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Shell boosts Russian lubes production as market recovers

Shell Neft is set to incras productions at it's Russian plant as research shows positive consumer sentiment and improved lubes markets

Tags: Lubes tech, Lubricants, Russia, Shell

27th February, 2018        

Russia sees oil majors development in refining and retail.

Gazprom's Omsk refinery continues to develop while Shell is set to double its retail sites.

Tags: Gazprom, Lubes tech, Russia, Shell

7th September, 2017        

View From The Bridge - May 2017

The global legislative drive to reduce the burn of fossil fuels and enhance air quality is setting challenges for the lubricants industry as OEMs are forced to seek alternative power sources for vehicles and other modes of transport. How the industry responds will be critical over the next few years.

Tags: automotive industry, Environment, Europe, Lubricants, Russia, Toyota, View from the Bridge, Volkswagen

8th May, 2017        

Russian engine oil market to grow along with buoyant luxury and used market.

The latest research shows motor lubes demand is set to grow as Daimler announces a new Russian factory and the used car market flourishes.

Tags: ACC, BP, Gazprom, Russia, Total

6th May, 2017        

Russian producers set to boost base oil quality

The Russian majors are looking to increase Group II and III production at the facilities over the next three years.

Tags: base oil, Gazprom, Lubes tech, Rosneft, Russia

30th December, 2016        

Rosneft buys stake in Bashneft and Essar Oil

Rosneft bought a 50.08% stake in Bashneft and 49% of Indian-based Essar Oil.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Rosneft, Russia

27th October, 2016        

View from the Bridge - September 2016

Will Brexit and the challenges of global economics outweigh the influence of new vehicle technologies and the internet in influencing the lubricants sector?

Tags: Europe, Russia, View from the Bridge

8th September, 2016        

Gazprom marine goes 24/7 as CAT sets up Asian marine hub

Murmansk bunkering is to provide round-the-clock supply as Caterpillar sets up a Singapore marine hub.

Tags: Asia, Gazprom, marine, Russia

22nd August, 2016        

New Russian HDMO standard

Regulators have introduced a new standard for heavy-duty motor oils effective next year in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Tags: ACC, automotive industry, Lubes tech, Russia

31st May, 2016        

OPEC in crisis but oil will support long-term energy demand

Short-term conflict within OPEC, but Exxon predicts oil will still be the main provider for increasing global energy demand.

Tags: Africa, Lubes marketing, N America, Nigerian oil, OPEC, Russia

2nd February, 2016        

US now largest oil producer says BP report

BP reviews the global energy market for 2014 with some surprising results.

Tags: BP, China, Lubes marketing, N America, Russia

3rd July, 2015        

Samsung see-through truck

Samsung has developed an experimental truck which allows drivers to see what's ahead to allow them to overtake safely.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, Russia, S America

30th June, 2015        

OEM mixed response to Russia's plunging auto market

Russia's poor automarket will see GM idle its plant in St. Petersburg while Nissan has suspended its production for 16 days, but Ford is deepening its ties in the country.

Tags: automotive industry, Ford, GM, Nissan, OEM Equipment, Russia

24th March, 2015        

Russian automotive lubricants consumption on the rise

Russia’s automotive lubricants consumption is set to grow by around 3% annually, according to a report.

Tags: automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Russia

6th March, 2015        

View from the Bridge 168

Europe, Russia and the Ukraine all hark back to the 30s, but there are positive signs in the auto industry and connectivity drives technology.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, Lubricants, Russia, View from the Bridge

12th February, 2015        

Winners and losers in the oil price fall

Oil revenue will fall for many energy exporters but importing countries will see benefits from the drop in oil prices.

Tags: India, Lubes marketing, Nigerian oil, OPEC, Russia

12th January, 2015        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 167

Apart from a some obvious losers, falling oil prices are good news overall for the global economy and a win for consumers. Global growth is based on shaky foundations, but the US is looking positive.

Tags: N America, Russia, View from the Bridge

12th January, 2015        

Automakers and oil producers consolidate in Russian markets

A shaky ruble has affected the Russian car market significantly, as the nation's oil producers seek co-operative strength.

Tags: automotive industry, Lubricants, OEM Equipment, Rosneft, Russia

6th January, 2015        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 166

As oil prices and sanctions continue to bite in various parts of the world, Sebastian Crawshaw ponders what next for the US, Europe and Russia, as well as the global lubricants industry.

Tags: Asia, Europe, N America, Russia, View from the Bridge

11th November, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 165

OATS launches a dynamic new data platform - earlFUSION; the Eurozone could slide back into recession; Russian sanctions bite on automotive industry and the spread of Ebola virus could take a massive toll.

Tags: automotive industry, Europe, Russia, View from the Bridge

9th October, 2014        

Lukoil boosts rail and marine lubes presence

A new Intesmo lubes manufacturing plant has been opened in Volgograd for rail lubes, while Lukoil has launched a new lubes mixer system for shipowners.

Tags: Lubes marketing, marine, Middle East, rail, Russia

8th October, 2014        

Rosneft and Avtovaz agreement strengthens relationship

Russian partners have signed an agreement which includes factory fill, industrial lubes supply and sponsorship.

Tags: motorsport, OEM Equipment, Rosneft, Russia

4th September, 2014        

Imports to reduce fuel and lubricants shortage in Kazakhstan

Restrictions on the import of fuel and lubricants to Kazakhstan have been lifted but limited to a single operator.

Tags: Kazakhstan, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Russia

3rd September, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 162

The FIFA World Cup offers pause for thought on global economic, digital and lubricants developments over the past four years and looking ahead to the next tournament in four years time.

Tags: Europe, Lubricants, N America, Russia, View from the Bridge

8th July, 2014        

Rosneft signs RUSAL deal, as Russian lube export tax announced

RUSAL and Rosneft have signed an agreement for the supply of petroleum coke and natural gas to RUSAL's plants. The Russian Energy Ministry plans to introduce a complex export tax formula for different grades of base oil.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Gazprom, Lubes marketing, Russia, Shell, Total

8th July, 2014        

Australian government proposes vital oil recycling subsidy cut.

The Australian oil recycling industry is waiting to hear whether the government is going to slash a vital subsidy.

Tags: Australia, Europe, Lubes marketing, N America, Russia, waste

6th June, 2014        

AvtoVAZ affected in short-term by falling Russian car sales

Car sales in Russia are predicted to fall by up to 20% in 2014 although AvtoVAZ could increase its domestic share in the long-run

Tags: OEM Equipment, Russia

6th June, 2014        

Gazprom expands lubes marine manufacturing

Gazprom is set to further expand its operations in Finland with a new production plant.

Tags: Gazprom, Lubes marketing, Russia, Scandinavia

17th April, 2014        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 159

WHO delivers the latest news on particulate pollution, ACEA claims EU emissions policies are working and the world waits on energy fallout from the Ukraine crisis.

Tags: ACEA, China, CO2 emissions, Europe, Russia

8th April, 2014        

Western OEMS will need strategy change to grab fleet sales

Western OEMs will need to look to developing nations and change their sales strategies according to new research.

Tags: Brazil, China, Europe, India, OEM and automotive, Russia

27th March, 2014        

Western OEMS will need strategy change to grab fleet sales

Western OEMs will need to look to developing nations and change their sales strategies according to new research.

Tags: Brazil, China, Europe, India, OEM and automotive, Russia

27th March, 2014        

Kline Database shows flat lubes market

Kline LubesNet update shows a flat global lubes market but Russian surge.

Tags: Asia, Kline, Lubes marketing, N America, Russia

10th March, 2014        

New lubes alliances in Africa

Tata Motors has formed a partnership with Total Lubrifiants and Egypt's GB Auto has a distributorship agreement with Gazprom Neft Lubricants.

Tags: Africa, Gazprom, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Middle East, Russia

24th January, 2014        

Ukranian lubes maker goes under

Ukrain's Azmol has begun insolvency action as it goes out of business.

Tags: Lubes marketing, Russia

9th January, 2014        

World's largest dump truck

Belarusian truck-maker BELAZ has launched a giant 450t-capacity mining dump truck.

Tags: And finally, automotive industry, mining, Russia

21st October, 2013        

Fuchs' Russian plant finally opens

New $20m Fuchs lubricant blending plant opens to boost Russian presence.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Russia

21st October, 2013        

US is the biggest producer of liquid fuels outside OPEC

Booming shale oil and biofuels changes the balance of global oil producers.

Tags: bio fuels, Lubes marketing, N America, OPEC, Russia

30th September, 2013        

Range Rover 's first Hybrid put to the test

Land Rover is putting its first hybrid vehicle through a gruelling final engineering test - a trip half way around the world.

Tags: Asia, automotive industry, Europe, hybrids, OEM Equipment, Russia

9th September, 2013        

Russian recycling regs change

Russia, along with Belarus and Kazakhstan, is set to change the rules on oil recycling.

Tags: Lubes tech, Russia, waste

4th September, 2013        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 151

BRICS v The Old World - are the emerging countries losing ground to the economic 'old guard'?

Tags: Brazil, China, Japan, Lubricants, North America, Russia, View from the Bridge

12th August, 2013        

Lukoil and Q8 invest in Europe.

Russian lubes producer snaps up European business OMV and Q8 invests in Antwerp.

Tags: Europe, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Middle East, Q8, Russia

6th August, 2013        

Global lubricants demand to continue rising

Annual global lubes and Russian auto lube demand is set to rise to over the next few years according to new reports, with Asia driving manufacturing demand.

Tags: Africa, Asia, bio lubes, Europe, Lubes marketing, Middle East, Russia

26th June, 2013        

Mobil's Russian revolution

ExxonMobil has replaced the Esso lubricants brand with Mobil in Russia.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Lubes marketing, Lubricants, Mobil1, Russia

17th May, 2013        

Geely to use Lukoil for factory fill

Chinese automaker turns to Russia for transmission oils

Tags: China, China lubes news, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Russia

23rd April, 2013        

Lukoil will acquire Samara-Nafta

A 100% purchase signed by Lukoil for Samara-Nafta awaits final approval from the authorities.

Tags: Corporate News, Russia

8th April, 2013        

Rosneft is officially the world's biggest oil company

Russia's Rosneft has overtaken ExxonMobil to become the world's biggest oil company after sealing the TNK-BP deal.

Tags: Aramco, BP, Corporate News, Lubes marketing, Rosneft, Russia

29th March, 2013        

Report reveals Russian motor lubes demand

New research could provide key indicators for auto lubes demand in Russia to 2017.

Tags: automotive industry, Lubes marketing, Lubes news, Lubricants, Russia

8th March, 2013        

View From the Bridge - China March 2012

The potential deal between CNPC and Rosneft will require careful balancing on both sides, but is the balance of influence in the energy sector shifting from West to East?

Tags: China, CNPC, Rosneft, Russia, View from the Bridge

22nd February, 2013        

CNPC-Rosneft in $30bn oil talks

Cash-for-oil deal discussions underway between Chinese and Russian majors.

Tags: China, China lubes news, CNPC, Lubes news, Rosneft, Russia

22nd February, 2013        

Cooperation between Rosneft and ExxonMobil Expands

Rosneft and ExxonMobil are using the 2011 Strategic Cooperation Agreement to expand their cooperation.

Tags: Corporate News, ExxonMobil, North America, Rosneft, Russia

21st February, 2013        

Boost to Lukoil's 2013 Output

Lukoil expects to boost output by 1.5 percent this year from Siberian and Iraqi output.

Tags: Africa, Lubes tech, Middle East, Russia, Statoil

6th February, 2013        

Sino-Russian pipeline delivers 30m tonnes in two years

Record level of service from massive pipeline, with more to come over the next 20 years

Tags: China, China lubes news, Russia

23rd January, 2013        

ExxonMobil and Rosneft sign Arctic protection agreement

-ExxonMobil and Rosneft have signed a Declaration on Protection of the Environment and Biodiversity for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development on the Russian Arctic Continental Shelf.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, ExxonMobil, Rosneft, Russia

7th January, 2013        

Investment programs revealed by Phillips and Chevron

Phillips 66 and Chevron plan 2013 capital budgets worth around $40bn, with Phillips 66 also announcing creation of an MLP.

Tags: Australia, Brazil, Chevron, China, Corporate News, Europe, Phillips 66, Russia

7th January, 2013        

Lukoil out of Iraq as Israeli drilling gets go-ahead

Lukoil has pulled out of plans to develop Quarna-1, while Israeli court says 'yes' to Meged drilling and Egyptian blocs put up for auction.

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Middle East, Russia

4th January, 2013        

Gazprom plant construction close as Russian output hits record highs

Gazprom starts work on its new blending plant in Finland as Eastern European nations expand and Russian crude output hits record levels.

Tags: additives, base oil, Europe, Gazprom, Lubes news, Lubes tech, Russia

4th January, 2013        

China to become main buyer of Iraqi oil by 2030

China looks to Middle East nation to boost energy imports

Tags: China, Forecasts, Lubes news, Middle East, Russia

21st November, 2012        

Rosneft gets BP but no more

Russian deal for TNK-BP may be Rosneft's last major bid.

Tags: BP, Rosneft, Russia

8th November, 2012        

Kyrgystan fuel supplies safe

Government officials seek to reassure country that fuel supplies are secure.

Tags: Europe, Lubes news, Russia

9th October, 2012        

Shell opens new Russian plant

New facility north of Moscow could reduce Russian import volumes

Tags: Lubes news, Russia, Shell

9th October, 2012        

Serbian refinery upgrade planned

NIIS is set to build a new refinery to boost Eastern European base oil production.

Tags: base oil, Europe, Gazprom, Russia

12th September, 2012        

Lukoil to invest in Romanian plant

Russian oil major set to improve it's joint venture production facility.

Tags: Europe, Lubes news, Russia

11th September, 2012        

South Koreans get busy in base oil

Two new deals put South Korean companies at the heart of Group III base oil projects

Tags: Asia, base oil, Brazil, Lubes news, Russia

16th August, 2012        

China loans for Kazakh refinery as CNPC starts plant in Iraq

Kazakh government and oil industry is set to benefit from new deal with China, while CNPC begins operations in Iraq.

Tags: China, China lubes news, CNPC, Middle East, Russia

25th June, 2012        

TNK-BP venture close to disintegration

Rosneft could be in the market to buy BP's share of troubled Russian joint venture

Tags: BMW, Corporate News, Europe, Rosneft, Russia

11th June, 2012        

Ashland results mixed as TNK-BP takes Valvoline to Russia

Valvoline and parent company Ashland reported mixed Q2 results as a deal is struck with TNK-BP to market lubes in Russia

Tags: Corporate News, North America, Russia, Valvoline

1st May, 2012        

View from the Bridge - Bulletin 135 (April 2012)

The Russian vehicle parc is modernising rapidly and lubes producers are having to keep pace with high quality products. Russian producers will need to look at JVs if they are to avoid losing the lubes market to 'Western' produducers.

Tags: Russia, View from the Bridge

11th April, 2012        

Gazprom gets busy in oil, LNG and marine

Russian energy giant has a busy month announcing lubes deals and a new plant.

Tags: Europe, Gazprom, Lubes news, marine, Russia

4th April, 2012        

Russia to establish new sustainability centre

A new centre to enhance Russian Oil industry sustainability and efficiency has been approved.

Tags: BP, Environment and Regulatory watch, Europe, Russia

5th March, 2012        

BRICs & US oil consumption to top nearly $2,000bn and US synthetics to grow

Two new reports show significant growth in global oil consumption and specific US demand for synthetic lubes and functional fluids.

Tags: base oil, Brazil, China, India, Lubes news, Lubricants, North America, Russia

5th March, 2012        

Russia digs deep to find Antarctic lake

Russian scientists have found a pre-Ice Age lake that could help cosmic understanding

Tags: And finally, Russia

23rd February, 2012        

View from the Bridge - China Feb 2012

Chinese New Year sees massive migration; Sino-Russian relations are critical to China's oil supply and improved vehicle reliability means good news for lubes industry and

Tags: China, Russia, View from the Bridge

26th January, 2012        

Russian output at record levels

Latest figures show new high in post-Soviet oil output.

Tags: Lubes news, Rosneft, Russia

9th January, 2012        

Questions over Arctic safety after rig sinks

Environmental and safety groups are questioning the reality of Arctic drilling after fatal sinking of Russian rig.

Tags: Environment, Environment and Regulatory watch, Gazprom, Russia

28th December, 2011        

TNK_BP to invest in Arctic pipeline

UK-Russian conglomerate set to boost oilfield and export infrastructure from Yamal region.

Tags: BP, Lubes news, Russia

23rd December, 2011        

Castrol urges Polar marine clarification

Castrol is calling for clearer guidelines on marine lubrication for the polar region to reduce pollution.

Tags: Asia, Castrol, Environment and Regulatory watch, marine, Russia

21st November, 2011        

Neste ships success in Northeast Passage

Neste tankers were amongst this years' shipping traffic through the increasingly accessible Northeast Passage.

Tags: marine, Russia, Scandinavia

6th October, 2011        

TNK-BP bid for Polish refinery

The joint Russian-UK company has applied to buy a stake in Lotos.

Tags: BP, Corporate News, Europe, Russia

22nd August, 2011        

Vietnam produces first Russian oil

VNOGG has begun pumping oil from its Russian oilfield venture.

Tags: Asia, Lubes news, Russia

22nd August, 2011        

Refinery fires in China and Russia

CNPC refinery catches fire in Liaoning Province and a furnace explodes at Gazprom's Omsk plant.

Tags: China, CNPC, Environment, regulatory and standards, Gazprom, Russia

25th July, 2011        

Kyrgyzstn may not suffer from fuel ban

A fuel export ban by the Russian and Kazhak governments may to have a significant effect on local prices

Tags: Lubes news, Russia

25th July, 2011        

Fuchs Russian blending

Fuchs are set to build a Russian blending plant for OEM lubes.

Tags: Fuchs, Lubes news, Russia

8th July, 2011        

Energy talks looking positive for Russia and China

Gas negotiations are set for a positive outcome while oil pipeline prices are agreed.

Tags: China, Environment, regulatory and standards, Gazprom, Russia

16th June, 2011        

China-Russia venture for oil refinery

Chinese and Russian producers are set to build a multi-billion dollar refinery for 2015.

Tags: car auctions, China, China lubes news, CNPC, Lubes news, Rosneft, Russia

23rd May, 2011        

BP admits defeat in Rosneft deal

BP's Rosneft deal fails after the companies and AAR are unable to strike a deal over TNK-BP.

Tags: BP, Corporate News, Europe, Rosneft, Russia

18th May, 2011        

Good start to 2011 for oil majors

Q1 results from Shell and Exxon show a good start to 2011 as does BP and it's Russian subsidiary TNK-BP

Tags: BP, China, Corporate News, Europe, ExxonMobil, N America, Russia, Shell

28th April, 2011        

Bumpy ride for BP from AGM and Rosneft deal

BP is facing more turbulent waters with a stormy AGM in London and a touch-and-go deal in Russia.

Tags: BP, Europe, Rosneft, Russia

14th April, 2011        

China lube prices to rise as US and Russia look good

China's industrial lube prices are set to rise, while US and Russian base oil production moves ahead.

Tags: base oil, China, Lubricants, N America, Russia

9th March, 2011        

Exxon sets drilling record and looks to Black Sea expansion

ExxonMobil sets a new drilling record and plans expansion in Black Sea exploration.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Inovation and environment, Rosneft, Russia

31st January, 2011        

Lukoil benefits from Russian market; SOCAR expands in Azerbaijan

Russia's Lukoil benefitted from a strong domestic DIY and industrial lubes market in 2010, with SOCAR making the most of increased lubes demand in Azerbaijan.

Tags: Corporate News, Europe, Russia

5th January, 2011        

Busy time for BASF

Chemical specialist BASF received good news from the EU over Cognis and is set to help Gazprom

Tags: BASF, Corporate News, Europe, Gazprom, Russia

22nd December, 2010        

Gazprom pushes further into lubes market

Gazprom Neft is expanding its auto and industrial lubricants production to take on Russian Asian market.

Tags: Lubes news, Lubricants, Russia

25th October, 2010        

Georgian Wissol to import Total lubes

Georgia's oil distributor, Wissol, signs an exclusive deal with Total.

Tags: Corporate News, Lubricants, Russia

22nd October, 2010        

Additive costs should play greater role in European fuel pricing

Report from Russia and Ukraine suggests more attention should be paid to MTBE and ETBE factor co-efficients in gasoline pricing.

Tags: additives, automotive industry, Environment and Regulatory watch, Russia

20th September, 2010        

Russian oil to drop as Kazaks opens lubes plant

Russian oil and gas production is predicted to fall from 2012 as Kazakstan opens its first lubes plant.

Tags: Lubes news, Russia

1st July, 2010        

Gazprom launches stylish synthetics

Russian oil giant Gazprom has launched a stylish new range of synthetic lubricants into the Russian and European market.

Tags: Gazprom, Inovation and environment, Russia

13th May, 2010        

Norway and Russia settle Barents Sea dispute

Norway and Russia appear to have reached an amicable agreement over oil and gas exploration in the Barents Sea

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Russia, Scandinavia

5th May, 2010        

Putin pledges Arctic clean-up

Russian Prime Minister Putin pledges a clean up of post-Soviet fuel and lubricants waste in the Arctic

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Russia, waste

5th May, 2010        


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