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base oil

IEA Scenarios highlight challenges for oil producers

International Energy Agency models show long-term global decline in oil use, but increase in petrochemical opportunities. Refiners will need to integrate more closely with end-producers.

Tags: base oil, IEA, Lubes tech, Lubricants

8th January, 2019        

Hurricanes batter US oil production plants

Hurricane Harvey halted around 25% of all US oil production and supply as it swept across Texas. Hurricane Irma added insult to injury.

Tags: base oil, Lubes marketing, N America

12th September, 2017        

Russian producers set to boost base oil quality

The Russian majors are looking to increase Group II and III production at the facilities over the next three years.

Tags: base oil, Gazprom, Lubes tech, Rosneft, Russia

30th December, 2016        

HollyFrontier buys Petro-Canada Lubes

Dallas-based HollyFrontier has clinched a deal to buy Suncor Energy's Petro-Canada Lubes business.

Tags: base oil, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, N America

2nd November, 2016        

Chevron reveals Turkish base oil hub

Chevron has signed a deal with a chemical distributor to provide a Group II Base Oils hub to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Tags: Africa, Asia, base oil, Chevron, Europe, Lubes tech

24th February, 2016        

Global Base Oil market 2015-2020

The Global Base Oil market will be worth US$30.9 bn by 2020, donw $3,6bn from 2014, according to Transparency Market Research.

Tags: APAC, automotive industry, base oil, Lubes marketing

4th January, 2016        

Future of Esters market reflects demand for high quality base oils

A number of recent reports are painting a synthetic landscape for the lubricants industry between now and 2020, but does it herald the demise of Group I base oils?

Tags: Africa, Asia, base oil, Europe, Lubes tech, Lubricants, N America

26th November, 2015        

Group II base oils to rise with lubes demand in China

ExxonMobil sees modest growth for the region with a shift towards higher quality base oils

Tags: Asia, base oil, China, China Lubes Tech, ExxonMobil, Lubes tech

28th July, 2015        

Graphene nanoplatelets enhance performance of greases and lubricants

Research has shown that applying graphene materials to base oils has produced positive results.

Tags: base oil, Europe, grease, Lubes tech, Lubricants, nanocatalysts

8th June, 2015        

China driving Asia-Pac base oil boom

Base oil growth across the region will grow by 3.5% CAGR over the next five years

Tags: Asia, base oil, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech

25th May, 2015        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 169

The 19th ICIS World Base Oils Conference in London provided plenty of food for thought for the lubricants industry, from swing factors to GDP growth increasing transport needs.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Lubricants, View from the Bridge

10th March, 2015        

Falling oil prices could boost US autos

A recent report indicates that the low oil price will have a positive effect on the US automotive market.

Tags: base oil, Lubes marketing, N America, oil prices

6th March, 2015        

Rising refining activity is driving the global additives market

Oil refineries are the largest market for additives and the industry is responding to regulation and the changing supply of raw materials.

Tags: additives, base oil, Lubes marketing

7th November, 2014        

Strong growth predicted for independent lubricants manufacturers' market

New research predicts independent lubricants manufacturers' market will reach US$8.5bn by 2019.

Tags: automotive industry, base oil, Lubes marketing

7th November, 2014        

92% of Maoming lubes now contain Grade 1b or above base oil

Chinese producer makes strides towards better quality products

Tags: base oil, China, China Lubes Tech, Lubes tech, Sinopec

21st September, 2014        

Computer font could save 15 million barrels of oil

Grey and Ryman have launched a new computer font which could save over 490 million ink cartridges and 15 million barrels of oil.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Lubes marketing, Lubes tech

7th July, 2014        

Emerging economies dominate growth in global energy demand

The BP Statistical Review reflects global economics and geopolitical uncertainty.

Tags: base oil, BP, Environment, Lubes tech

7th July, 2014        

Shell closes Group I plant

Shell is set to close its Pernis Group I base oil plant in Holland.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Lubes tech, Lubricants, Shell

14th May, 2014        

Global lubes and oil demand continues to rise

Global lubricants demand is set to rise beyond pre-economic crisis levels by 2016, while oil will continue to drive the energy market to 2040 according to latest reports.

Tags: Asia, base oil, Europe, ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, N America

7th January, 2014        

Fuel economy could be improved by molten salts

Ionic lubricants could potentially be used as additives to the base oil used in motor oil.

Tags: additives, base oil, Lubes tech, North America

25th November, 2013        

Global Lubricant Demand Growth Outlook: 2013-2023

RPS Energy's Stuart Speding examines regional economic prospects; how vehicle ownership will driver lubricants growth and the role of distributors and marketing in the next decade.

Tags: automotive industry, base oil, white papers

14th October, 2013        

Weak Chinese demand causes oil market shift

Global base oil demand fell due to China's reduced need for finished lubes products, says Kline.

Tags: base oil, China, China lubes news, Lubes marketing, S America

28th July, 2013        

Shale to GTL to Group III - a possible price revolution?

Developments in GTL refining could impact the price of Group III base oil according to Kline.

Tags: base oil, ExxonMobil, grease, Lubes tech, North America, shale

26th June, 2013        

UK independent launches new diesel engine oil

UK independent, Exol, has launched a new heavy-duty diesel to meet Euro and US regs.

Tags: automotive industry, base oil, Europe, Lubes tech, North America

20th May, 2013        

Gazprom plant construction close as Russian output hits record highs

Gazprom starts work on its new blending plant in Finland as Eastern European nations expand and Russian crude output hits record levels.

Tags: additives, base oil, Europe, Gazprom, Lubes news, Lubes tech, Russia

4th January, 2013        

Jordan to get oil from Iraq

Iraq offers 100,000 barrels of crude to Jordan

Tags: base oil, Lubes news, Middle East

5th December, 2012        

Serbian refinery upgrade planned

NIIS is set to build a new refinery to boost Eastern European base oil production.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Gazprom, Russia

12th September, 2012        

AVISTA takes on North as Prista enters re-refinng JV

German based recycled oil producer further increases its control of Dutch recycler while Prista enters Uzbeck re-refining JV.

Tags: base oil, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, waste

11th September, 2012        

China Base Oil Summit to be held September

Country's largest annual oil and lubes conference to be hosted by Chengdu

Tags: base oil, China, Forecasts, Lubes news

22nd August, 2012        

South Koreans get busy in base oil

Two new deals put South Korean companies at the heart of Group III base oil projects

Tags: Asia, base oil, Brazil, Lubes news, Russia

16th August, 2012        

Base oil quality improves at Sinopec

Group II and III output boosted to meet demand for higher quality lubes.

Tags: base oil, China, China lubes news, Sinopec

24th July, 2012        

BRICs & US oil consumption to top nearly $2,000bn and US synthetics to grow

Two new reports show significant growth in global oil consumption and specific US demand for synthetic lubes and functional fluids.

Tags: base oil, Brazil, China, India, Lubes news, Lubricants, North America, Russia

5th March, 2012        

Zhenhai closed for maintenance

Sinopec closes largest refinery for repairs with significant loss of output.

Tags: base oil, China, China lubes news, Lubes news, Sinopec

23rd January, 2012        

Safety-Kleen brings blending in-house

US-based Safety-Kleen is to boost its blending capacity with a new plant

Tags: base oil, bio lubes, Corporate News, N America

6th January, 2012        

Saudi struggles with oil sales to Asia

Asian refiners are reluctant to use recent additional Saudi output

Tags: Asia, base oil, Lubes news, Middle East

23rd December, 2011        

ATIEL announces new Group III guidelines

Standardisation of Interchange guidelines is set to ease the way for Group III lubes producers.

Tags: ACEA, additives, base oil, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, Lubricants

4th November, 2011        

Iran moots avgas exports as Bahrain plant opens

Iran may begin exporting aviation fuel, while a new Group III plant starts up in Bahrain.

Tags: Aviation, base oil, Lubes news, Middle East

20th October, 2011        

Exxon builds US plant and selects base stock distributors

ExxonMobil Chemical has broken ground on a massive base stock plant in Texas, while its Base Sock division selects new distributors around the world.

Tags: additives, Australia, base oil, Brazil, ExxonMobil, North America

23rd September, 2011        

Nippon Oil and SK in joint venture

A new base oil and chemical refinery are being planned by JX Nippon Oil and SK Innovation as part of a new JV.

Tags: additives, Asia, base oil, Corporate News, Lubricants

22nd August, 2011        

China lube prices to rise as US and Russia look good

China's industrial lube prices are set to rise, while US and Russian base oil production moves ahead.

Tags: base oil, China, Lubricants, N America, Russia

9th March, 2011        

Serbian Base oil plant begins operation

Base oil production started at the NIS plant in Novi Sad.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Lubes news

11th February, 2011        

Chevron to build $1.4bn lubes plant

Chevron is set to extend its largest wholly-owned refinery with a new Base Oil production facility.

Tags: base oil, Chevron, Lubes news, Lubricants, N America

2nd February, 2011        

China & India to drive Asian base oil markets

A new report keeps China and India in the driving seat for base oils, but the supply landscape may change.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, base oil, China, India, Lubes news

5th January, 2011        

CO2 discovery could help oil extraction

New technology has been created to make CO2 an efficient means of extracting oil.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Inovation and environment

29th November, 2010        

IEA report says oil and gas outlook uncertain

An International Energy Agency report say the outlook for oil and natural gas markets remains uncertain in the mid-term.

Tags: base oil, Environment and Regulatory watch, oil prices, OPEC

1st July, 2010        

Korea and Spain line up new oil plant

South Koera's SK Lubricants and Spain's Repsol are to build a new plant in South East Spain

Tags: Asia, base oil, Europe, Lubes news

16th June, 2010        

China set to hike Base Oil prices

CNPC and Sinopec have announced increases in base oil prices from the beginning of May.

Tags: base oil, China, Lubes news

5th May, 2010        


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