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China NEV market gets boost in 2016

NEV adoption rises on massive government stimulus promise

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, electric vehicles, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia

3rd January, 2016        

Fuchs acquires Statoil

Fuchs has acquired Sweden-based company Statoil Fuel & Retail Lubricants from Couche-Tard Luxembourg.

Tags: Europe, Fuchs, Lubes marketing, Scandinavia, Statoil

7th August, 2015        

VGP compliance for Wärtsilä; BP & Sinopec sign Singapore JV

Wärtsilä has developed propulsion systems which are compatible with environmentally acceptable lubricants (EALs). Meanwhile BP & Sinopec sign Singapore marine JV.

Tags: Asia, BP, Europe, marine, N America, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Sinopec

10th June, 2015        

Biodiesel handling research highlights storage issues

Research shows biodiesel handling should be different from petroleum-based diesel.

Tags: bio fuels, Lubes tech, Scandinavia

5th June, 2015        

Volvo designs spray paint to light up cyclists

Volvo has developed a spray-on reflective paint which could transform cycling safety.

Tags: And finally, Europe, Scandinavia, Volvo

6th April, 2015        

Volvo plans to build cars in the US

Volvo has confirmed plans for a new vehicle assembly plant in the U.S.

Tags: China, N America, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Volvo

1st April, 2015        

Volvo and Geely go from strength to strength

Both automakers are seeing sales rise at home and abroad

Tags: China, China OEM Equipment, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Volvo

22nd March, 2015        

European new car CO2 emissions fall

Average CO2 emissions for new cars in Europe fell by at leats 2g/km with Renault recording the lowest average emissions, according to a JATO Dynamics report.

Tags: automotive industry, CO2 emissions, Europe, Lubes tech, Renault, Scandinavia

10th March, 2015        

Made-in-China Volvo hits the market

Four years after being acquired by Geely, Volvo is starting to show progress

Tags: China OEM Equipment, Europe, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Volvo

24th November, 2014        

ExxonMobil to upgrade fuel oil

ExxonMobil is planning to install a new processing unit at its Slagen refinery to enable production of a higher-yield feedstock.

Tags: ExxonMobil, Lubes tech, Scandinavia

8th September, 2014        

Gazprom expands lubes marine manufacturing

Gazprom is set to further expand its operations in Finland with a new production plant.

Tags: Gazprom, Lubes marketing, Russia, Scandinavia

17th April, 2014        

Karlsson becomes first woman rallycrosser

Ramona Karlsson is set to become the first woman to drive in the FIA World Rallycross Championships

Tags: And finally, Europe, motorsport, Scandinavia

8th April, 2014        

Volvo and Shanxi sign strategic partnership

Technology agreement with construction partner to expand Swedish carmaker's share in China’s CE sector

Tags: automotive industry, China, China OEM Equipment, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Volvo

13th January, 2014        

Volvo brings its start/stop function to the Penta

The new Volvo start/stop function has fuel saving benefits.

Tags: CO2 emissions, OEM and automotive, Scandinavia, Volvo

7th November, 2013        

CAT increases presence in oil and gas and propulsion

Caterpillar acquisition and JV offer new horizons, but will it help the share price?

Tags: marine, N America, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia

30th September, 2013        

Volvo and Geely disagree on branding

Automakers in dispute over direction of China-based brand

Tags: automotive industry, China, China Lubes Marketing, Lubes marketing, Scandinavia, Volvo

25th September, 2013        

Angry Birds hit China

Mobile game spawns theme park.

Tags: And finally, China and finally, Scandinavia

23rd September, 2013        

Volvo may face difficulties as latecomer to China,

Swedish automaker may struggle to win consumers after official approval.

Tags: automotive industry, China, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia, Volvo

19th June, 2013        

BAIC launches first model off Saab platform

Chinese carmaker releases first car using Saab technology.

Tags: automotive industry, China, OEM and automotive, OEM Equipment, Scandinavia

24th May, 2013        

Top up your mobile battery - with water!

Water is the new power source for mobiles using fuel cell technology developing in Scandinavia

Tags: And finally, Europe, innovation, Scandinavia

23rd April, 2013        

Slip sliding away.... or not

Ice detector can warn drivers in advance of slippery roads. Universal technology that could save lives

Tags: automotive industry, innovation, Scandinavia

6th February, 2013        

Norwegian output to fall in 2013

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate is predicting a 5% fall in the nations total petrol output over the next 12 months.

Tags: Lubes news, PQIA, Scandinavia

1st February, 2013        

Science + fat = fuel?

Fuel for cars could be created from naturally-occurring fatty acids. according to new European research

Tags: bio fuels, Europe, innovation, Lubes tech, Scandinavia

29th January, 2013        

To clean oil, first you have to see it

Technology development continues in battle to see oil in water after a spill.

Tags: innovation, North America, Scandinavia

28th January, 2013        

Statoil expands rigs and goes for shale

Norway's Statiol has expanded its rig capacity for local offshore drilling but is also looking further afield at shale opportunities

Tags: Australia, Lubes news, Scandinavia, shale, Statoil

9th October, 2012        

Saab finally goes under

Swedish car brand finally declared bankrupt despite last-ditch efforts to save it.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, GM, OEM and automotive, Scandinavia

23rd December, 2011        

GM puts Saab on the brink

Chinese government's deal approval seemed like salvation for Swedish car maker, but GM proves otherwise.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, OEM and automotive, Scandinavia

4th November, 2011        

Neste ships success in Northeast Passage

Neste tankers were amongst this years' shipping traffic through the increasingly accessible Northeast Passage.

Tags: marine, Russia, Scandinavia

6th October, 2011        

Saab clings on

Saab continues to fight closure thanks to a further cash injection while UK arm stays 'unaffected'.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, Scandinavia

14th September, 2011        

Saab back in business thanks to Pang Da and Youngman

Saab returns to production as normal after two Chinese companies take a stake

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, OEM and automotive, Scandinavia

16th June, 2011        

Saab finds another Chinese suitor

A third Chinese company has now stepped forward as a likely saviour of the Saab brand.

Tags: automotive industry, China, Corporate News, Europe, OEM and automotive, Scandinavia

18th May, 2011        

Huge Norway oil find

Norway's oil economy could be revived with a massive discovery by Statoil

Tags: Europe, Lubes news, Scandinavia, Statoil

21st April, 2011        

Oando and Univar plant investments

Nigeria's Oando and Sweden's Univar are planning major plant upgrades to help supply.

Tags: Africa, Corporate News, Lubricants, Scandinavia

25th March, 2011        

DME and Camelina oil head bio-fuel news

Bio-DME has been launched in Sweden, while DuPont turns to Camelina Oil as a possible bio solution.

Tags: bio fuels, Inovation and environment, N America, Scandinavia

20th September, 2010        

Norway and Russia settle Barents Sea dispute

Norway and Russia appear to have reached an amicable agreement over oil and gas exploration in the Barents Sea

Tags: Environment and Regulatory watch, Russia, Scandinavia

5th May, 2010        


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