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Inovation and environment

Valvoline launches re-cycled brand

Valvoline has launched a new brand of motor oil containing re-cycled lubes

Tags: automotive industry, Inovation and environment, Lubricants, Valvoline

25th March, 2011        

Electric Rolls includes battery and gear innovations

An Electric Rolls Royce concept includes innovative battery and transmission technology.

Tags: automotive industry, electric vehicles, Europe, Inovation and environment

9th March, 2011        

Exxon sets drilling record and looks to Black Sea expansion

ExxonMobil sets a new drilling record and plans expansion in Black Sea exploration.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Inovation and environment, Rosneft, Russia

31st January, 2011        

SARTRE demonstrates highway platooning

Road train technology to control vehicle 'platoons' has been successfully demonstrated in Europe.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, Inovation and environment, Volvo

24th January, 2011        

Legend to grow Castor in China

Singaporean company in joint venture to develop castor fields for bio projects.

Tags: Asia, bio fuels, China, Inovation and environment

24th January, 2011        

Cosan and Amyris partnership and new Clean Power brand

Bio-lubes producers Cosan and Amyris have formed a partnership, which Canada's Clean Power reveals new enviro-brands.

Tags: bio fuels, Inovation and environment, N America

5th January, 2011        

Cuba turns to recycled oil for industry

Cuba is focusing on recycled oil as a means of fuelling industrial ovens.

Tags: Inovation and environment, S America, waste

5th January, 2011        

New additives could reduce SOX in flaring

A new range of additives has been launched designed to reduce sulphur oxide levels in refinery flaring.

Tags: additives, Inovation and environment

22nd December, 2010        

Silicone images win award

Images showing the behaviour of silicone oil have won a presitigous international award

Tags: Inovation and environment, Lubricants

22nd December, 2010        

CO2 discovery could help oil extraction

New technology has been created to make CO2 an efficient means of extracting oil.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Inovation and environment

29th November, 2010        

Afton additive gains new standard

An Afton Chemical additive range has been given Top Tier approval.

Tags: additives, Afton Chemicals, automotive industry, Inovation and environment

24th November, 2010        

Halliburton fracking fluid is food for thought

Halliburton has developed a new fracturing fluid system based on food oils and enzymes

Tags: fracking, Inovation and environment

17th November, 2010        

Japan could be source of hydrogen truck engine

Japanese scientists believe they are close to creating a hydrogen internal combustion engine for heavy trucks

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Inovation and environment, Japan

17th November, 2010        

Mean Green hybrid machine

Volvo trucks are aiming to break the world speed record for a hybrid truck with "Mean Green"

Tags: automotive industry, hybrids, Inovation and environment, Volvo

9th November, 2010        

UK plastics to become diesel

A UK recycling company is set to generate millions of litres of diesel from waste plastic

Tags: Europe, Inovation and environment, waste

9th November, 2010        

Microalgae biofuel contribution will be vital

A new report claims that microalgae technology will make a "vital but modest " contribution to the US biofuels industry.

Tags: bio fuels, Inovation and environment, N America

3rd November, 2010        

Hybrids dominate auto news

New plans from Toyota and a global technology drive push hybrids to the top of the auto news agenda.

Tags: automotive industry, hybrids, Inovation and environment

20th September, 2010        

DME and Camelina oil head bio-fuel news

Bio-DME has been launched in Sweden, while DuPont turns to Camelina Oil as a possible bio solution.

Tags: bio fuels, Inovation and environment, N America, Scandinavia

20th September, 2010        

Bio-grease production safer with microwaves

New technology from Iowa could take the danger and time out of bio-grease production

Tags: grease, Inovation and environment, N America

6th September, 2010        

One for the road!

Whisky by-products could be the high road to biofuel.

Tags: And finally, bio fuels, Europe, Inovation and environment

25th August, 2010        

Georgia study shows strong positives for diesel additives

George Ports Authority announces very positive results for diesel additives study to show fuel and emissions savings

Tags: additives, CO2 emissions, Inovation and environment, N America

13th August, 2010        

India could lead the way in friction technology

India's state-run BPCL are set to reveal friction technology which could have a major impact on the lubes industry.

Tags: India, Inovation and environment, Lubricants

12th August, 2010        

Hard lubes piston coating brings fuel savings

Federal-Mogul has launched a new coated piston which, it claims, can save up to 0.8% in fuel consumption and reduce friction.

Tags: automotive industry, Inovation and environment, North America

12th August, 2010        

Nano lubes could extend drill life

New nanotechnology could help extend the life of exploration drill bits

Tags: Inovation and environment, Lubricants

7th July, 2010        

Merc-AMG launch electric supercar

The superfast SLS AMG is now available with electric power.

Tags: automotive industry, Inovation and environment

7th July, 2010        

Total takes advantage of marine sulphur changes

Total is claiming it's Lubemarine product will set the industry standard in low sulphur lubricants.

Tags: Inovation and environment, marine, Total

6th July, 2010        

Bio method discovered for isobutane

A new bio-based technique has been discovered to manufacture isobutane.

Tags: bio fuels, Inovation and environment, N America

1st July, 2010        

Conoco and Amsoil launch new products

ConocoPhilips has launched a new natural gas lube and Amsoil announces a new small-engine additive.

Tags: automotive industry, ConocoPhillips, Inovation and environment

1st July, 2010        

Oil in a box from Shell

Shell roll-out new Ecobox oil storage system.

Tags: Inovation and environment, N America, Shell

22nd June, 2010        

Chevron launches marine lubes

Chevron has launched its Clarity marine lubricant range into Europe.

Tags: Chevron, Inovation and environment, marine

22nd June, 2010        

Hydraulic fluid change could be predicted

New research is set to help predict the timing of hydraulic fluid and oil changes

Tags: Europe, hydraulics, Inovation and environment

7th June, 2010        

Mahindra takes electric car stake

Indian car maker has taken a stake in electric vehicle firm REVA

Tags: automotive industry, India, Inovation and environment

27th May, 2010        

Exxon launches high performance PAO

ExxonMobil Chemical has launched a new metallocene-based polyalphaolefin which will ease pressure on high-viscosity synthetic production

Tags: ExxonMobil, Inovation and environment, Lubricants

19th May, 2010        

Research grants for rail biofuels

The US Federal Railroad Administration is offering $700,000 for research into biofuels and biolubes in railway locomotives.

Tags: Inovation and environment, North America, rail

18th May, 2010        

Gazprom launches stylish synthetics

Russian oil giant Gazprom has launched a stylish new range of synthetic lubricants into the Russian and European market.

Tags: Gazprom, Inovation and environment, Russia

13th May, 2010        

Valvoline and Lubrizol share environment prize

Valvoline and Lubrizol have been awarded a joint SAE Excellence Award for their lubricant developments

Tags: Inovation and environment, Lubrizol, Valvoline

5th May, 2010        

Cheap hydrogen fuel from new catalyst?

A new catalyst has been discovered by the University of California that could lead to the production of low cost hydrogen fuel.

Tags: bio fuels, Inovation and environment, North America

5th May, 2010        

Castrol Biolubes for new Korean vessels

Castrol are providing Biolubes for five new Korean-built chemical ships.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, Inovation and environment, marine

5th May, 2010        

Castrol's Virtual Vessels for marine lubes

Castrol have develop a 'Virtual Vessel' to simplify marine lubricants selection

Tags: Castrol, Inovation and environment, marine

5th May, 2010        


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