Shell plant to Houston.

Tags: innovation, Middle East, N America, Shell

2nd December, 2011        

ENOC produces high-performance lube

ENOC has produced a 'first in kind' synthetic engine oil for the Middle East and African region

Tags: Africa, innovation, Lubricants, Middle East

2nd December, 2011        

China drives jet fuel development programmes

Scientists work on high performance fighter jet lubes and commercial biofuel testing.

Tags: Aviation, bio fuels, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, North America, PetroChina

14th November, 2011        

Chinese cars decline in quality

JD Power reports increasing ownership problems despite improvements over previous years.

Tags: automotive industry, China, innovation, OEM and automotive

14th November, 2011        

New Dreamliner flies with BP's lubes

Boeing's new 787 took to the skies on its first commercial flight with BP lubricants on board.

Tags: Asia, Aviation, BP, innovation

4th November, 2011        

China pressures foreign brands for EV technology

China is pushing major auto manufacturers to help provide technology for electric vehicles.

Tags: automotive industry, China, innovation, OEM and automotive

24th October, 2011        

Solidified lubes stay solid

New research shows solidified lubricants do not change to liquid.

Tags: innovation, Lubricants, North America

19th October, 2011        

Sheep could solve anti-rust problems

Lanolin is proving an excellent anti-rust additive for outdoor lubricants.

Tags: Australasia, bio lubes, innovation

19th October, 2011        

Axeon develops new car battery technology

Battery specialists claim a significant improvement in range for EVs.

Tags: automotive industry, electric vehicles, Europe, innovation

6th October, 2011        

Nano 'sieves' could replace antioxidants

Nano technology research could help produce 'greener' lubricants.

Tags: additives, Asia, bio lubes, Europe, innovation

3rd October, 2011        

Neste renewable diesel plant onstream

Neste has fired up its renewable diesel plant in Rotterdam.

Tags: bio fuels, Europe, innovation

23rd September, 2011        

VW develops cylinder shut-off for TSI engines

VW has launched industry-leading TSI cylinder shut-off technology.

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, Volkswagen

14th September, 2011        

Amyris launches sustainable lube range

Renewable product specialists introduce a new range of Biofene-based lubricants as Albemarle helps boost base oil production

Tags: bio lubes, Brazil, innovation, N America

14th September, 2011        

Piston ring coating helps fuel reductions

An innovative piston ring coating could help fuel and emissions reductions for auto industry.

Tags: Afton Chemical, automotive industry, innovation, North America

8th September, 2011        

US DOE offers millions in vehicle innovation grants

The US Department of Energy has announced a multi-million dollar grants package for advanced vehicle research.

Tags: automotive industry, bio fuels, bio lubes, innovation, North America, Obama

22nd August, 2011        

New grease stops car squeaks

A new grease has been launched, specially designed for vehicle interiors.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, grease, innovation

22nd August, 2011        

Canada funds new bio projects

Canada has announced further funding for biofuel and refinery projects.

Tags: bio fuels, bio lubes, innovation, N America

8th August, 2011        

New one-stop catalyst from ethanol for biofuels

US researchers have discovered a catalyst to provide isobutene from Ethanol.

Tags: bio fuels, innovation, N America

4th August, 2011        

GTL could be back in fashion

Gas-to-liquid technology could become the next trend for fuels and lubes according to Shell

Tags: Aviation, innovation, Lubricants, Shell

25th July, 2011        

Nanolube additive and nano diamonds reduce friction

Nano technology is moving ahead in helping to reduce boundary friction.

Tags: additives, Europe, innovation, Lubricants, N America

7th July, 2011        

Italian Biorefinery project announced

Novamont and Eni to combine resources for new bio-product refinery.

Tags: additives, bio lubes, Europe, innovation

9th June, 2011        

Ecobox wins sustainability award

Shell's Ecobox has won recognition from retail giant Wal-Mart

Tags: innovation, N America, Shell

9th June, 2011        

Volvo brings F1 KERS to the streets

Volvo is adapting flywheel technology for road cars with help from the Swedish Government

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, innovation, Volvo

9th June, 2011        

Fuchs open's Australian R&D centre

Fuchs has opened a state-of-the-art R&D centre Australia as an Asian-Pacific base.

Tags: Asia, Australia, Fuchs, innovation, Lubricants

23rd May, 2011        

BASF acquires avgas innovation

BASF has acquired an innovative water-binding additive for aircraft fuel.

Tags: Aviation, BASF, Europe, innovation

13th May, 2011        

Mobil adds gear oil to range

Mobil SHC now includes gear oils in its synthetic range

Tags: ExxonMobil, innovation

13th May, 2011        

Lubes have increasing influence on OEMs says Shell

Auto manufacturers are increasingly turning to lubes R&D to help drive fuel efficiency according to Shell.

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, OEM and automotive, Shell

13th May, 2011        

China lubes guide to change practice

A new commercial lubricants guide is set to raise standards of lubes use across the sector.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation

11th May, 2011        

Conference shows China auto strength

Major auto manufacturers and OEMs look ahead to a prosperous Chinese market at a Shanghai conference

Tags: automotive industry, China, Ford, GM, innovation, OEM and automotive, Volkswagen

11th May, 2011        

Amyris gives Brazil bio boost

Amyris has signed a major contract for sugar-based bio-additive production

Tags: additives, bio lubes, Brazil, innovation, N America

3rd May, 2011        

Marine lubes need innovation

Marine lubes need innovative performance lubes as costs and regulations change shipping use.

Tags: China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, marine, Total

21st April, 2011        

Local solution to Vietnam 'bike oil recycling

A Vietnamese scientist has found a local mineral solution for recycling motorcycle lubes

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, China, Environment, regulatory and standards, innovation, Lubricants

14th April, 2011        

MSU offers fungus licence

Montana State University is offering a licence for a bio-fuel enhancing fungus.

Tags: additives, bio fuels, innovation, North America

4th April, 2011        


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